Four Ways External Links Can Boost Your Blog

Writing a blog can drive traffic to your site if you use effective SEO. Internal links to other pages on your website are also helpful. However, it’s also important to include external links to other sites. While it may seem counter-productive to link your blog post or web page to another site that isn’t yours, there are several reasons why you should include them.

Establishing Credibility

Not everyone reading your blog is going to assume you’re an expert in whatever you’re writing about (and they shouldn’t). You can boost your credibility with high-quality external links. For instance, if you’re writing a blog about legal issues surrounding women’s crimes, an external link to the Department of Justice or a law firm specializing in the topic will give you credibility. Links to a website that sensationalizes women’s crimes won’t give you any added authority, so choose wisely. External links to unbiased, reliable sources can boost your blog and attract new readers.

Creating New Partnerships

When you drop external links into your writing, you should always reach out to the site you’re linking to and let them know you’re linking to them. Ask for a reciprocal link or mention on their site in return. The bigger your following, the more likely others are to return the favor, so if your numbers are good, be sure to mention them. Ask the sites to reference your article or cite it on social media sites or in their emails or newsletters. 

Appealing to the Logarithms

Search engine logarithms are notoriously complex and difficult to understand, but one constant is that search engines look for links to established, respected sites. If you’re linking to low-ranking or questionable sites, the logarithms will see this negatively. If you’re linking to sites that are dependable and peer-approved, the logarithms will see it as a positive. High-quality external links establish you as an authority.

Improving Your Blog’s Usefulness

You’re most likely not the final authority no matter what you write about. If you write a blog post about taking care of your feet for your self-care website, be sure to include external links to sites that offer information that may be of concern. Northwest Surgery Center provides valuable information on how individuals can determine what their foot pain might mean and possible solutions, adding helpful medical information to your blog post readers will appreciate. When readers know they can depend on you for relevant links to additional information, you build trust and create loyal followers.

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