Best Tricks to Add an Instagram Shoppable Feed Image in WordPress

Best Tricks to Add an Instagram Shoppable Feed Image in WordPress

Do you know the tricks to add an Instagram shoppable feed image in WordPress Website?. how to add an Instagram shoppable feed image in WordPress site?

Instagram is a fast-growing social media platform becoming the next big online store in e. commerce segment. Your fast-moving products require an Instagram shop to keep up with the competition.

The amazing features of Instagram allow a customer to go through your tagged post.

Instagram is another extension of your shop brand website. Instagram shoppable feed Image has a unique link that people can click to buy anything from your company brand.

This is smart to enhance the demands of your products on Instagram by showing various brands to your target customer.

If you are organizing to add an Instagram shoppable feed image in word press website, this article will guide you to everything you are eager to carry out.

Open Instagram Account:

Before synching an Instagram catalog account and start maintaining a shop, make sure it optimizes your account for the shoppers. This optimization of your account can help you reap big rewards before the activation of your Instagram shop. This is a helpful list to review of your product while you are waiting for Instagram’s approval to start your online store.

Conversion in business account:

Before proceeding further, change your Instagram account into a business account by making some changes in the setting section of your profile.

The business profile on your account is the only account that provides an opportunity for Instagram shopping as an additional feature.

A conversion of your profile into a business account allows you to have other analytics. Try to add some useful information to your profile so that this conversion will worth it.

Call to action feature:

Instagram offers a CTA option, which is an essential tool of a business account of this platform. You may add this button to contact you, including your mobile and email id. Once your Instagram account is “live,” you can add the “shop” button.

Your introduction matters:

Does your introduction define your brand value? Your Instagram account bio-data takes few lines only to advertise your brand to your account visitors.

Why add shoppable Instagram Image:

A shoppable Instagram feed image is a series of images where each picture has a link to a brand or service on your website. To buy a product, a customer can click on the link in the image’s caption to buy it from your online store. By using this platform, they allow you to leverage a massive user base to sell your products. 

This buying process also redirects your customer to your Instagram account. You may redirect your customer to individual products to your website. You can also use Instagram shoppable feed image to display the latest photos across your site. Buying a product from your website helps to increase your follower, which may make a considerable profit.

Creating a shoppable image feed and linking with your website:

Now your first task is, you need to upload the photos, which you want to use in your Instagram account.

For each feed image, you want to make shoppable, add the related product pages URL in the image caption in your Instagram Shoppable Images feed in WordPress. 

Once you have done this for all the product images you want to use, the next task is to shoppable Instagram feed to your website. This will help your visitors to visit the landing page of your website.

Connecting your WordPress site to Instagram:

To connect your Instagram account into your WordPress account, the best plug-in available is “Smash Balloon Instagram feed Pro.” This Plug-in allows you to add images to your WordPress website. Before diving into this process, install this Plug-in and activate it.

After activation, you need to visit Instagram feed and then license page in your WordPress admin area to feed your license key.

You may find this necessary information under your account on the “Smash Balloon account.” After activation of your license, don’t miss clicking on the save changes button.

After this critical exercise, connect your WordPress to your Instagram website. Switch to the configure button and click on the “connect” an Instagram account tab.

Now a pop-up will display and asking you to choose whether you are using personnel or business Instagram account.

Because you shall use pictures from your account, you may use a personnel account. Leave personal selected” and click the connected button to continue.

This will redirect you into the Instagram website, where you will be asked to allow Smash Balloon to access your Instagram account. After this instruction, click on the “Authorize” button to continue further.

You shall now be redirected back to your website, where you will find your Instagram ID in a pop-up telling you to connect and add your account.

It would help if you pressed on the “connect this account” to continue the next step.

Now you will get your Instagram account listed under plug-in settings. It now connects your Instagram account to your WordPress site.

Link Instagram Images to URLs in the caption:

Your Instagram Shoppable Images feed in WordPress is ready now. However, it would help if you let the plug-in know that you want to link Instagram posts in your image feed to the URLs you have linked in the captions. 

To activate this, switch to the “customize” button under plug-in settings. Here you click on the posts button option and check the box next to “Link posts to URL in caption” option.

Adding Instagram Shoppable Images feed in WordPress site:

Smash Balloon Instagram feed pro makes it convenient to display your Instagram image to anywhere on your WordPress site. To activate this option, edit the post where you want to show your Instagram feed image. 

On the post edit screen, press on the (+) button to add a new block and insert an Instagram feed block to your content. Now the plug-in will upload your Instagram feed and show a preview inside the editor. Now you may save your page or post and visit your website to see the result in action.

To buy these products, a customer will click on the image, and it will take them to the URL you added in the image caption.

Add shoppable feed image inside war:

Another feature of the plug-in is adding an Instagram Shoppable Images feed in WordPress at the sidebar. Head over to the appearance and find the widgets page and add the “Instagram feed” widget to your sidebar.

Do not forget to press on the save button in the setting option of the widget.

Customizing your shoppable Instagram feed:

Smash Balloon Instagram pro comes with beautiful layout and customization choices. They allow you to customize the styles and adjust to your requirements.

You may change the layout by visiting the Instagram feed and have a customized page. In this section, various designs are available, which may be adjusted according to your choice. 

Along with these options, you may show and hide the header, load more buttons, follow button, and other option.

In the long run, don’t forget to press save changes option to store your settings. You can now visit your post or page containing the Instagram Shoppable feed image in WordPress site, and it will display with the additional background you have done.


I hope this informative post will help you set-up your Instagram Shoppable feed image in the WordPress site. Try to learn these things and apply them to your website to improve the sales of your products.

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