Creating a Lead Magnet that you’re Prospect

In the world of business it is tough to stand above competition level. Under all this how can have the opportunity to make an impression that is truly great for your customers. The answer goes back to be a Lead Generation and Magnet.

Through this article and the guide we will talk about creating the Lead magnet that you’re Prospects Love.  We’ll share the resources for the creation of Lead Magnets with different instances that can be done. At the end we will work on some ideas that works on different social median platforms and help you with leads.

Defining Lead Magnet.

Basically all this functions under content, free consultation, piece, or other part of the experiences that people can share the email address to get that through their emails.

Lead Magnets basically solves the problems of your customers that they face and the reason that they came for help at your business.

A perfect point is to generate the email information system with that information’s that profit sum equals to your email subscribers.

Creating a Lead Magnetism

1.Generating ideas for Lead Magnet

What are the things that can work on your favour to serve ideas for lead magnet? Here, we will tell you the ideas that work for your business and websites.

Info graphs: An infographic is a collection of beautiful graphic designed works, such as relation to facts and statistical data, basically a single image tells the whole store.

EBooks: an eBook is just a content with White Paper that addresses wider titles in a much more enjoying way. The eBook should be related to the topic and not too technical.

Slideshows: Slideshows is the best for expressing the idea, highlighting the main concepts and insights. Slideshows can be great for follow ups or work for eBooks too.

Comparison of Products: People want different products to be compared and they compare different products to be compared before buying. Seeing the best products at the same place help them to compare and make the pros and cons of the products.

Quiz: This is just another thin that people want to go for and love it. People love surveys or quiz contest. This can generate great leads and can act as perfect Lead Magnets. You can try for fun quiz contest or something that informs, you can try for apps like or and create a link that through your website or through emails.

If all this does not work for you a good think session or the brainstorm session is really good to help the idea of how to Create Leads That your Prospects will Love.

Focus on the audience you are targeting and work for them. Brainstorm many ideas that work and note that down on your worksheet on weekly, monthly or quarterly basis or yearly basis.

Take a specific time out for these thinking or brainstorming sessions and focus on the ideas and different Lead Magnets and the basic steps to get them.

2.Lead Magnet Creation

Now, find out the best ideas that you work on creating the outline for the Lead magnet and how they will look in reality.

Once the process of outlining the ideas are done work for some content and write that content. Some people are much easy with working on audio. Record the audio rather than writing the content. There are many great software’s like Audacity that can help you record the content and can help you become Lead Magnet

3.Design the Lead Magnet

After all information and content is prepared creating an attractive and professional design is important. There are many websites that can help you with the designing of the inexpensive design covers.

You can also find a designer that can help you with that process.

It’s really necessary to search for that is professional and has handled many great design works if you want to go full professional.

4.Combining together all the Lead Magnets

Now, it’s time to combine this all in one and create all the content to create leads and convert the PDF in simple steps.

Firstly, open the document and create a Page break, which provides a blank first page (Insert>Break>Page Break).

Now, with the first blank page, add the cover of the design that the document that is going for Insert>Photo>Picture from File.

Now for saving the .docx file as a PDF, You have to go to File > Save as > and select Save as PDF.

And now the first part is complete.

Top Tools that can give advantage in Creating Great Leads that your Prospects Will Love

There are some simple tools that can provide you in creating great Lead Magnets and can simplify your work for the same.

These Free or simple tools are

Stock Photos websites:  Use these website for acquiring and using stock photos that are copyright free and sometimes paid and sometimes free.

Template Websites: You need different templates to make your Presentations. The template websites can be of great use. These provide the basic in the form of spreadsheets, customize the images, colors, fonts plus designs.

Graphic design Websites: There are many great websites for creating great graphic design and icons or different design. Try these websites to create the design for the Lead Magnets for instance like Infographics, checklist or e-books.

PDF Creation Websites: When you want to change the Lead Magnet to simple PDF file you need the help of these websites. Basically, Word files, PowerPoint files and images and the spreadsheets for excel and many other information sheets into PDF.

Websites for Free Conference Calling: Websites for Webinars are great. Webinars are the best way to share the information, sharing of tutorials and the interviews of experts and all this directly through your audience or your customers sitting in any part of the world a help in the generation of leads.

Final Verdict:

Today we learnt about creating a Lead Management that your Prospects will love and ways to generate leads and how to work on the ideas of Lead Magnet.

If you like this article share it and if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comment box below.




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