The free Xbox Live Codes Generator Scam

Whenever a company gives their customers the chance to buy Gift Cards, just like Amazon Gift Cards, for Google Play, iTunes, PSN and for Xbox Live – you will find a “Generator” for each an every one of them.

Just type into Google(or another search engine) the words “free”+”the gift card(e.g Xbox Live)+”Codes” and you will definitely see a lot of results that claim they have a generator that can give you the Gift card for free. So you are, for example, searching for a free Xbox Live Code.

Take a look at these kinds of results. Already at the first sight not really trustworthy.

That does not necessarily mean that no real and legit websites exist. Here, as an example, you can win free Xbox Live Codes, if you a willing to learn something about online scams.

But now we will together go through one of these free Xbox Live Code Generators so that you don’t have to and never will. I will show you how the scam actually works and how they earn money with you.

A lot of these generator websites only have one major page. The page design can vary from terrible to really good, but most of them do not look good. Take a look at the text. It will almost every time contain at least one mistake. And most commonly, the text will be unnaturally long. For example, a generator website that provides a free Xbox Live Code generator will stuff the page with the phrase “free Xbox Live Code Generator“. It does this so that Google sees it and places it higher in the rankings.

Most of the generators will give you the chance to “choose” what type of code you want. Like, 10$, 20$ and 100$. It will make no difference, but hey ok. The next page is normally some kind of “generating” process. That can look really cheap, like a single progress bar that goes from left to right, but more and more generators try to look like real hackers. They will show you code and technical words that appear and disappear.

But the one thing that every generator website has is the survey part, the fake survey part. You need to prove that you are human. Apparently, haven’t they heard of the Google captcha. If you really take your time and do the fake survey the scammer will get around 0.2$-2$.

The surveys have almost always hidden subscription services or other shady things.

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