Product Branding is a process of making your product known to the general public. The product which your brand endorses should personify the fact if it connects with the audience that you are trying to connect to. The process functions as if you are telling a story to the world. You would narrate it with as much detail and intensity as you possibly could. This would help you gauge the interest level of the people with whom you are narrating it to.

This creates the essence of Product Branding, and it is very important that you do so with whatever resources that you have. Wix is one such example of a product branding medium where you can create your own brand and implement it into a larger set of audience to monetize your profits.


If you want to steer your brand towards a positive success, then you should know how to do that. And to implement this, you should know your product, you should know your brand.

  • The Purpose – Does it fill the void in the market, should be the first thing that you ask yourself. Will it help make a difference OR would it be just another needle in the haystack. You should determine every aspect of the purpose.
  • The Audience – Who would be your target audience, should be the following question. Are their needs being fulfilled by the product that I would be endorsing; what would be their background, their hobbies, their day-to-day life; search anything and everything that you possibly can.
  • The Belief – What is their lifestyle, is the key point of consideration. You should know exactly what they are into, and what is their belief on the product which you would be putting out. And, if the product is holding true to its value or isn’t it?

You should have the answers to all these questions when you stand out there like Jordan Belfort on the podium addressing to the hungry audience. You would look them directly in the eye and address everything that they will throw at you without batting it. Wix is an important part for implementing your branding strategy and it will help you grow big.


Your product should have an identity of its own. Among the millions of the brands that are out there conquering the world, you should stand out. Which is why Product Branding comes into the forefront, and some of the steps as to how you would be able to implement it are given below,

  1. Choice of colour – Does it seem a bit off to you when you read this point. Don’t be. Because this is an important part of the process, which is selecting an appropriate colour for your brand. It is essential since this would create a visual appeal to your readers and your customers. You should have a colour palette with you, and try to design a rough schematic of what you want to be included in the website, what should go and what should not? It is essential that you research in depth about this so that you are able to connect with the target audience and synchronise your thoughts with them.
  1. Choice of Font – Another important factor in terms of the marketing perspective is the right format of font included in your website, your flyers and pamphlets and the lot. Having a normal font that doesn’t resonate with what you want to convey will simply wean away the visitors from your website. Practically speaking, it enables the readers to read it properly, and second thing is it should be understandable after seeing it at first. It won’t do good to customize your fonts too much upto the point that you can’t even make out as to what is written in it.  The best practice is to keep it simple, precise and upto the point.
  1. Choice of Logo – A vital point to be considered while implementing your product specifications into the website. Designing a good logo combines originality, aesthetics and relevancy as to the information you want to relay. You can design your own customised logo using the Logo Maker tool on Wix . The logo shouldn’t be just another design that you want to keep it in the masthead of your website, just so that it suits it. Some of the famous companies have their logos designed in sync with the values and the ethics on which they have been created.

The Logo Maker would be asking you a set of queries which would relate to the product and the brand. You would be given choices as to what logo would look best, and what would be the motto on which you have selected the same.  

  1. Choice of Website – This would be the trampoline on which you will be pitching the essence of your product to your customers and your fans. Having all the important factors and prerequisites like, the correct choices of colour, fonts, logo and the right amount of text based on the product, you will be making the plunge. Capture all the important points in brief, so that it doesn’t become too cumbersome and not too light that it would be ignored. Be unique, and original when creating your website; and in this endeavour Wix will help you achieve this.


Product Branding is a meticulous approach and it should be carried out with utmost sincerity and effectiveness. This would prove instrumental in carrying out some of the future projects in a much more organized way than you initially could. You will face problems in the inceptive stages if you aren’t used to this, but with practice you would be able to polish it up nicely and the product will look as you want it to be looked. It is a great practice to always be on the lookout for latest trends that would help you venture further and implement the branding stages at a level which is evolutionary and extraordinary.

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