How Explainer Videos Can Help Your Online Marketing Campaign

There is no doubt that Explainer Videos or a business videos is becoming the most famous tool for the Marketing Campaign and it was liked by the people and they appreciate to it. When people start to give appreciation then success will surely come in your hand. Basically Explainer videos are created by keeping the customers in mind. The strategy to make the business videos is to attract customers. The explainer video must be creative which helps you to easily attractive and animated which helps to attract the customers. An attractive and well explained video can easily increase the sale of the company around 60 to 85%.

According to a survey 52% of the professionals of marketing all over the world use the business video for the online content. An explainer video is a cost effective investment which was used in all the marketing campaigns.

Explainer video is a priceless tool which is used for the marketing purpose. Business videos explain everything to the consumers which they want to know or they need to understand about the products and services.

How Explainer Videos Can Help Your Online Marketing Campaign
1.Video Boost the Conversion of Sales

Videos help you to earn some money. Creating a product video and adding it to your home page of the website can increase the adaption up to 80% and make sure that the video you create is working well in the category for which you have created that.

The Videos are directly impact to your sales. According to a survey 74% of the people who have watch an Explainer videos have bought the product which was represented in the video.

2.Video presents the good ROI

According to the 83% businessman, they said that the return they get after showing the video was quite good. Producing a video is not as easier and not as much cheap, it takes a lot of time. Online tools for the video editing are being so cheap. Even in current scenario the Smart phone we have is making such a worth video. The video doesn’t matter but the content in that video must be attractive. The users doesn’t watch those videos which doesn’t clearly explaining the product.

3.Video Creates the Trust

The most important tool trust needs for the conversion and sales. Building the trust is a goal. The full abstraction of marketing campaign is depends upon the trust and the relationship. Stop the process of selling and make the people to come at you by giving them important information. Video content makes us engage and attach with our emotions. You-Tubers will be the biggest figure of social media which helps you to promote the brand. To develop your marketing, then you must need to create videos.

4.Google like to have Videos

Explainer Videos helps the business to attract the visitors and make them to spend the time on your business website. The chance of viewers is increased to purchase your product 53 times if you are showing video the website. As of now, google owned the YouTube, then the chance of product sell is increased, because the affection of video increased on the rank of the search engine.

5.Appeals of video to the users of mobile

The most used elements which is mobile and videos, which are spreading very fast. Up to 90% of the costumers love to see the videos on the mobile because mobile is the most used tool or device in all over the world. Even feature of mobiles are developing day by day. According to the YouTube the consumption of videos on mobile increased 100% on each year. People want to see the videos on a single click, and the no. of users who used smart phones are increasing, and the audience who watch your videos are increasing day by day.

6.Video helps to make everything clear

If you are soon introducing a newly product, service then creating a video which show the working of the product is too good. 98 percent of the users said that before purchasing a product they prefer to watch any explainer video of that product which helps them to know more about the product. Because of this according to 45 percent of the businessman, they are using explainer videos on the main page of their website.

7.Video also attracts the buyers who are lazy

Explainer Video is consider as the most important tool which helps for the learning, and it is also easy for the consumption. At the present time, everyone is busy in their own schedule, they don’t have enough time to go through with the deep description of the product. The new users want to see the action of the product. Explainer videos is the highly used tool which you can use in the marketing of your product.

8.Social shares are encouraged by videos

According the report of Social Marketing Report, 60 percent of the marketers on the social media use the Explainer video or the content video in the year 2015 and 73% of the respondents wish to use this process in the next year. Facebook has introduced new features in it, where they came up with new process, where users can create 360 video, live video etc. Instagram introduce a 60 second video and stories also.

9.Promote your videos

Run your explainer videos on each and every platform of the social network. The content and text in your explainer videos must be enough and cover all the details which you are going to share in that video. The clickable links of your product must be attached with the video so that the viewer easily access your product. You can make explainer video for every product which you have launched or going to be launched.

10.Increase Web Traffic

Videos you are created for your web or for your product, it attracts the consumers and increase the traffic of web. You have to implement the strategy of SEO and by doing this you can attend a hike. By doing this process you can attract the more traffic on your web. Impact of video on the customers will be more attractive and increase the sale of the product.


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