Advertisement of 2018 : How Pay Per View (PPV) Advertising Works?

pay per view

There are millions of website on the internet and they are all competing against each other to serve their visitors. If you have a blog or website or you have an online shop, you know how hard it is to drive traffic. Its literally nightmare for everyone, but in order to reach a wide audience who are looking for relevant content same as you are offering PPV or pay per view is the best option. So How Pay Per View (PPV) Advertising Works? But before we go to that, we need to know what is the PPV?

What is Pay per View(PPV)?

If you are an advertiser than the concept is quite clear with the name. you are paying per view of your website. Its an advertising platform for an advertiser to reach more people and increase their traffic and generate more lead by paying every time someone viewed your ad.

Let’s use an example. You are running a fitness blog and providing fitness class and you need more people to join your class. So you go to the PPV advertiser and they will show your blog to those who are looking for the similar thing. It’s a same as CPC or Cost per click but slightly different.

CPC is when someone clicks on your ad and you get to pay but PPV is when someone viewed your ad and you need to pay. There is also a difference in an ad showing as PPV will come out as a whole new page directly from your window and CPC is just a little ad in a page.

How does PPV work?

First of all, you need to find a company that has a wide reach and network so that your ad could spread to more people. What they do is, they will show the ad to all of those people who are looking for the same thing you are offering. But how do they know that?

They will install small adware into their system first which monitor every activity of the user. Those adware were installed voluntary and with the consent of the user as to will provide games and video watching, in exchange for that, the company will show them ad which are PPV.

Those adware are not malware or harmful, for example, if you have installed a game in your pc, it will show the PPV Ad, if you have a video player then it will show the PPV ad. Often those adware are in form of important software, which doesn’t affect users system nor they share their personal detail to anyone. They just exchange their services with PPV ad to sustain their work.

Apart from that, you can compete for keyword and URL. If you are looking for some particular keyword in your niche which represents your company or website, when user will search for it, the PPV ad will be shown to them. The same thing will happen when the user enters URL, the first thing that comes out will be your website.

The benefit of Pay per view

pay per view
pay per view
  • They are cost effective. The first thing that comes to our mind when we venture into online advertising is how much it will cost us as we need to make a great ROI, the cost of advertising needs to be low and that’s what they do. Their prices are starting at 0.015$ per view. You don’t consider expensive when you will be getting tons of lead through them.
  • The second thing that comes to our mind is, is our ad reaching to the right people? You don’t want your dating site to pop up on someone’s computer when they are searching for a wedding Its highly inappropriate and doesn’t help you at all. But with PPV, they make sure that your ad will be viewed by those people who are looking for the same thing. If your ad is watched by your targeted audience, it means more sales.
  • You don’t need to spend thousands to create advertisement when you can use simple and cost-effective Your ad or billboard will be seen by thousands of people but it won’t turns it into sales figure.
  • PPV is very effective, as it will direct your viewer’s attention towards your ad. Imagine if someone searching for how to lose weight and suddenly your weight losing Ad will show to them. It will make them think for a while and end their search right at the moment because you have provided them a solution.
  • No need to go through some link to view your ad when it will pop out directly in front of your viewer. It reduces their effort and as it will always be a relevant ad to them, they won’t detest it and rather look into it.

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There are lots of benefits when it comes to Pay per View Ad, but we also need to look at the downside of it as well.

Disadvantage of Pay per View Ad

  • Higher Deposit: there is few ad network who demands higher deposit for the PPV. It can go as big as 1000 or 2000$. As we don’t know how our ad will perform, it’s a higher
  • Disruptive: most ads are annoying and when some ad comes to our desktop unannounced, it’s really Disruptive. People tend to close this types of the ad before the new ad network come. Those old PPV ads are nonrelevant and sometimes pornographic and which is why it has little bit outcasted.
  • Low ROI: as we mentioned before the difference between CPC and PPV, one thing is really putting them downside is the effectiveness. They will look at the ad and close it. they won’t take further steps on working on it which mean its turn out to be low conversion.
  • A limited number of PPV advertiser: there just a few of them left which provide the quilty ad to their viewer. Most of them are closed and others are using it to just gain more money by using the platform wrongfully.

Even with few downside, if you work on your ad well, if you made a great landing page and create a great product, Pay per view will get you more sales in no time. Its one of the great traffic generator and it could be profitable if you play your cards right way.

So have you ever use any PPV ad before? How was your experience and did you generate great sales from it or it was a total waste of time? Do tell us in the comment.

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