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When you are running a website or blog, you have a clear goal of earning. You need to earn a certain amount of money and you will try your best in order to achieve those number. But what if you can earn more by putting your ad in the right place? Or what would be the size of it and which advertiser will pay you more? All those questions can be answered by one tool, Ezoic. Here we will be sharing an Ezoic review with you.

Why do you need to use Ezoic?

The answer is simple, to earn more. But in the midst of millions of plugin and tools, why ezoic? Because it will help you earn more by putting your ad in right way.

So it means, till know, you were doing it wrong? Is your ad is not optimal to maximize your earning? Apparently yes. You don’t need to drive more traffic when you can simply earn more with this tool.

Benefits of using Ezoic

  • The website claims that you can earn 50% more with Ezoic ad placement and with 21000 website data who have used it, their income increase by 120%. So basically to earn more.
  • You can set the ad in a way that your visitor doesn’t get annoyed. You can earn more by placing more ad or some ad which might annoy your reader, but that means you will lose them forever. Create a better reading environment and experience should be the first goal as a blogger and Ezoic will help you create
  • When your visitor clicks on your link, they expect to read or reach to your content, but what they get first are ads and banners. With this tool, they make sure that content will reach first to your reader and later everything else.

Now we know why this tool is important, so let’s learn how to use it.

Setting up Ezoic

  1. Create an account on Ezoic
Signup Ezoic
Signup Ezoic

You need to visit their website and sign up for it. you will be asked to fill out detail and then you will have an account. You cannot set up an account if you have a subdomain. After that, you need to integrate your website with it.

  • Integrate your website with Ezoic
Ezoic setup
Ezoic setup

You need to have could flare in order to do that. Its one of the fastest way to integrate. Once you click on the Integrate Your Site, you will need to log in to Cloudflare account. Why using Cloudflare, because it’s a certified partner with Ezoic and you will get instantly integrated.

Then you need to follow some step which you will see. After completing that you need to go to the dashboard and set up ad testing.

  • Setting up ad testing
Ezoic Ad tester
Ezoic Ad tester

You need to add some code to your website head tag first. You will be given code and place and you need to put your code exactly right there in order to make it work. After that, you will get the message of successfully putting the code and asked you to create a new ad. Than you need to put a code in your all existing ad. They will show you the example of how to do it.

After that, you need to create new ad unit with help of that tool. Then you will be asked for what kind of id you want to put in. once you did that, you will get a code which you can paste it on any area you want. After that, you need to apply for googles ad exchange

  • Apply for Google’s Ad Exchange

You need to fill out a quick form there and then when you came back to the dashboard, you will find a message that you need to wait 24 hours.

  1. Ad Testing & Placement

You need to install chrome addon in order to move forward. Once you complete that, you need to make sure of few things.

  • Create as many ads as you can as this will run in real time you will collect valuable data
  • Create ad with different ad size
  • Use all of the ad locations

You just created an account in Ezoic and implement everything on your website. Now, this tool will run tests on your website.

Now Ezoic will sig you up by default to Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange. They have thousands of companies which will compete with each other to bid for your ad spot, but that means you will lose all your old ad network like AdSense and Media.net etc. NO, it just means you need to install another app.

Ezoic Meditation app

Ad network meditation
Ad network meditation

You need to install this app into your Ezoic account than you can add all your existing ad network to it. now they will compete with each other in order to get a spot on your website. If your old ad would earn more than a new ad, Ezoic will run them.

Ezoic pricing

They have 3 plans.

Free: yes, they offer a free plan. But the catch is, you need to run a small ad at the bottom of your page. You won’t be getting charged forever and still enjoy all the benefits of it. you can try the free trial for a month and if you continue with the free plan, they will put the ad after your one month of trail.

Professional: they won’t put an ad in this plan and its start at 249$ per month which is their price per revenue of 5000$. You can even get live support.

Enterprise: price is not mentioned as you need to talk to them first to know about it. its include DFP & DMP integrations and Server side integration and many more feature.

One thing is really amazing with this tool is, if you are running a website for a Nonprofit or charities, then you can get to use it for FREE. Yes, you just need to sign up and connect with them.

What’s our take?

Ezoic is one of the best tools we have ever come across, with its simple and yet amazing technology, you can actually earn more from the first month. More than that, you can use it for free too. We suggest that you use it free for the first month and see the change and then use basic plan.

How did you like the Ezoic tool? Did you find any difficulty to install it? do let us know your question about the tool in the comment section.


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