9 Ideal Ways To Earn Money From Your Blog Without Displaying Any Ad (s)

9 Ideal Ways To Earn Money From Your Blog Without Displaying Any Ad (s)

If you are reading this you will surely be interested to know if it is possible to earn money with your blog. Well yes, friend, make money with your blog is perfectly possible. And it is not only possible, but it is becoming a more widespread reality. Among them hosting by affiliation, selling paid products, and promoting products are incredible. Nowadays, thanks to the large amount of information available on the web, monetizing a website, or a blog is not excessively complicated.

Here Are Nine Ways To Earn Money With A Blog – Without Showing Ads.

1. Sale Of Hosting By Affiliation


One of the most used resources, and that move large amount of passive income is the sale of hosting by membership. The reason? Very simple, affiliation allows you to offer a product, or service from third parties. So you do not have to buy it, nor have stock. Still do not know what we’re talking about?

In this case it is about making a post that promotes a specific hosting company. Once the post is written and promoted, you can get passive income for each person who is encouraged to make a purchase. Think that hosting is essential for anyone who needs a web, so many of your readers will surely be potential customers. 


2. Sale Of Info-Products


Information products are digital documents that contain useful information, and knowledge that help solve a specific problem. The development of these products, and their subsequent sale on your blog can be a very effective way to earn money with your blog. 

Nowadays information is everything, so many users will be willing to buy your info-products if you have positioned yourself as an expert voice in a certain sector. You must explain the value of the information you sell so that the user is willing to acquire it. If you contact bloggers to act as affiliates for your info-products you will also increase your sales. It is very important to achieve the highest level of post-purchase satisfaction possible.


3. Sale Of Online Courses


Online courses are revolutionizing the methodology applied so far in terms of learning. Now, any expert who wins the trust of their online communities can be a teacher, and anyone can be a student. In addition, the sale of online courses has a large number of advantages for bloggers:

  • They are cheap to produce
  • They are cheap to distribute
  • The teacher only has to generate the content once

For the launch of your online course to be a success it is very important that you have previously generated a powerful, segmented, and qualified community through the subscription to your blog. The launch of courses in “info-product” format, and a powerful newsletter will clearly contribute to your sales.


4. Private Advertisers


Another alternative to generate income is the inclusion of private advertisers in your blog. In the same way that magazines, or newspapers rent their pages to companies, you can select certain parts of your blog to advertise companies in the sector in exchange for a monthly fixed.

Contact potential customers – in this case the strategy is to contact companies in your niche that might be interested in advertising on your blog. To make it easier for you, you contact those companies that invest in AdSense, because in this way you already know that they invest in online advertising. 

Wait for them to contact you – if your blog is a reference in your niche you are likely to start receiving proposals from companies that will be interested in advertising on your website. It is recommended that you attach a dossier with visitor statistics, or a set of reasons that argue the advantages of advertising on your blog.


5. Sell ​​Your Blog


This is without a doubt one of the fastest ways to make money with your blog. And, although it may sound a bit radical, this point is one of the most lucrative for many webmasters. The business is based on getting a website, monetizing it and selling it. It is worth mentioning that the more specific your niche, the more number of companies will be interested. In addition, it is important that your traffic is high so that companies consider your blog as a profitable space.


6. Donations


If the content you publish on your blog is of quality it is very likely that you are helping a large number of people to solve a possible problem. In this way we consider that it is not unreasonable to offer your users the possibility of donating a small amount to help you keep working. Although this method is much more common in many western, and European part. So that your readers can donate to your blog you should generate a donation button in Pay pal, so that the donated amounts will go directly to your account. 


7. Selling Your Own Products


If on the other hand, “package” your knowledge in a product that helps improve the way of your readers and doing things right, you can have a constant flow of money because once you create a product you will only have to concentrate on two things : Sell it and improve it. This is a way to earn money that is most interesting because it can lead to the creation of real businesses, very lucrative, around your blog. In this particular, it is usual to see courses, software, books, etc. Journalists use their blogs to promote themselves and get works in magazines, or newspapers with great recognition.


8. Premium Contents


Some blogs bet on the production of Premium content, that is, more attractive and deep materials, which are only available to subscribers. In this case, the most common is to offer at least part of the content for free, to attract visitors, and then convince them to subscribe to the paid version. Another rental option is through Branded Content, that is, quality content, but aimed at promoting a brand directly or indirectly. In this monetization model, companies pay for the content to be published on their behalf. This can be done in two ways. The first is using advertorials, that is, publications made to directly disclose a product or event.


9. Sell ​​Links


Another, and apparently lucrative option to make money with a blog is the sale of links that are not marked as paid advertising. However, these links leave with a significant disadvantage compared to sponsored ticket links, because if they are not marked as advertising they violate the Google guidelines. So that the blogger has to resign to a penalty by the search engine. As a result, a decrease in Page Rank, and the loss of a good position in search engine results pages may be suffered which would reduce the importance of the blog in the eyes of most advertisers.

Conclusion: Patience – Planning – Regularity

The first quality you need when investing in content marketing through a blog is patience. Take time for your content to start appearing in Google searches, your profiles on social networks gain popularity and be considered. A beautiful house begins with a well-made project, which follows the best practices of use of available space and current laws. In this way, a successful blog begins with solid planning and follows the best practices of the market. Regularity is the word in order when the issue is making money with blogs. That does not mean that you have to publish something new every day.

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