Forex Brokers for US citizens

The Forex broker in the United States is very important for Forex traders. WHEN THE Forex brokers accept the forex trading just like a US client so, they will be registered as Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer through the financial regulatory body. The forex broker regulated by national futures association (NFA) and also by Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as a futures commission merchant (FCM). We just recommend the forex trader in the US to follow the CFTC. It (CFTC) was established in 1974. It is a federal regulatory agency or a policy. It was established by jurisdiction over the derivatives markets. The NFA self-regulatory firm started for the US in 1982 for the US derivatives company.

Best US brokers for the US citizens

We have listed here the best forex brokers for your ease.  We are writing all about the CFTC registered brokers and the ranked brokers according to the overall ranking. We mention here the top Forex Brokers for US citizens.

TA Ameritrade: It is a fantastic trading platform it offers great in all over the world

IG: it is best in all situations

Oanda: it offers well-rounded

The best contrast in the US forex brokers

We can compare the forex brokers in the US. it was registered by side and use the forex broker comparison instrument. There is a table below that is listed with the sort of forex brokers

Forex broker Accept the US resident of forex broker The average spread of EUR/USD  according to standard The minimum initial deposit Trust score Overall rate The open account
IG yes 0.750 250,00$ 97 Excellent
FOREX Yes 0.770 250,00$ 92 Good n/a
OANDA Yes 1.400 0.00$ 88 Good n/a


Limited Leverage

The new trading rules of CFTC according to the leverage and according to the margin by the US citizens, set the amount of leverage of 1:50 for the forex traders individually and for the forex traders optionally 1:20. Whereas the least range of forex is 1:100. The US citizens have great power to get or earning the comparatively of their players

How to verify the registration of CFTC

The forex broker is identified the CFTC and start regulated it through the NFA so, the next step is the first step to judge the NFA Identity ID number from the texture of disclosure at the middle of forex broker of US. The example of a forex broker is the key disclosure text of forex broker.


1-    30$ non-deposit bonus

There is no deposit you need to pay for this bonus. It is a live account. It is also said as an open account. You can get a 30$ tradable bonus from it. You don’t need an initial deposit in it.

2-    10,000$ welcome bonus

It is called a welcome bonus. You can join the ava trade in it. You can many new clients bonus in it that is up to 10, 00$.

3-    10$ no deposit bonus

It is also a non-deposit. You don’t need to pay something. It is an STP account that is also called an open account. The 10$ amount is also added automatically in your account.

4-    115% deposit bonus

You need to deposit 500$ and maybe more so, then you get 115$. This bonus is tradable and you can withdraw the bonus that is up to 50,000

5-    50% deposit bonus

It is a deposit bonus. You can deposit money in it so you can receive 10 to 50 dollar from this account that is added in it. The trade number is required when you drawing the bonus

6-    100% deposit bonus

It is a deposit bonus. You can get a 100% bonus on your deposit bonus. The bonus is created when you required. It is a trader way

7-    100% deposit bonus

It is also a deposit bonus. It is an open account. You can receive a 100% bonus on your very first deposit. The bonus is up to 30,000$

8-    100% deposit bonus

It is also a deposit account. You can deposit 250$ or more. You can receive instantly 100% bonus that is deposited to your account. The bonus is deposited to your open account that is up to 20,000$

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