How Businesses Can Improve Online Interactions with Customers

How Businesses Can Improve Online Interactions with Customers

For a growing number of companies, all of the interactions they have with their customers occur online. And even companies that operate in more “traditional” industries are coming to rely more and more on digital transactions.

As such, it’s crucial that all businesses have a plan for ensuring positive interactions with customers online. To that end, today we’ll explain four steps business leaders can take to preserve good relations with their customer base. Check them out here: 

Utilize Automation

First, it is important to note that many consumers still value human interactions with sales professionals –– even if they decide to make a purchase online. However, that doesn’t mean automation can’t play a role in your customer service efforts.

Rather, clever use of automation can actually be very beneficial for all parties involved. Correctly programmed chatbots, for example, can send messages to consumers who try to contact your team outside of regular business hours.

Also, automated email messages can provide customers with an extra layer of security after they finalize a purchase. Automation shouldn’t replace human interactions, but instead, serve to enhance them. 

Respond in a Timely Fashion

Patience may be a virtue, but most customers aren’t willing to wait for a company to respond if they have an urgent need. That’s why it’s important for businesses to make digital response times a priority.

Whether you’re responding to an email, a social media message or a message sent through your website, getting back to your customers in a timely fashion is one of the best ways to keep them on your side.

Develop a system that ensures your team never misses an important customer message. By accomplishing this, you’ll avoid some potentially difficult customer interactions. 

Follow a Code of Conduct

Unfortunately, some online consumers may not behave in a respectful manner toward your employees. Dealing with disrespectful or just plain mean people are, sadly, a part of working in customer service.

Still, your team should nevertheless follow a code of conduct when they interact with consumers online. Don’t get drawn into arguments with customers and never engage in a toxic conversation. Training your employees now will help them handle potentially tricky situations later on. 

Test & Update

The better your ecommerce site, social media accounts, and website are designed and run, the better experience most customers will have. Testing and updating online features and tools can sometimes feel tedious or unnecessary.

Yet, by tackling these issues behind the scenes, you can ensure that your customers don’t encounter any difficulties purchasing your products or getting in touch with your team. 


Whether your company manufactures butterfly needles like Greiner Bio-One or your business sells novelty candles, these tips will help your team have better interactions with your customers. So keep them in mind moving forward!

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