9 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools for Facebook Ad Campaign

facebook ad spy tool

The Facebook ad market is a brutal ground to work on. There are thousands of brands, same as you try harder to get the attention of the Facebook user and same time try to sell their product.

In the midst of all of it, if you want to run a successful Facebook ad campaign, you need to learn from the best. That is why we are going to share best Facebook ads spying tool.

Why use facebook ads spy tool?

There are many ways you can make your ad successful on the Facebook. But it requires time and if you try to wait that while you will not going to earn faster. With the ad spying tools, now you can directly find the best ad which is running in the same niche or with the same keyword as you are making tons of money.

You need to find out what set them apart, what different they are doing, what types of words they are using, images to landing page every single this crucial. With the help of these Facebook ads spying tool, now you have the opportunity to learn first hand that how they are making the kill in the market.

Facebook ads are always targeted ads and that is how its work perfectly. You need to know the demography of your audience, gender, and age.

How much they are posting, are they leading them to a blog or directly to the product page. Once you learn about every single thing, you can either copy the concept and save your time or just get a reference to make your own ad.

When you use ad spying tool, that doesn’t mean it guarantee of success. You still need to have great content and products. You need to be creative and know when to post.

This tool just makes you work less but work smart. Here is the list of 9 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools.

  1. adfox io

AdFox is one of the best tool markets to spy on the competitor’s ad. It has been specially designing for Facebook ads and has more than 300,000 ads in their database, collected from all around the world. They would deliver extensive search result and all the detail of the ads you need to know.

You get to know your competitors’ angles, images, copy, engagement levels, and target audiences. With all this reassuring, you will find easy to create your ad. It’s a web-based tool, so that means you don’t need to install any extra software. Even if you are just a beginner or you are professional, you will find their layout Intuitive. You can visit their website and know what they can offer.

  1. Social Ads Tool

It’s a Facebook Ads management and optimization service which is successfully handling some big names in the market. One of the great things about it is their optimization tools which can be quite a handy tool.

All you need to do is configure your target audience and it will do the rest of the work. This tool has campaign and classy ad generation tool which can handle all the hard work for you. Visit their website and learn more about it.

  1. SocialPeta

One of the leading marketing data analysis tool which covers 50 countries including America, Canada, Japan, Korea, China, India, Thailand. They are offering 100 millions of video and all types of search ads. From this tool, you can get a deep analytical report so reform your ads.

It covers almost all social networks including Facebook and twitter. It has an extensive database which collects all types of ad, marking campaign and etc. check out their website to know more about it.

  1. Advisor3

This software has so much data that it can help you for as long as you wish. Now no need to run an expensive ad which fails to perform, simply find an add in your niche which doing great replicate and run with less cost and time-saving.

It will spy on your competitors Facebook ad and give you the full report on the audience, offers, ad content and landing page. Its one of the tool you don’t want to miss. It can help you rule the market for your niche. Check out their website to learn more about it.

  1. AdEspresso

This is a Facebook Ad Management Tool which can help you create an ad which actually works. Real-time updating tool which gets updated every 30 minutes with a new ad. You can look into their ad gallery to know which ad can make an effect.

You can search the rems you want my placement of the ad, Industries, Objectives, and Attributes and then you will have a long list of ads from where you can find all the detail you need. Visit AdEspresso and find more feature which can help you generates tons of money.

  1. Social Ad Scout

One of the best thing about this tool is, when you open their website, they ask the first question what we needed. Want to spy on the social ad? Yes, we do and that is why this straightforward tool can get you all the data which you need.

You can search by text, URLs, demographic information, type of ad, the type of device, geographic location and others. You can download landing page directly on your pc and you can search the mobile ad as well as the desktop ad. Social Ad Scout is a simple yet powerful tool for your Facebook ad.

  1. Adplexity

It’s a tool for a mobile native ad which can keep an eye on your competitor ad campaign too. You can search by Search by Keyword. Advertiser URL. Publisher. Affiliate Network. Country. Device. Traffic Source.

You can remove nonaffiliate campaign as they are run by big companies and you just need to focus on your competitors. You can download the landing page with just a click. You can search by the most popular ad and filter down to what works for you. Visit their website and learn everything.

  1. Connect Explore

When you run a campaign, only thing is in your mind would be ROI. You need to make money out of it, more money than you put in. this tool is dedicated toward the same goal as you are will help you get 200% to 300% of ROI.

Find the best ad interest in the market, cut down all the middle ads and target the high riser. You can make and create an ad which already has a great interest and gets favor by the audience than you can get profit out of your ad. Visit Connect Explore and learn more about it.

  1. What Runs Where

As the same suggests, this tool will help you find what are those ad which runs and where do they earn profits from. Targeted and keyword-based search which can help you create great Facebook ad. This tool will find the top performer creativity in the ad and help you create the one like it.

Right now it supports 7 countries which are USA, Australia, UK, Brazil, France, Germany, and Canada. They crawl through the millions of ad and find the winning campaign and help you create one. Visit there website to learn what runs where.

These are the tool which can definitely help you crack the secret of the Facebook ad campaign and let you spy on your competitors. If you know any more, do let us know.

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