Leading Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

Trends That Will Define Digital Marketing in 2019

In 2018, everything was about content.

Content marketing got a big boost, and companies are beginning to understand how important it is to share the content of top quality in order to succeed in this noisy and competitive industry. Slowly but surely, Influencer Marketing has become a more popular form to include in your strategy.

In 2018, GDPR — General Data Protection Regulation — also knocked on the door. With that, for many marketers and communicators, this year has been about how to treat customers and users’ personal data in the best way possible according to the new regulation.

In 2019, top-quality content and cooperating with Influencers will continue to be mattering. What will also be essential is the companies’ way of communicating their values to the consumers. Chatbots and voice control features are other trends that we guarantee will emerge in 2019.

We have taken a closer look at these trends, so let’s go!

Chatbots and chat features are becoming more common

Chatting with each other is a part of our everyday life. We text, post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and yes, the list can go on and on. The bottom line here is that communication is easy and fast nowadays.

Having a chat function on your website will undoubtedly increase the credibility of your company and the satisfaction rate of your customers. When you a regular or potential customer visits a website, they often do not have time to find the needed information themselves. It is more convenient to get answers through a live chat quickly.

If you do not have the time or opportunity to manage a chat yourself, a chatbot can be a good alternative. Chat robots are continually evolving and becoming smarter and faster. They can handle conversations with customers, answer their questions, and even pick up information. By using them, you can save both time and money. As an example, professional writing services like to implement these because of huge inflows of customers they often experience.

Remember, however, that it isn’t that wise to infest your website with bots that don’t really work. A robot that cannot answer customers’ questions is seen as a disturbance rather than an aid. Therefore, make sure you have an intelligent bot that you are happy with before you launch it on your website.

Voice control

Another trend that will dominate the market in 2019 is voice control.

Today, there are many different examples of voice control assistants that have been created to not only make communication with customers easier but also simplify everyday life.

People strive for everything to be as simple as possible. As voice control increases in demand and becomes more popular, you will need to customize your SEO according to spoken language, including entire question patterns that people tend to pose. It may not be readily achievable due to the complexity of the concept, but it is something you should at least take into consideration in 2019.

Influencer Marketing

Who is not tired of having ads you are not interested in popping up every time you visit a new website or its page? People have greater confidence in people they know and look up to than dull, unrelatable stock pictures that large companies put on their ads. Therefore, Influencer Marketingwill continue to grow even more in 2019.

Today’s influencers are the opinion-makers of our time and therefore, cannot be ignored. During 2018, more and more companies started grasping the importance of working with Influencer Marketing and the profitability of using the right people. Choosing the right person to work with makes it easier for a company to build an image and market itself without its content being perceived as intrusive or disturbing.

Values-driven communication

Today, people expect the company to have credible and stable values and goals. They want the services they use to mean something to the world, and they want you to communicate those meanings. We have seen it a lot over the years, but 2019 will be the time when companies start clearly expressing their agenda and value system.

64% of customers today decide on purchase only after they’re sure that the company has a clear stance on crucial world issues (i.e., makeup companies that vouch against animal testing, etc.).

Values-driven communication need not be political, but it is something that all industries can work with, regardless of whether they work B2C or B2B.

As it becomes increasingly difficult to communicate with consumers, it also becomes more important for companies to be transparent in their communication. 91% are okay with the companies not being perfect as long as they’re honest about it. It means that you don’t have to be picture-perfect poster organization before even trying to open a channel of communication with your consumer. As long as you are open and humble, you’re good.

It is also vital to work with influencers who share with the company’s values and are in line with what you stand for.

Companies that are transparent and take a stand in their communication have a high chance of succeeding in 2019. Remember to take small steps at a time. Your company does not have to take on saving the world but be concrete with what you want to communicate.

Are you saying that you are a sustainable company? Then show your customers the ways you achieve that. And, as was said, everything must not be perfect as long as you are honest.

Mobile first

If you have not yet adapted your website to be mobile-friendly in 2019, what are you even doing? It is incredibly important that not only your website but also the content you share with others is mobile-adapted.

95% of users access the Internet through their smartphones! The figure shows how important it is for companies to deliver device-versatile content. There is a major chance that your potential customers will come in contact with your company for the first time through their phone.

It is important that you have a mobile-friendly website that is easy to use. Or even your own app!

Understand your customer

On average, we see around a hundred of different advertising messages, more than half of which we send to spam and never think about again.

Just advertising randomly without really understanding who your recipient is means throwing your money away. Today, more thought and understanding is needed about who your potential customers are to succeed in reaching them.

To understand this, you need to take a holistic approach to all existing data to be able to deliver the content that your potential customers want to see. Study and analyze your audience!

2019 Is All about Being Seen

2019 will be about breaking through the noise. Value-driven communication, working with the right influencers, and adapting to the market are just a few things that you should bring into the new year.

The days when communicators and marketers managed broadly with their content and hoped that it would reach their target audience are over. In today’s huge noise, you have a few seconds to catch your audience’s interest. Digital marketing in 2019, therefore, needs to be personal and engaging to have a minimum chance of getting through.

Companies that understand their customers have a great chance to succeed in 2019!

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