How to Make Money With your WordPress Knowledge

How to Make Money with Your WordPress Knowledge

No matter what some might say, starting a business is never too late. And while it is true that you will struggle most of the time, everybody had to start from somewhere, right? The path is the same for everyone, so there is absolutely no need to have this negative mindset.

One of the things that take a lot of time figuring out what it is you exactly want to do. The experience you might have accumulated in the past could be of great use. For instance, if you have been learning WordPress, there are more opportunities than you think.

This article will illustrate just how much you are capable of trying and accomplishing with a limited set of skills. And WordPress, while being one of the most popular CMSs out there, will surprise you after reading this.

Developing Websites

The first and most obvious pick on the list is developing websites. While creating something from scratch is not that difficult, more intricate things can be a tough challenge for a lot of people.

Some businesses make things easier by offering integrative platforms. A good example of that could be print on demand. Perhaps you could also like to give it a go if you are ever tired of developing regular websites for others. If so, you can learn about print on demand on Printify and other sources online.

Create An Agency

Instead of doing everything yourself, get a team with the same mindset and manage them. Agency is a challenging goal to achieve, but if you are capable of creating a plan and maybe thinking outside the box, you should be able to accomplish that. And once you break the ice and find yourself the first customer who is satisfied with the results, things are bound to take off.

Themes And Plugins

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If you want to narrow down your work, consider sticking to theme and plugin development. There is always a high demand for well-developed themes and plugins. Websites do not want to stay in the same spot for long and whenever there is an upgrade available, you can be certain that everybody wants to make use of it.


Having a website is more or less just the tip of the iceberg. Maintenance takes a massive amount of time and it can be properly carried out by the person who has developed the whole thing unless it is something simple.

You could become a professional maintenance guy and market yourself as such. Or, once again, try to gather a team of professionals and work in a team rather than solo.

You never know when someone might encounter problems with their website and if it is something complicated, trying to fix the issue themselves could lead to even more complications. Thus, it is a safe bet to assume that the demand for WordPress maintenance guys will always be there.


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Even those with experience can always learn something new. That is the impact of online courses that are available to everyone worldwide thanks to platforms like Skillshare and Udemy. 

If you have been working with WordPress for years, you should have more than enough experience and sharing it with others in the format of a course could do wonders. Also, you might consider starting a YouTube channel, but those are not as profitable as they once were.


Knowledge about something can be turned into an advantage in the form of copywriting. This skill is extremely useful and companies will pay you a lot of money for writing just a few lines of text. 

Consulting copywriters is also a possibility. Everyone is eager to gain an edge over the competition, and if there is a way to accomplish that, it should be a no-brainer that they are going to make the most out of it.

Selling Websites

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If you can come up with a formula for developing a website quickly and selling it immediately, you will never be short of money. There are plenty of platforms that work as auctions for websites in particular.

Multiple Methods

Sticking to just a single method is not imperative. If you believe that you are capable of doing multiple projects at the same time, then, by all means, go for it. There will be more money to be made as well as more experienced gained. And when you get bored of one thing, you can shift the majority of your focus to the next. This will also help with finding motivation.

This article should indicate just how many opportunities are out there if you are knowledgeable about a particular subject. Understanding WordPress is just one of the examples.

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