How to Build a Website with WIX: Step by Step Guide [2019 Guide]

Hello to all BloggDesk audience, today we are going to share most awaited guide on our website. If you are looking for the perfect and step by step guide to building the website with WIX for free of cost and you will learn about it today with this guide.

If you don’t know how to build a website on WIX, then you will love this guide for sure, because here is the perfect tutorial on how you can use WIX to build your own business website or blog.

How to Build a Website with Wix – Step by Step Procedure

Below we are going to share the complete in-depth tutorial where you can learn how you can build a blog or website with Wix for free and you can follow this tutorial and you will get your own website for free of cost.

Are you ready? Let’s start:

Sign Up for New Wix Account

WIX Signup

Just like signing up for basically any other online service, getting started with WIX need you to sign up for an account first. To perform this task, you just need to provide your email address and a secret password or you can direct sign in with your Google or Facebook social media accounts, the system of WIX will automatically detect your information from your social media accounts.

Select a Type of Website

WIX website type

Then you’ll need to select the kind of website you want to start and by click on I Need a Site For …. And then find your options. Here you will find some selections that mostly useful for small business that includes business website, online store or a blog.

But it also depends on the business type that you operate in real, for example –  if you own a studio then you can select Photography and if you own a food chain than you can choose Restaurants and examples like this that relate to hotels or other similar business.

You can find the website types in below list:

  • Business
  • Designer
  • Portfolio & CV
  • Online Store
  • Restaurants
  • Beauty and Wellness
  • Photography
  • Hotels & Travel
  • Blog
  • Music
  • Events
  • Other

Just remember one thing that, the type of website you select will impact the kinds of options and templates you will get to select later, so choose the option that represents your business and the kind of website you want to build for your business.

Building a Website – A WIX Tutorial

Choose a Template

Choose template

Once you have done with selecting the type of website you want to build and now you’ll be sending to the selection process of different templates to choose from. You can browse from the popular templates or choose for something specific.

You can also search within some specific categories such as websites made specifically for consultants, service providers or marketers. Or you can choose from a selection of mostly blank themes and then build up from there.

Change your Credentials

Once you have done with the selecting process of templates you like, now WIX will take you to a preview of the design that you can edit by clicking, dragging, dropping the different options on the page you have seen right now.

But one of the first things you should do is to update your business name, tagline, and some other text elements on the layout that aren’t specific to your business website. So to do this, simply tap on the text that you want to change and you can see the text editor that allow you to type in new text and change the size, font and other options.

Update Media Options

You’ll also have the ability to change some of the move visual elements of your site. If you have seen any photos included on the template you choose, you can click on them and change them to a photo that specify your business in more accurate way.

You also have the ability to change the background of your page. Simply tap on the background option on the sidebar and then you can select a color or upload your desired photo or video to serve it as a background of your website, with this you can represent your business in the more appealing way.

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Add More Elements to Your Page

Your selected template is just a starting point of your website building process, and you can also add other elements to the page to really make the site look and feel. On the sidebar, tap on Add button to bring up the list of potential page elements you can add to your site.

You might choose to add things such as text boxes, images, slideshows, buttons, menus, videos or shapes. When you tap on the one of these elements from the menu, you can see few different options for the type of style you want to add to your site.

Add A Blog

You can also select which pages you want to add on your website. So one page that might want to consider adding and if you didn’t choose it as your main web page. You can add blog to your website by adding that page element using the tools in sidebar. Now you can manage your posts and add new content daily from the sidebar as well.

Publish Your Website

Publish website

Once you have done with everything that we mention above, now its time to publish your website. You can also preview your site by clicking the button in the top right corner and make sure everything looks great and satisfy you as a user.

Now you can tap on Publish button in the top right corner and you site will go LIVE and now anyone can check it and you can share your website URL with your friends and business users.

Final Verdicts:

We hope you like this tutorial, where we have share step by step procedure to build website with WIX and you have now your own free website with WIX. If you like this tutorial then please shares it with your friends and family members who want to have their own website.

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