How Can Bloggers Boost Their Blog Ranking through blog commenting?


Blog comments are one of the easiest ways to make your blog more interactive, to get backlinks on your website, and to drive traffic to your blog. Effective Blog commenting strategy will make your backlinks graph grow.

What is Blog Commenting?

Blog commenting is defined as a relationship between blogs, bloggers, and blog readers. It is a great way to exchange ideas, thoughts, or opinions about what people feel about a particular topic or a blog post. Blog comments help the blog to attract traffic and make it social. Blog commenting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to generate backlinks to a new and even old blog/website.

Introduction to Comments BackLinks:

Blog commenting is defined as a relationship between blogs, bloggers, and blog readers. It is an excellent way to share ideas, opinions, thoughts about what readers feel about a specific topic, or a particular blog post. They help your blog to attract more traffic and make it social.

Blog Commenting is an action that is taken by bloggers, blog readers, blog viewers, and visitors. Some visitors or the blog readers leave comments on a particular blog post in the form of questions only if they want to ask anything. There are some of the visitors or users can even simply leave their comments for appreciating the information that you have shared on your blog with them.

Why is Blog Commenting Essential?

Comments work like fuel for the blog. With Blog commenting, anybody can share knowledge with anyone. It is also a great way to viral your blog. Commenting leads to the conversation later it converts into the relationship between reader and author. It is not about popularity, with commenting you can get more backlinks and even tons of traffic on your blog post.

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Types of Back Links:

There are three types of backlinks Simple, Anchor, and Commentluv Backlinks.

1) Simple Back Link:

It is a basic form of the backlinks, which most of the blogs and websites have it enabled to get a simple comment on the blogs and sites. In a simple blog comment, a commenter will add his/her name, email address (which not get published publically), his/her blog/website address, and text formatted comment. An approved comment will link back to the commenter’s blog/website with his/her name as an anchor text.

2) Anchor Back Links:

Anchor Text Comment is a one-step advance commenting type compare to a simple blog comment. It lets users add custom HTML code to interest blog/website URL with a particular Anchor text. A type of such blog comment is spammy any many spammers use it to get or generate instant Do Follow or No Follow backlinks to their website/blog. Nowadays many of the blogs have switched to the no-follow, so basically, you will get the no-follow backlink. But still, few sites still allow do-follow links.

3) Commentluv Back Links:

This is not a comment type actually it is plugin through which commenters can comment on the blog. This is an excellent way to attract readers to comment on your blog. So it is a win-win situation for both the blogger and users who comment.

How to find Backlinks?

There are Five different ways from that you can build comment backlinks.

1) Through Authority Site

2) With the help of tools

3) With Quality Content

4) Purchase high-quality websites

5) With Google Dorks

How to search Do-Follow Blogs for Comment?

Either use DropMyLink to search do-follow blogs to comment on or install SEO Quake and configure it to highlight the no-follow links. Once installed, it will highlight the no-follow links for you. If it’s not highlighted, then this is a blog that deserves your time and a good comment.

How to Index Comment Backlinks?

Google itself crawls a site where there is a possibility which comments to be indexed so you cannot do much to index backlinks as it all depends on the search engine.

When Google Crawl a Site:

When you are commenting on some blogs or sites that update quite frequently, then there is an excellent opportunity of getting the links indexed by Google in under a week.

But the sites and blogs don’t update on a regular basis then there are very fewer chances to get links indexed by Google.

Other things that will help you to increase and enhance your search engine rankings:

1) Increase your website speed.

2) Make your site mobile responsive. Use a premium fast loading and responsive theme

3) Update your old blog posts and revive them

4) Build high-quality links to your blog for better rankings.

5) Check Keyword difficulty before targeting any keyword.

6) Do proper keyword research and competitor analysis in order to rob them of their SERPs.

7) Get your grammar and writing correctly. Google never sees a web page filled with errors as authoritative.

Promote the post you commented:

This is another great strategy to get your comment noticed. You found the most interesting and commented on it. So why not promote the post publicly through your social media accounts? This way, more people will know about your post and the comment you made on it.

You can also tag the original blog authors on the social media post; you will surely get some natural links from the site next time!

Last Words:

In this way, you sure can build a quality comment backlink to optimize your blog and boost the ranking of the website. Now you are all set to fetch quality web traffic, high PR Back-links, and a killer reputation in a blogging community.

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