Top Guest Posting Techniques for Scalable Link Building Success

Guest blogging is nothing but writing an article for a blog which you don’t own. For this, you have to look for the blogs which accept the guest post. Guest blogging is the best method for improving the SEO of your blog. You should dedicate time for posting on other blogs. This will be beneficial for your blog and as well as for the blog you are writing for. Your PR will only improve if you write a post for higher PR blogs and do follow backlink with similar high standard, which is far much better than commenting or posting a link on their post.

Common Guest Blogging Challenges & Solution

These challenges are:

  • Finding blogs to guest post for.
    • Coming up with unique article ideas.
    • Getting accepted by top-ranked publications.

Note that offering poor quality content is the biggest mistake you can make. Most sites will reject your post if it is of poor quality, and they will not be willing to receive any more content from you.

Make sure that you research the topics before you write them. Offer something original and well written that will be of interest to readers. Sites asking for guest posts usually offer guidelines of what they want. Make sure that you follow the instructions and provide excellent and interesting information.

How to Create a Blogs for a Guest Post

The typical process goes like this:

  1. First, create a big list of search queries for blog prospecting.
    2. Then, scrape Google search results for all these search queries.
    3. Next, remove all the copy entries and merge everything into one list.
    4. Lastly, pull essential SEO metrics for each URL (blog).


Using effective tools such as Ahrefs’ Content Explorer can help you find blogs to a guest post. This is the most reliable and accessible tool in the market. It has a total content index size of over a billion pages. If you want to view different blogs that contain your keyword, then check them out at the One article per domain box.

How to Create Quality Guest Articles

The Robin Hood Technique

Guest blogging attracts the readers and owner of other blogs to your blogs, therefore get your inspiration from successful articles from high-DR blogs in your niche, recognize what makes them accessible, however, write your article from scratch.

The Splintering Technique

In case you have a post covering a big topic, a well-researched, article will often consist of chapters/sub-sections. However, you can split those into various article pieces for guest blogging purposes. As a result, you turn your article’s sub-sections into complete articles that dive deep into the topic.

The Perspective Technique

With this technique, you can get one of the chapters from your post and turn it into several guest articles just by adapting the theme to a particular niche.

How to Improve Your Guest Blogging Results

Pitch More Blogs Than You Can Handle

Any relationship has to begin somewhere, and when you want to contribute your guest content, it usually starts with pitch email the editor. Pitch many blogs and make it stand out since editors receive dozens, if not hundreds, of pitches every day

Link Older Guest Articles from the New Ones

Use your guest posts to begin a conversation, and link out your older guest articles to other educational resources to keep that conversation going and provide more value.


Who doesn’t want more traffic to their sites? More traffic to the website means more sales, more goodwill, more profits, and ultimately, more market growth. For a blog to be effective, it has to be active with regular updates or new posts. Trying to keep the blog active yourself is not easy, and this is why you should consider using a guest posting service. Guest posting, link building service is an undoubted, most cost-effective, and viable option.

No matter what you are; an independent blogger or a large-scale company seeking the resource to bring their business to new heights, you can get started with the services this company offers. Their services are one of the efficient and effective ways of advertising products and services through powerful virtual networks. Therefore, they have been seen as updated and advanced versions of SEO options.

Guest posting not only improves traffic but also increases the referral traffic to the website and credibility. This company will ensure that the posts are optimized to direct traffic to your site. Through the building of natural backlinks, you can reap the full potential and benefits of the quality posts. Furthermore, it is imperative that your website is credible. This posting service can help you to earn this credibility. Users will visit your site when they know that they can always get the information they require.

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