How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Law Firm

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us and being wise to the power of the internet and social media for marketing, no matter your industry is imperative to being successful. Embracing the power of social on the web and shifting your advertising spend away from more traditional media might just see your law firm get a much larger reach than it would in print media. Social media is an incredibly broad term with an overwhelming scope, so understanding some of the basics is important before venturing into the world of promoting your law firm using social media. 

Understand The Power Of Social

It’s utterly mind-blowing to consider the reach that social media has. Between services like Instagram and Facebook, billions of people log-in and use these services every day, and there are huge power and potential in getting your message out there. Advertising and targeting your promotions on social media make use of huge amounts of user data, so your message is being shown to users that have a better chance of needing your services than cold adverts in the newspaper or on the radio. Using a list of recent online searches and age demographics and even interest groups, advertisers are able to narrow down the list of users that they pay to have their message seen to increase the potential return on spend drastically over traditional advertising methods.

Understanding how to do this, however, is a learned skill.

Embrace The Social Media Professionals

Using experts in social media like an Attorney SEO agency can assist you in your social media campaign to ensure the absolute best return on your advertising spend is achieved. They can assist with building your social media presence and following as well as work with you on campaigns to boost your social media presence. Social media is all about being seen and your message is heard – but getting it seen and heard requires skills that a social media agency has.

Having a solid online marketing campaign goes beyond social media though.

It’s Not Just Social, It’s A Search Tool, Too.

Being seen and heard on social media – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and the many other platforms is only part of a much more end to end online marketing campaign. SEO is perhaps even more important in the law and attorney arena because you want to make sure that when people search for a lawyer or law firm, your company is one of the first ones they see. That’s where SEO (search engine optimization) comes in. Having the right agency on board who can provide this end to end solution is very important and can make or break your law firm’s success.

Don’t shy away from our connected, online world. Rather embrace it and let it work for you in attracting new clients by being visible and present online, both in search and social media. The days of the Yellow Pages or newspaper adverts are quickly coming to an end, and you shouldn’t let yourself be left behind.

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