Simple Guide on How to Burn ISO on Mac: Step by Step Details

Most people often find it easy to just burn the ISO copy into DVD or CD. Just put the DVD inside and click a button and the whole process will be done automatically. We don’t have to do much and just have to wait for a while. But for the OS X user, some people find it hard to do because of its complication. Here we are going to simplify things for you on How to burn ISO on Mac.

Basically, when we try to Burn ISO in a blank disk, we are replicating the original ISO image. It’s because we can use it to install OS on other devices. Mostly the task can be done by the utility tool, but there is something confusing about this particular OS and many people have faced this issue over the time. Here how you can do it.

Step by step guide to Burn ISO on Mac

  1. DVD/CD

First of all, you need to find the size of the ISO image and the disk which is supported by Mac. You can easily find the size but to know which disk is supported, you need to visit Apple > About This Mac > More Info > Disk Burning. You can find the option disk burning on the right side of the menu.

There are 3 types of size and 2 types in Disk

700 MB – 4.7GB-DVD+/-R

0-700MB- CD-R/

7-8.5 GB- DVD+/-R DL

And you can select DVD-R in which you can write image and cannot delete it or change it or you can use DVD-RW which mean Re-Writable in which you can write the data, edit the data, delete the data and use it again. Now when you find out the disk size and disk type, we are going to move forward to next step.

  1. Disk Utility

Like windows, you will also have disk utility tool, which can help you burn ISO on Mac easily. You can also do lots of disk-related task with this utility. You can find it in Application > Utilities > Disk Utility.

  1. File transfer

Now you need to transfer your ISO file into disk title, to do that, you just need to drag and drop the file into utility drive. You will find the list of drive you have on your Mac and you just need to drop it there. It will be easy for you if you copy the ISO file directly on to the desktop first.

You can find it the ISO by “finder window” or if you have put it on the desktop. You just need to drag it to the left side of the panel where you can see the Mac drive names, your ISO file will be visible on the left side.

  1. Convert ISO file

If you want to create Bootable ISO like you did for the windows or Linux or you can DBNA like utility disk. To convert the ISO file, you need to do this.

  • You need to see that ISO file is selected and then hit the convert button which you can find at the top of the window.
  • Now as you have saved your ISO file on the desktop, you need to select desktop when it says “where”
  • You need to select DVD/CD master” from the image format
  • Now you just need to click save and wait for the process to complete, it will create CDR file on your desktop
  • Now you need to drag that CDR file which you have just created on the left side of disk utility

When you burn the file, make sure ISO or CDR file is selected. It will take a while to process them and you will have your DVD with ISO image on it. when the process is completed, the system will automatically eject the CD/DVD and display the message that burn process is done successfully, that is when your process is completed fully.

We hope you understand and learn the step by step guide to on how to Burn ISO on Mac. You just need to follow the steps and doesn’t need to worry about else. If you have any questions, do let me know in the comments.


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