What Are LSI Keywords ? How They Can Help to Rank in 2019

LSI keywords

Are you one of them who is underestimating the importance of LSI Keywords while writing post or doing SEO? If yes, then you’re actually making mistake and missing out great opportunities of ranking high in the SERPs.

If you’re in SEO world then you may be have some idea about LSI Keywords. Nowadays everyone in the SEO Market like Neil Patel and Brian Dean is talking about LSI Keywords and they are yelling out to use these LSI Keywords for our content and pages.

As Google loves LSI Keywords and it also rewards the website that generally use them and LSI Keywords really helps in ranking higher on the SERPs easily without putting much effort. But before jumping to the conclusion let’s understand what LSI Keywords actually are?

In this guide we are going to tell you- What are LSI Keywords & The Importance Of LSI Keywords & how they can help you to rank in 2019. Let’s start: 

What Are LSI Keywords?

The LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) are basically  those keywords that semantically related to your main keywords. Over the years, Google has collected petabytes of data to improve user search results and provide better user experience to its users.. By analysing this data, Google was able to determine the relationships between the keywords and show the relevant content to the users easily.

In a simple way I can say that it’s a way the search engine decides which pages are semantically related to a given search query.

If you wonder what LSI means, it’s a latent semantic indexing. This strange term is actually the mathematical formula that Google uses to determine the relationship between keywords that we generally type on the  google search box.

LSI keywords can take many different forms. Sometimes they are synonymous. Sometimes they are shortcuts. Most of the time, they find enough sites in a similar keyword to relate them to each other.

Google is smart enough to easily realize that the keyword “search engine optimization” is actually the same as “SEO”. They are exactly the same and therefore have a very close relationship. This is probably a very obvious example, but above all it is not so obvious.

Here is another example:

Let’s say your blog post  is about Apple.

How does Google know if you mean the fruit or the company let find out how Google do it?

Search for LSI keywords:

If your page contains the words “baked apple”, “red apple”, “green apple”, “apple nutrition”, “fuji apple”, “honey crunchy apple”, “apple food”, your page probably deals about fruits

If your page contains the words: “itunes”, “apple hulu”, “apple news”, “apple stores”, “apple iphone 5”, “apple new ipad”, “apple stock price”, “discount computer”, The page is more likely on Apple computers.

Sometimes, on almost any web page, a keyword or phrase appears that refers to a particular keyword and you will not even notice it. There can be many examples of LSI keywords and I hope you can now have fair idea about LSI Keywords.

Most probably you might be thinking why Google Uses LSI Keywords? Let’s find out the reasons together.

Why Does Google Use LSI Keywords In Its Algorithm?

There was a time right when Google only measure a relevance of page simply by using the Keyword Density and that’s blogs and website stuffed more and keywords in order to rank higher in the SERPs.

As you all may know that Keyword Density was abused and spammed at that time. And that the reason why Google moved away the Keyword Density Relevancy and introduce the most effective method called LSI Keywords.

And that’s reason why google moved right away from the keyword density and began looking for the LSI Keywords in blog and website for every search.

Like if you have a page about SEO then that is more likely to contain words and phrases like Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Research, On-Page Seo and Off-Page SEO, Backlinks and more. So Google simply find out what your page is all about simply looking after the LSI keyword in your post and pages.

And if you’re dumb and just use keyword like (SEO) then Google will find out and spam your page or website for the Keyword Stuffing.

But there is also other reason why Google use this LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords. Generally Google uses this LSI keywords because it mainly help Google in understanding the meaning of a Search Query and the meaning of the web page too.

And this simply allows Google to easily improve the match right between what people search and what they are actually getting in the Search Engine Results Pages.

What about Hummingbird VS LSI Keywords?

Back in August 2013, Google generally introduced the Hummingbird Algorithm and sometime they also called it as a semantic algorithm. The work of semantic algorithm was generally focused on the Synonymus along with enhancing the Google’s ability to simply understand the context of a web page as well.

We can simply say Hummingbird is focused and interested in Searcher Intent. But the previous Google Algorithm was focused right on individual words right in the search query. Here the Hummingbird looks at each word in the context of the entire search query. In other words we can just say that Hummingbird algorithm is simply trying to understand the meaning and it also helps Google in order to match the users search intent.

How LSI Keyword Can Help You In Improving Your Rankings?

Actually, there can be various ways through which LSI Keywords can help you improve your SEO. But here we are actually going to list some of the legit reason how LSI can help in improving overall SEO:

  1. Basically Google is looking right at total context instead Keyword Density. That truly indicates that you will be going to rank higher right for your main keyword because here Google understand the context of your page easily..
  2. And also the LSI keywords are closely related right to your main keyword and they are actually ‘keyword Variations’. Here this truly indicates that your page is going to come up in the search results right for your main keywords along with the Keywords Variations as well.

