27 Best Chrome Extensions For Online Marketers

Best Chrome Extensions For Online Marketers

Evidently, Google Chrome is one of the popular and trusted web browsers because it has an exclusive library and also user-friendly interface.

These days, the idea of SEO is flooding in the entire Internet world and either you are a blogger or a digital marketer you are constantly seeking tools that can make your work easy and hassle-free.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the top best 27 google chrome extensions that will make your job much more enjoyable and exciting.

Best 27 Chrome Extensions for Online Marketer – Essential Tools

1.Data Saver

It happens many times that you lose your browsing data which makes everything difficult. This is one powerful tool which will save your specific data and download it on your device.
With the help of Data Saver, you don’t have to worry about losing your browsing details because it has already been saved.


We cannot deny the fact that advertisements are acting as life-sucking elements because when we are engrossed in watching something on YouTube or any other video-content platform and suddenly some random advertisement appears and destroys the fun.

AdBlock blocks all the pop-ups and ads and protect your privacy.


Because we have too many accounts on different online platforms and we cannot remember all the passwords. Right?

With the help of LastPass, you can easily save all your usernames and passwords. Not only this, the tool will automatically login to your specific sites and sync all the passwords on all the platforms that you access.

4.OneNote Web Clipper

If you a person who constantly make notes from particular websites then this tool will do great justice to you.

When you install OneNote Clip, you can easily clip any web page or a specific content of a website. You can also access the notes which you have clipped even when you are offline.


Loom is a screen recorder extension that records quality videos. Within five minutes, it can record your entire desktop.

If you have recorded any particular video-content then, you can easily share it with your friends and colleagues. Loom has made communication process even faster and simpler.


It gets really annoying when we fail to see the full link to any particular website and we end up feeling disheartened.

But with the help of Unshorten.link tool, you can easily get to see the full links and at the same time, it removes all the tracking cookies.


If you are a person who is a multi-tasker but the brain gets cluttered because your tasks, files, and documents got scattered and you are tired of organizing them.

But Any.do tool has a magic because of it will keep your work organized. You can easily attach files, prepare lists and tasks with this tool which can also sync to all the devices.


While typing an article or a report it is quite common to make mistakes and errors, after all, we are human. Right? But, in work-life everything should be correct and precise.

Ginger is an online English teacher that immediately recognizes when we make spelling errors or grammatical mistake and notify us to with the corrections.

9.Signal Private Messenger

It is a perfect solution for the online marketers because it helps them communicate freely and getting the instant responses.

It is free of cost and marketers can talk with the group also.


Being a marketer, there are two important things i.e SEO and metrics which you cannot neglect. To make your task much easier, MozBar will give you immediate metrics and you can also create your custom searches and compare two links at the same time.


As an online marketer, it is really important to manage all the social media platforms by sharing the content in the best way possible.

Buffer helps you to track all the results so that you can analyze it from the web.

12.Save to Pocket

We always think about future and save certain things so that it can help us in near future. With the help of this, you can easily add the tool and save the file so that you can use it later.


This is one exemplary tool that can have a feature of cloud storage. With the help of Mega, you can easily storage your important information and data within the cloud or internet that will keep your data safe and secure.

14.Check My Links

With the help of this Google extension, the viewers can easily engage while crawling through the website looking at all the links without having the broken links.

15.Strict Workflow

This is one powerful tool that keeps you focused and undisturbed by setting 25+5 minute strict rule for you. In which for 25 minutes you will be able to have a complete focus on the work while 5 minutes is for a break.


To become an influencer on Social media platform, you must have this tool on your system because it helps you to share information with your followers and helps you measure the tweets by using Klout scores.


This tool is specifically designed to restrict the third party sites to enter while browsing websites. With this tool, no third party sites can track your movements and you can go wherever you want freely.


Online marketers cannot work without deadlines. This tool will help you to send productive emails while tracking the responses at the same time.


This extension helps you to organize everything in one place. Content is the master in the digital marketing field and this tool will keep keywords, websites, and emails at one particular place.

20.Awesome Screenshot

Be it smartphones or desktop, screenshots are important. This tool will help you grab the evidence and important information with just one click which you can also share.


As the name suggests, this tool can easily track your emails and responses.

You will also get to know the location and the device which the sender is using this exclusive tool.

22.Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker

There are some pop-ups designed by the hackers to collect our important data and information. This tool blocks all the advertisements from the site so that you can access the content without distraction.


Another tool which helps you correct your grammar skills and language.

This tool instantly detects your mistakes and remind you to rectify all of them.


When you want to evaluate your metrics, results in CSV methods, SEO auditing, and many things. This tool helps you to do that and helps in tracking too.


With the help of this tool, you can easily examine the content management system. This tool is specially designed for all the online developers who are required to keep records of e-commerce websites and server software.


This tool will help you to recheck whether the sales are authentic or not. It is quite a helpful extension for sales and marketers because they need to collect the information about the leads surpassing them.

27.Toolkit for Facebook

Online marketers are majorly focusing on social media platforms and it is one automation tool that saves their time and helps them work effectively.

You can unlink all the pages, accept multiple friend requests and send invitations to the masses.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article has helped you to know about the Top 27 Google Extensions for the Online Marketers. We would love to hear your experience which you can mention in the comments section below.

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