How to Install and Set up Chromecast on Windows 7

We are all addicted to watching videos on our phones, nowadays, we even watch movies. The only reason behind it would be, we cannot do it on the TV. Because of that, we have to watch it on the small screen even if we prefer the big screen. That is why Google Chromecast will help you. we will share the detail of How to install and set up Google Chromecast.

What is Google Chromecast?

It’s a device which you can operate from the phone or from your computer to watch content on the TV. You can watch movies, TV series and even youtube video on the Big screen. That’s not all, you can operate your PC from there and mirror the movement and screen right on the TV. It came at an affordable price of 35$ which can support 1080p and 70$ which let you enjoy videos in 4K resolution. You can even buy Chromecast Audio to stream music into your audio system, directly from the internet.

Now when you bought the Google Chromecast, you will get the device and an HDMI to join in the TV. It’s not too hard to configure the set up of Chromecast but if you do it correctly, it will shorten the time and you can save yourself from all the trouble. Here is step by step guide to install and set up Chromecast.

  • Setting up the device

First of all, you need to set up the device at the TV end. You need to put the HDMI plug-in device inside the TV plugin and join the other end of USB to a power source. Then you need to select HDMI 1 on your TV from the help of remote. You need to change it to HDMI 2 if you find the screen there.

  • Setting up the Chromecast

You need two things to set up the Chromecast on your PC. Google chrome browser and Chromecast on it. you can download here.

Download Google Chrome

Download Chromecast when you install the chrome browser.

  • Installing Chromecast

When you click on that link and download the Chromecast, you need to accept the terms and policy. After that, it will start searching for the Chromecast device which is connected to your WIFI. After that, it will ask you to set up, after you set up, you need to open your connected device on the right side of the corner and select the Chromecast.

  • Connecting TV and PC through Chromecast

When you click on the Chromecast you will go the setting of it. when you select it, it will ask you to move ahead and that is when your TV screen will show a picture of a code. If its match to your PC, you need click “that’s my code” to move forward. Then they will ask you to name your Chromecast device, choose a name and move forward.

  • WIFI configuration for Chromecast

Now you will be asked to confirm your WIFI. You need to enter the password and connect, now Chromecast will display, ready to connect. You are ready to watch everything on your TV now.

List of the website and which is Chormcaste enabled

  • Hotstar
  • Netflix
  • HOOQ
  • VOOT
  • Google Play movies
  • Wynk music
  • Ganna
  • Savan
  • Soundcloud
  • Twitch
  • Deer hunter
  • ESPN
  • WWE
  • NBA
  • NDTV
  • Udemy

And more, you can visit this website and learn more about it.

How to cast Movies and videos on the TV screen

We have set up the Chromecast and now its time to watch our favorite videos and movies on the big screen, here how you can do it.

  • You need to open the Chrome browser on your PC
  • Then you need to search for videos on the internet
  • When the video starts playing, you just need to click the stream button on the right side at the upper side of the window
  • And your video will start playing on your TV screen

We hope we help you install and Set up Chromecast on your Window, if you have any question, do let us know in the comment.

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