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The technology has advanced so much over the years and has become a blessing for so many people. For the people to who love to play video games, especially for the gamers who play games online the technology has so much to offer. Many gamers have been taking a lot of advantage of the internet these days. There are so many websites that allow these gamers to use different consoles and play numerous games in just one website.

If you too are someone who plays a lot of games online, then you are at the right place we will share with you all about the platform where you can play video games and the benefits of consoles. You must be aware of the fact that to play games on their pcs, laptop, phone, etc they need to have compatibility with the game on your device. Such compatibility comes with software of the game. These are nothing but the software and hardwares that are used in video games. In a way you can say that the video games won’t be able to run without them.

What is ROM?

While playing games online on various websites or reading about a particular game or website you must have heard about ROM. Well these are the softwares that used in the consoles, mobiles, pcs, laptops etc. ROM, also known as Read only memory, is also rendered to as the hard-wired memory. ROM of a game can never be changed once created.

These are used to play games on these devices, earlier only a person who was highly trained on computers was able to identify the coding of the ROM. But with the advancement of internet and technology, people like you and me, can also play games on the internet with the help of ROM.

Now coming back to consoles, that we discussed earlier. There are many consoles that have been introduced in the gaming industry by many leading brands. but the one console that become very famous was the Dreamcast iso. Sega was the name of the group that launched the dreamcast iso. For people who don’t know much about thedreamcast iso we will share with you all the details about it.

What is Dreamcast ISO?

If you are a gamer from the late 90s you would be well aware of the name dreamcast iso. Dreamcast was one of the most successful and widely appreciated consoles that was released by Sega in Japan in the year 1998. It was released to reduce the cost of the consoles that were used by people at that time. Sega’s dreamcast was first launched in Japan and looking at the its success, it managed to very soon make its way up to USA as well. There were a lot of amazing features of the dreamcast which made it so famous in many parts of the world.

Sega designed dreamcast iso in such a way that it could draw about 3 million polygons per second. These were also capable of rendering textures and lighting effects of the visuals of the game. Dreamcast were estimated to display 16.77 million colors in the video and work on a video resolution of 640×480.

Sega had launched dreamcast as a competition to the pre-existing consoles that were there in the market. Sadly after the launch of Sony’s Playstation 2, the sales rate of dreamcast fell drastically and even after trying a lot, Sega was not able to reach the sales target that they were hoping for. This led to the untimely shutting down of dreamcast just after a year Playstation 2 was launched. Sega completely wipes it’s name off from console industry.

It was sad to give away such a technologically advanced console. But there are still many websites that offer games which allow you to download this console and are compatible with the dreamcast iso. One of such websites is the, which offers many more consoles for the gamers.

What is

There are many website online that are offering games that are compatible with all the devices and Romsmania,com is one of them. It is a trusted and very famous website that offers gamers to play games. There are about more than 100 games that a gamer can choose from and play on the website.

This website has many popular consoles like the Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, Gameboy Color, Playstation, Amiga 500, GameCube, Commodore 64 etc. When you visit the website you would find various version of famous games like Pokemon, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, Dragonball Z, and many more.

If you want to know more sites like Romsmania, check out this article by CrazyAsk.

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