Top 10 List Of Best Free Anonymous Proxy Servers

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Do you wanna really increase your privacy on the web?  Yes! Now you can easily hide your public IP address issued by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and route all traffic through different public servers and anonymous IP address in order to keep your online activity safe and secure.

If you believe that someone is monitoring your Internet traffic, you can use a web proxy to protect your confidential information from the prying eyes of ISP and Government Agencies.  In this post, we have listed the Best Free Anonymous Proxy Servers that you can in order keep your Internet activity private and secure.

But before, rushing to any conclusion let’s understand, “What Is A Web Proxy?”.

The proxy server mainly acts as an intermediary right between your computer (smartphone, tablet, etc.) and the Internet. Just like a VPN (Virtual Private Network), the proxy service also changes its IP address in order to keep your online identity safe and secure.

What The Work Of An Anonymous Proxy?

An anonymous proxy generally increases privacy on the Web simply by hiding the public IP address provided by your ISP and it also direct all traffic to various public servers and addresses easily.

These proxy sites also help users to  unblocks the restricted content in any corner of the world. Actually these proxies manipulates the web to make them believe that the request is coming  from an admitted country, there is no reason to block it. In this case, you can use the proxy site as a gateway to access the blocked site.

 In this article, we have listed some of the best proxy sites and examined the compilation of the best list of free proxy servers.

Let’s get started with the List of Best Free Anonymous Proxy Servers In 2019.

Top 10 Best Free Anonymous Proxy Servers

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1. KProxy

What makes KProxy unique is that if you use the proxy server provider, you can also hide the menu that appears at the top of the screen. Most anonymous proxy servers keep the menu there without being able to hide it, which can make browsing difficult.

KProxy has another advantage: you can easily switch between 10 different proxy servers if you discover that your IP address has been blocked when using one of these servers. Simply switch to another for immediate access and that’s quite impressive.

Another best part about KProxy is that , there is also a small application that you can install to anonymize all Internet traffic in Chrome or Firefox browsers as well. There are two separate applications, each working with their respective browsers and anyone can easily do that.

The KProxy application is similar to a VPN, but it only works if you browse the Internet within the limits of Chrome or Firefox, depending on the program you have installed.

2. Megaproxy

Megaproxy has some unique options that differentiate it from other anonymous proxy servers in the market.

You can also disable or enable identification of the operating system and browser user agents, simply remove ads from web pages, limit animations to two iterations and block all cookies on the browsers as well. Megaproxy is also free, you can not use it in order send information about forms or connect remotely to websites.  

3. HideMyAss

HideMyAss is one of the best and reliable proxy provider in the market. This proxy provider also provides 100% free anonymous proxy servers if you want to sign up for the lower speed option and surf the web (instead of playing, watching HD videos, encrypting the connection, etc.) and you can easily do that.

In order to use you need to just select a country to  connect to, and then select Default for connection speed and then select browse on the Web and enter the URL you want to visit. And bravo! You’re ready to go.

 The best thing that I liked about this proxy provider is that it has a large list of free HTTPHTTPS and SOCKS4/ 5 proxy servers, anonymous email service and anonymous reference service as well.

4. HideSter

Hidester generally provides SSL proxy  that mainly protects you from scripts and other malicious methods that can damage your computer. It has a reputation as the most reliable free proxy site in the market and it has the most secure proxy servers in the world.

You can also choose between a US or European server before you start browsing, encrypt the URL, allow or reject cookies, accept or reject scripts and prevent objects from loading as well. And trust me, with this proxy provider you can safe and secure your online identity.

When using Hidester, you can even change the browser reference to make it look like you are using a different operating system or web browser and trust me you won’t find such features with other free proxy servers.

You can also delete cookies stored by all websites when you use the Hidester Web Proxy at your end.

The service also provides a password generator that you can use right with Hidester. If you want to pay for Hidester, you can access hundreds of other proxy servers in different countries that can really help you in many other different ways.

5. is another reliable private proxy provider  that you can use for anonymous and free browsing for securing your online identity.

When you get started with this proxy provider you need to just start typing the URL you want to visit and then select the proxy location from the drop-down list. Your options are Holland, Germany and the United States as well. Just choose any of the these in order to get started.

