Are You Hiring The Right People For Your Business?

Hiring is one of the pillars of business success. For both startups and existing businesses, it is quite essential to ensure you hire the right person for the job. No business owner wants to fire an employee after two months because they are not the right fit.

As a business owner, you should research on getting the right person for the job. You don’t want to keep asking yourself what went wrong. How many times have you heard the phrase that the decision to hire somebody or not is decided in the first five minutes? It could be the person hired is employed due to their personality and not precisely because they had the necessary skills. The hiring process needs to be all rounded.

How do you hire the right person?

1.    Avoid the usual job interviews

As a business owner, it is essential to have a plan for the hiring process. Well, the first process is advertising the positions and getting applicants to apply. Once they do, the first elimination stage should be if they have omitted any information that was needed. If you have a hiring manager, let them call out the successful applicants for the interview.

The interview process does not have to be the usual questions asked like “what are your strengths and weaknesses?” Be creative and come up with interestingly unique twists to the interview so that you can see how different people tackle different situations.

2.    Take the interviewees on a company tour

The truth is, it is not possible to know if an interviewee is perfect for the job by just sitting across the table and them answering questions. Take them out of the desk and see how they interact with other employees.

Show them around the company; if possible introduce them to some colleagues. During the tour, note how they treat people with respect or not regardless of the position they are interviewing for. Also, are they generally curious or not?

3.    Arrange a lunch meeting

Taking a candidate for lunch is a great way to capture some critical things especially how they handle themselves. Some of the things you could observe:

•    Is there any eye contact?

•    What language do they use? It should be polite.

•    Do they seem calm throughout the conversation?

•    Can they keep up with the discussion?

•    Are they inquisitive?

There’s so much you can get from just one meal. It will help you understand their personality and see if they fit with who you want for the position.

4.    Ask some twist questions

Most candidates will usually prepare for the usual common questions that they believe will be asked. Take time and come up with unusually exciting questions and get to hear their thinking. This is a great way to get away from the already rehearsed answers.

Ask questions such as some of the good qualities they love about their parents. Everybody has some influence from their parents, so it’s easy to get to know the interviewee better. Another great question is what wrong perception people have about them. It helps you know they are self- aware which means they have room for growth which is a useful attribute.

5.    Use the same terminology as the job you intend to fill

What role do you seek to fill? Accountant, marketer or receptionist? Communicate on the same level as the applicant. Avoid using terminologies that will confuse the interviewee. Don’t use medicine-related terms when you are interviewing an accountant.  It will help you be on the same page with the interviewee.

For example, it’s easier to get an answer about IRA accounts as explained here from an accountant than a doctor because they are more conversant with such retirement questions.

Avoid interrupting the interviewee. Also, avoid asking close-ended questions as this deprives the candidate of explaining themselves. Keep them on the low.

What next after interviewing?

After you have interviewed everybody, it is time to narrow down to your preferred candidate. Once you discuss with your interviewing panel and settle on somebody, perform background checks.

Background checks are something business owners to do if their states allow. First, consult a lawyer before digging into somebody’s previous employment life. During the background check, you get to know their credit history as well as criminal records if any. Make the applicant aware that you are conducting these checks and will be notified in case of any questions.

After you are satisfied with the results, make the phone call informing the applicant of their successful job application and interview process.

Hiring is a process that every business owner should seriously take as it helps in the growth of the business. The right person for the job will come up with new ideas that keep the company in competition with the rest. Consider the above tips to help you propel your business higher.

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