How to choose a waterproof smartwatch

Technology does not stand still. Now, this good news is available for swimmers. After all, especially in order to fully concentrate on exercising and honing techniques during a workout in the pool, they came up with a cool device – waterproof smartwatch.

These watches read the distance floated during training, the number of strokes done, calories lost and much more. All that is required of an athlete is to find the watch model he needs under his request.

What to consider when choosing a waterproof smartwatch for swim? Let’s take a closer look.

Waterproof level

Devices for water sports are marked on the degree of water resistance. This indicator is measured in ATM (atmosphere) or in WR (depth in meters).

There is the following classification of devices:

The watch is not waterproof.

Such watches should be protected from water. If you get under heavy rain with them, then most likely they will break.

They do not have any designations.

Normal water resistant – up to 30 m

Smartwatches can withstand the static pressure of a 30-meter water column (3 ATM). However, you can not swim with them.

With such hours you can walk in the rain, wash, etc.

Normal water resistant – up to 50 m

With such a watch you can work with water and even swim, but it’s better not to dive with them, as they are likely to break. The watch has the title “WATER RESISTANT 50M”.

Water resistant – up to 100 m

If the inscription “Water Resistant 100m” is engraved on the base of the case, the watch is designed and manufactured for a pressure of 10 atm. Such watches are convenient for water sports, swimming, but they are not intended for diving, jumping from the tower.

Water resistant up to 200 m

Watches with a “Water Resistant 200m” marking on the lid can be used for scuba diving, scuba diving, water sports with high dynamic and impact loads.

Note: The pressure, expressed in meters (30 m, 50 m, 100 m, 200 m, 300 m), is theoretical and should not be considered as an equivalent of the depth of immersion in water. Movements made at depth significantly increase the pressure on the watch.

Functions for swimming

Smartwatches with which you can swim usually have 2 modes to monitor workouts in this sport.

Let’s get a look.

Pool Mode

In this mode, the clock calculates the distance traveled and analyzes the technique – distance, speed, number of strokes. Some models need to set the parameters for the length of the pool, others consider it all to be automatic.

Open Water Mode

Swimming in an open pond is more difficult than in a pool – both for an athlete and for smartwatches. Therefore, the function is displayed in a separate mode. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that GPS is used to calculate the distance in work.

Is it possible to do without functions for swimming?

It is easy to count the distance in the pool without a clock, but it is convenient to forget about it and trust the device. With distance on open water, everything is more complicated, so here the measurements are very useful. Measuring the effectiveness of swimming allows you to assess your progress, and knowing the frequency of strokes to improve your technique.

Can I do without a heart rate monitor while swimming?

During swimming, the body is in a horizontal position, so the pulse does not rise high. The chance to overload the heart is minimal and tasks are usually performed not by pulse, but by 50/100 meters in time. Therefore, counting the pulse in the water is not a necessity, but an additional option.

Additional useful features


The clock works without being tied to the smartphone and is synchronized with the computer. It is enough only occasionally to connect to the web service to update the settings and time.

Mobile notifications

The screen displays information about incoming calls and messages. Reply through the clock will not work, but you will find urgent news. Permanent mobile notifications are fast battery consumption.


For running in the mountains and skyrunning. Measures elevation differences.

Backlit color display

For aesthetics and night workouts. A color display makes the battery run out faster.


Counting the distance without GPS is needed for practicing on the bike, treadmill and in the arena. The built-in option determines the acceleration and the number of steps and, consequently, the expenditure of calories and sleeps performance.

Sleep monitoring

Organizes a night rest, so you feel active. Advanced models take into account continuity, phase rotation, and other parameters. The smart alarm clock will wake up in the optimal phase and time interval.

ANT + and Bluetooth

The ANT + protocol is intended for connecting additional electronic devices: a heart rate monitor, a cadence sensor and a power meter on a bicycle machine.


In choosing smartwatches for swimming, be guided by a set of technical indicators and pay less attention to design. In the models of leading brands, it differs slightly.

At the same time, remember that important functions are the presence of running, cycling, swimming and GPS modes. Functions that will increase the price of hours: color display, advanced sports package, options for conquering heights and diving.

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