How to create bootable USB | Best Working Methods

How to create bootable USB

We all use the window as our operating system, most of us mean over 1.5 billion people worldwide. The most annoying thing would be to install the window OS into the system. Because for that you need to have a bootable CD/DVD, but most PC don’t have that, even not in few laptops. So how to install windows on those systems? Simple you can make a Bootable USB. We are going to share how to create Bootable USB.

There are many methods out there like using software to using the command prompt. We are going to share all the methods which work perfectly well and won’t let you disappoint while installing windows into your system. Here is the list of the method.

Create Bootable USB with command prompt

Command prompt or CMD is the grandfather of windows and even if its old and most people don’t use it, they always remember it when they get into trouble. So now we are going to create Bootable USB with CMD.

  • First of all, you need to search for CMD in your window and when you see the command prompt in the list, you need to right click on it and “Run as administration” you will ask for permission, hit yes.
  • Then you need type “diskpart” and hit enter and now you need to write “list disk
  • It will show you two disk, one is your hard drive and the second one is your USB drive. You can figure it by their size or disk 0 is the hard drive and disk 1 is your USB drive.
  • Now you need to select your USB drive, for that you need to write “select disk 1” and hit enter
  • Now you need to type “clean” to erase all the data of your USB drive. You need to do this step as only then it can be used as a Bootable USB drive.
  • Now you need to type “create partition primary” to create a partition, it will show as partition 1 in the CMD
  • Now type “select partition 1” and run the command
  • Now type “active” to activate the partition 1
  • Now type “format fs=ntfs quick” it will format your USB drive as NTFS in quick mode
  • Now you need to type “exit” and it will exit that command, we still need to do work in CMD so don’t close it.

Now your USB drive is Bootable, only thing need to do is copy the IOS file or an image to copy it in the USB drive and now you can use it to install the windows in your PC.

Create Bootable USB with window 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

It’s more software-based, so you don’t need to do much of the work. Window 7 will let you download their OS in two way, one is in the collection of a compressed file or ISO image. But to use it on your USB drive, first of all, you need to download the tool they provide.

  • We hope that you already have window 7 images saved on your PC
  • You need to download the tool from windows website.
  • Once you download the file, you need to install it.
  • Then you need to browse the window 7 IOS file from your PC
  • Then you need to click next and you need to find a button which is written USB
  • Then you need to select your USB drive if you have connected more than once
  • And then start copying.

It will create Bootable USB drive and also copy the window 7 IOS image into it, so now you just need to put use it.

You can also install window 10 with it, as you just need to download their IOS image and browse it while making your USB bootable.

How to create Bootable USB with software

There is so many software out there which can help you create bootable USB in a matter of minutes, we have chosen one of them and will share how to make bootable USB.

Create Bootable USB with Rufus

This one is one of the fastest ways to make a bootable USB, even more, faster than windows tools too. With the size of under 1MB, this tool can really make a difference. You don’t even need to install it. its even Supports multiple file system that includes FAT, FAT32, NTFS, UDF, and ExFAT. It can also create Bootable USB for every version of windows and even for can also detect bad sector in the USB before make it bootable.

  • You can download software from Rufus website
  • Then you just need to run it, no need to install it.
  • Then you need to choose the IOS image from your folder
  • Now you need to select your USB drive
  • Then you need to select “FAT32
  • After that, you need to go to “Press any key to boot from USB
  • Then you need to press “ Create extended label and icon files
  • When you hit the start button, it will erase all the file from USB and start copying the ISO file to the USB
  • Now your USB drive is Bootable

We also have a list of other software which can help you

List of software to create USB bootable

  • RMPrepUSB
  • Universal USB Installer
  • WinToBootic
  • YUMI
  • WinSetUp From USB
  • UNetBootin
  • XBoot
  • Passcape ISO Burner

Note: you can use any of the software, but we cannot give you the guarantee that it will work 100% if you use those software, it’s totally up to you. we suggest command prompt and official window tool.

We hope this article is useful to you, if you have any more question about how to create bootable USB, do let us know in the comment.

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