Famebit (Influencer Marketing Software) Review 2020

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I am sure you have already searched how to earn money on the internet and came back with empty handed. There is no way that search engine will lead you to an authentic source whom you can search. By now you are too much confused to even think about it. but what if you can earn money with your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. that is where you need to know about famebit. Here is the Famebit review in detail, so that you get a clear idea.

You must have heard about influencer marketing, you must have seen tweets from your fellow twitter account on recommending something. What if we tell you that they earn thousands of dollars to promote brands? Yes, thousands. That all depends on how much your reach is spread. That is where famebit could help you.

Famebit connect companies and influencer on a single platform through a transparent process, so that both get a chance to earn and promote. With social media marketing and creating sponsor post, even you can earn money without having any prior knowledge. Let dig deep into famebit to know more about it.

What is Famebit?

famebit review
famebit review

Famebit is a place where companies who want to promote their brand come for the people who can promote them. It’s a simple process, companies create a campaign and influencer or people like us connect with them, share ideas on how they can promote it and once they get selected and completed the task, they get paid.

You don’t need to be a big marketing person with millions of followers, you just need 5000 followers and a great idea to get sponsored post. Famebit serves as a bridge between both companies and promoters to smooth out all the process.

How can you earn with Famebit?

You can earn by posting content on your social media sites like YouTube or Twitter. The more follower you have, more money you can earn. It’s not a rocket science to work on as we use social networks every day and if you have a good amount of followers than you would know how many Retweets or likes you can get. Those likes and RT mean you expand your reach as every retweet will send the same tweet to all of their followers. Which means the more viral content you create more people will going to see and more you can earn.

That’s the big question, how can I earn with famebit? If you think that you don’t know how to do all those stuff we mention that its ok, we will share every plausible detail.

How to get started with Famebit and start earning?

You need to sign up for the creator in famebit sing up page to move on. You can sing up on your YouTube(Google), Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter account. After that, you need to create an attractive bio and go to their marketplace to learn about companies campaign. There are hundreds of campaign live every day.

There are many different niches for each and every one, from health to tech, from food to gadget. If you like any one of them just send a proposal to the company and wait for their answer.

Now, sending a proposal is the most crucial part in Famebit, as your future earning is depending on it. you need to introduce your self in the proposal, you need to flaunt your number of followers and you can also share the experience if you have wit similar brand you have worked with before. If not, then no need to worry about it, if you have a good number of follower and a great idea to promote their brand, you will get the work.

You need to create a perfect template of the proposal as you can send to a number of companies. Just make sure to add a personal touch to it to look more human.

So once you complete this stage and send the proposal to all those companies you can work with, you need to wait for them to respond. Once your proposal is accepted, you can talk to the company people directly through the Famebit dashboard. You need t create a whole plan and idea of how you are going to do the promotion. Once you send them the blueprint of the whole idea and if they accept it, you can go live with it on your social channel.

Now, don’t just jump out of the wagon if you get accepted. You need to learn few things first.

  • Famebit charges 10% of fees for using their platform, it means both companies and influence get charged. If the campaign charge is 100$ than companies need to pay 110$ and you as the influencer get to earn 90$.
  • Once they accept the idea of the content which they will sponsor and you will put it out on your social channels. All rights of that content or video go to that company. Which is why you need to read all their terms & condition before moving on.
  • You will get paid to vie PayPal or paper check. Payment will be super fast and protected as you can see that on their pricing page.

What’s our take?

Famebit is one of the secure and growing platforms for earning online. One of the best things about it would be, they are Acquired by Google which means now they have one of the biggest companies behind their back and that is why it’s more secure than any other. Anyone can earn tons of money online they don’t need to be a blogger or a film star, all they need is active social media profile and idea to promote other brands.

Have you used Famebit? If yes, then how did you like it, share with us. If you don’t know about one of the most trusted platforms for getting paid to tweet or putting videos on youtube then you could definitely try this. Share us your questions in comments.

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