Like other sites in this list, you can use to disable or enable cookies, encryption, scripts and objects as well. With this proxy provider you can keep your online identity safe and secure.


The website is actually a web proxy that you can use for any website, including YouTube too. You can simply  choose between different proxy servers in the United States and European regions to get started.

When you visit its site and at the top of the text box,  you need to enter the URL you want to use with the proxy, you will find several buttons that will help you get access to those sites quickly as possible.

You can even use cookies, scripts and objects or block ads in the proxy easily. You can also even change the server you are on at any time through the proxy provided to you. This is one is another best alternative for free private proxy providers.

7. VPNBook

This one is another reliable and best web proxy provider in the market.  VPNBook  actually offers a free anonymous web proxy that looks cleaner and more easy to use than other web proxy in the market.

This proxy site mainly supports HTTPS and it also uses 256-bit encryption in order  to hide its traffic. You can also use a proxy server in the USA, The United Kingdom or Canada like regions.

You can easily change the site you want to search through the VPNBook proxy by typing the url right at the top of the page. However, it has no control over the use or disapproval of cookies or the blocking of scripts, and this one is the major drawback of this prox provider.


Here the main difference you will see while using as an anonymous proxy site is that you can choose the proxy server for you or manually select between proxy servers in seven locations that is listed below.

The locations that  you choose right with are Paris, France. Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Moscow, Russia, St. Petersburg, Russia; Stockholm, Sweden, London, United Kingdom, Los Angeles and  USA as well.

Unfortunately, you can not delete the large screen at the top of the browser that asks you to buy the VPN service. This often makes it difficult to use and that’s the downpat of this free proxy provider. Otherwise it’s a great and reliable option available out there in the market.

9. Zend2

Zend2 mainly works in a very similar way to other anonymous web proxy sites. But the best part about this proxy provider is that you can even use it right with YouTube and Facebook. Some free proxy servers are not compatible with these platforms like Facebook and YouTube and that’s the plus point of this web proxy provider.

And this truly indicates that you can easily watch YouTube videos right  behind a proxy without paying any fees or paying for a premium proxy service.

With this proxy provider even it is also possible to deactivate or enable any of the following options like the: URLs, encrypted pages, scripts, cookies and objects as well. These options are only applicable if you use the Web Proxy option. The only down part that I noticed about this anonymous proxy provider is that  you can’t customize some options  while using the proxies.

10. AnonyMouse

AnonyMouse is one of the reliable  online proxy servers in the market. With this proxy provider you  can access different websites by simply entering the name or the url in  in the address bar. It offers free and paid proxies for you and initially if you’re getting started with then just go with the free proxies available there.

If you choose the free version, you should tolerate ads that are blocked in the premium version. The premium version offers more surprising features than the free version and that’s obvious as for the paid version you’re going to more compelling features.

With a low-cost subscription option at  AnonyMouse, you are going to get additional features like the faster proxy servers, access to HTTPS or secure sites as well.  Users can also download large files using these proxy providers.

The premium version also offers the SSL encrypted connections and cookie management options in order to increase your privacy protection.

The free version generally allows users to simply search and send emails anonymously easily.  Annoying, however, is the free version of AnonyMouse. It does not provide a way to change the proxy server. The best thing about this proxy site it is available in English and German.

The Final Verdict

Everyone wants to surf the Internet without revealing their original identity. We found many websites that are useful to us. And actually,  there are several proxy servers that can help in accessing the blocked content and websites. These web proxy servers mainly act as intermediaries and open the site for you.

You can easily  do this simply  by hiding your original IP address and geographic location to. In short  these free web proxy servers  can  help you in surfing web  anonymously. Proxy sites are generally paid and can not be used by anyone. But with these free proxy server you can surf web easily but don’t recommend it as sometimes with the free version you might lose your confidential information as well.

In this free web proxy provider, we present the best proxy services in order to access popular websites. These proxies are safe and will not reveal your identity. Using these proxy servers, you can access banned websites in your schools, offices and even in your country. Simply enter the URL of the site in one of the previous proxy sites and let the site open your preferred link easily.

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