Is It Legal to Buy Essays Online?

Is It Legal to Buy Essays Online?

Buying an essay online can save you a lot of time and effort. You’ll get a high-quality example written on your topic. This is a chance to see what an A+ paper should look like in terms of grammar, spelling, structure, connections, paragraphs, and style. Thousands of students buy papers online and learn from them, creating templates and improving their academic writing.

Whether or not it is legal to purchase essays from online services depends on the website you’re using, whether you pay for it, and how you’re going to use the papers. When ordering from a website like, you should think about the purpose you’re using such a high-quality service for. Is it for someone to do your homework and learn instead of you? Or is it for you to be able to enhance your skills faster and move to a new level of academic writing?

How to Use a Writing Service Legally?

There’s no law that restricts students from buying customized academic papers. Essentially, you hire a ghostwriter, and by paying for a piece of unique content they create you make that piece your property. Now you can either hand the paper in by putting your name on it, refer to it in your work, or use it as an example.

Of course, colleges and universities don’t recommend students to buy papers online since it makes the whole assignment useless. You have to gain some knowledge and improve your skills by completing an assignment. Doing your homework provides benefits like:

  • Gaining more specific knowledge on the topic;
  • Improving writing skills;
  • Improving grammar and spelling;
  • Improving punctuation;
  • Improving research skills;
  • Improving presentation skills (optional).

All these are necessary for a lot of occupations.

However, studying becomes harder and harder with time because a lot of students seek financial independence and find part-time or even full-time jobs. It’s difficult to combine this and high-quality education, and this is where writing services usually come in handy.

The most ecological way to use an online essay writing service is to order a paper, pay for it, and use the result as a template for your own work. This will:

  • Save a lot of time on research;
  • Learn the best structure for your kind of paper;
  • Format the essay properly, etc.

When Is It Illegal to Buy Papers Online?

There are three major instances in which such cooperation is illegal:

  • If you don’t pay.
    When your order a paper, get it or its part and somehow manage to not pay for it, it’s clear that such “cooperation” is illegal. Any kind of work has to be paid for. Writing services are pretty generous and provide discounts and pleasant bonuses to their clients. You get a free title and bibliography page, free formatting, free revisions, and even more. Make sure you play fair;
  • If you get a plagiarized paper.
    Whether downloading one for free or buying it online, you may get a copied paper. If you choose to hand it in right away, which is not recommended, you’ll become a part of plagiarism fraud. This is a very serious violation that might lead to much more than an F for the paper or temporary detention;
  • If you don’t get a result.
    When you deposit funds that will be transferred to the writer after you approve the paper they wrote and get nothing, it’s a clear scam. To avoid this, it’s important to choose a writing service very carefully. There are a lot of things to pay attention to, so make sure you spend some time researching the market.

In all other instances, buying an academic paper online is completely legal. What counts is what you’re going to do with it afterward. We recommend that you use a high-quality paper to your maximum advantage, which is reviewing it and taking all the useful things. You can improve your academic writing skills by ordering only a couple of papers! 

By getting familiar with the structure of every paragraph and how one flows into the other, you’ll understand how to outline essays in the future.

By proofreading the paper, you’ll see what words and grammar are used for the best argument evidence, topic introduction, etc.

Looking for a Legal Essay Writing Service

There are certain nuances you have to pay attention to before choosing your best writing service. First of all, it’s useful to read reviews online on every website you are interested in using. Find several review platforms such as Trustpilot online and see if there’s any useful information on the company. Don’t aim for 5/5 stars, as people are different and they evaluate services in a different way. But at least 3.8-4/5 is desired.

Here are other tips on checking if the business you’re buying from is legal:

  • Make sure it’s an officially registered company. You can find this information in the footer of the website;
  • Contact customer support if you have any questions. It’s their job to solve problems and reply to students’ concerns;
  • Check their contact information and make sure it’s full and all the contacts are working. Check online for duplicates.

So, buying academic papers online is legal. But you have to make sure you’re using the result to your advantage and not for cheating. It’s possible to learn so much from one professionally-written paper!

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