How To Find The Best LSI Keywords For SEO ?

Finding the best LSI keywords isn’t that hard and anyone can easily do that with the help of tools and even use of Google Search Engine as well. Let’s find out ways to find the best working LSI Keywords.

#1: Using Google Search

First of all we need to type in our main keyword and Google will point out any LSI Keyword related to your main keyword that you have actually entered.

Let’s take an example here. I’m going to type “Keyword Research” in the search box and find out what it brings’

Here my main keyword is “Keyword Research” and In the first search result we are getting LSI keywords like Research, Keyword Tools and in the second titles it looks like the LSI is same as the exact keywords “Keyword Research”.

Now you have to go through each and every results and just look out for the keywords in bold. Now you have to sprinkle these keywords right on your page or blog post post whatever you have.

#2: Using Google Auto Suggest

Right when you start typing a search query right in the Google it starts auto suggesting number of related terms that people also search for your search term.

Keep one thing in mind that these are the LSI keywords and the Google Algorithm will definitely identify them as the cluster of words together with your search term in all the predictable patterns.

#3: Using Google’s (Related Search)

Right after you typed in your search term and get the results just scroll to the bottom of the search results and there you’ll be going to see “Searches Related To”:

As we have found ,any LSI keywords that we can sprinkle in our page or post so that we can rank higher in the SERPs. The LSI Keywords Are:

  • free keyword research
  • keyword research tools
  • best free keyword research tool
  • seo keyword research tool
  • keyword research tips
  • how to do keyword research for adwords
  • keyword tool youtube

Simply add all these LSI Keyword right to your pages and post so that you can get higher rankings in the SERPs.

#4: LSI Graph

Basically LSI Graph is free tool right for generating the LSI keywords and all you need to to do is just enter your main keywords and you’re going to get the best LSI Keywords.

Then after  that you should go through the results in order to find the best LSI keywords for your post and pages.

#5: Using NicheLaboratory

Also this one is another free tool that one can easily use in order to get the best LSI Keywords for their page or post. All you need to do is simply type the main keyword and you’re going to get the best keywords.

Here you’re just going to find the list of the best LSI Keywords and from there you need to just pick up the most suited keywords for your page or post easily.

#6: Using The SEOPressor Plugin

Actually this one is WordPress plugin that anyone can use in order to find the best LSI Keywords for your campaigns. It’s an advanced an paid option available out there in the market to huntdown the best working LSI Keywords and more.

It has many features and filter that anyone can easily use to find the best LSI Keywords. The features are as follows:

  • Progressive LSI Keywords Engine
  • SemantiQ Density Analyzer

How To Use Use LSI Keywords Effectively To Get Accurate Results?

Till now you have got ways to find the LSI Keywords and now you’re able to find out the best LSI Keywords for your post and pages.

But now it’s time to use them effectively in order to get most results out of it. If you’re just writing a article then you need to sprinkle these LSI Keywords through your content. And please don’t try to over stuff these LSI keywords so that you post looks unnatural and spammed.

Some of the keywords may be the synonymous of the keywords and in this case you can use these keywords as substitute of your original keywords. And at last I would like to tell you don’t just over stuff these keywords as here your main keyword density will be replaced right by the semantic indexing.

The place where you can use these LSI Keywords:

  • Page Title
  • URL Address
  • Meta Tags
  • Image ALt Tag
  • H1 and H2 Heading Tags
  • Last paragraph of the Text
  • First paragraph of the Text
  • Links and The Anchor Texts

Make sure you follow these guidelines in order to get maximum results.

One thing, also with your main keyword just try to avoid over-optimizing your page or post right for the LSI Keywords.

Overcoming any LSI Keywords will definitely put you some spamming and it may lead to penalty as well. Just avoid these thing while using the LSI Keywords on your pages and post.


As we all know that Google loves LSI Keywords and it also rewards the website that generally use them and LSI Keywords really helps in ranking high on the SERPs easily without putting much effort.

As of now with this post you should have a fair idea about the LSI Keywords and you also know that how to find these LSI Keywords easily. You can use these LSI keywords through your post and pages in order to get higher rank in the SERPs. Just try to avoid over stuffing these keyword as it may lead to some penalty as well. So follows the guidelines that I have given above.

We hope this post suits your purpose well. Fee free to tell us which method you’re going to use for finding the LSI Keyword for SEO purpose, just drop a comment in the comment section below.

We always need your love and support, if you liked the post then kindly share the post on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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