Landing Page Monkey Review 2020

Landing page monkey

It is great if you are an internet marketer, and making plots for yourself in the online world. Let’s have a view on affiliate marketing. If you are an affiliate marketer, then you must have good knowledge in pleasing online buyers and making them buy your affiliate stuff. Well, internet/affiliate marketing is done online and everyone does not come to you before purchasing any online product. You have to make them believe with your presentation that they can buy products from your affiliate, and you have to present them a website regarding your affiliate product.

I can bet that most of the marketers don’t know how to present their website or products to buyers.  That affects their percentage of sales conversion. And I also suggest with a proper landing page showcasing products, they can boost sales conversion with that.

Do You Know How To Make Proper Landing Pages For Affiliate Site?

Leave the whole landing page thing out of your mind for a second. So how are you gonna make a landing page?

Don’t worry. We have landing Page Monkey. For you all fellow digital aspirants, I am leaving a simple review of Landing page monkey.

Then What Is Landing Page Monkey?

Landing page Monkey is a power packed page builder software, by which you can create numerous landing pages for your affiliate site, blogs, or more. If you can optimize it well, then believe me no one can stop you from getting tremendous sales and impression. If you have an online sale website or affiliate as we discussed, then don’t miss it out.

There Are Some Quite Good Features, For Which You Should Try Landing Page Monkey.

  • Pre-formatted dashboard – You can edit pages from your Landing Page Monkey dashboard. Just edit your pages, save it in a draft or you can update it at that current moment.
  • Instantly Customizable Pages – Design and customize new or existing pages in a go. You can also clone old pages for a duplicate page.
  • Easy e-mail Integration – Landing page Monkey can be easily integrated with e-mail service providers like MailChimp, Aweber etc.
  • If you are a freelancer – The by using Landing Page Monkey, you can design pages directly on the web and submit it to your client. Because Landing Page Monkey is a web-based application.
  • E-mail Tracker – Whenever running campaigns on any page build with Landing Page Monkey, you can simply activate Landing Page Monkey’s pre-built e-mail tracker to get the list of subscribers who sign up for your campaign.
  • No Technical knowledge required for Designing – You don’t need to be a tech geek or somewhat to get compatible with Landing Page Monkey. An average person can do page designing on Landing Page Monkey quickly, and there is no need for you to worry about scheduled updates, maintenance break, etc.

Landing Page Monkey Monthly Plan vs. Yearly Plan.

The officials have kept the monthly plan price for $49 USD. If you like it, and want to utilize the page builder more often then go for a lifetime plan. The lifetime plan for Landing Page Monkey costs just $69. If you are not satisfied, then you can opt out of a money back scheme.


  • If you buy the lifetime plan for Landing Page Monkey, then there is no need to worry about you for the number of maximum pages you can build with Landing Page Monkey. It is unlimited.
  • Free hosting for pages you build.
  • Landing Page Monkey is compatible with both the WordPress and HTML/PHP enabled sites.
  • Works fine on any kind of browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome.
  • Trusted customer structure.


  • You need to be aware of how to design a basic page first because designing with Landing Page Monkey is a bit harder for new designers.
  • Can’t be installed on any device.
  • You have to access it through an internet connection. If your Internet connection is down, think of how much valuable time you will lose due to this.

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To be exact, landing page Monkey is a trusted and beyond the experience typo page builder on which you can trust. You just have to keep the Internet connection On and you are good to build a page. And also, their customer support is too strong. I can assure you that you won’t get hooked up into anything. If something unexpected happens, their customer support will help you out. Now you just have to choose between the lifetime or monthly plan for Landing Page Monkey Page Builder.


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