6 Tools for Writing Your Dissertation and Content for Your Blog


Writing is a skill which is mastered over time and customized for your audience. Sometimes it is inevitable to make small mistakes in your writing which can affect the quality of your work. Fortunately, various developers have created tools which can help you improve your writing and package your content perfectly for your audience.


Grammarly is an indispensable tool for writers as it has various features that can help improve your work. It has a grammatical checker that highlights the small mistakes that can ruin your writing quality by suggesting ways to iron them out. The cool thing about using Grammarly is that it highlights the mistakes but gives you, the writer, the discretion to change if you so wish. It gets better with plagiarism checker which ensures that your work is original. Even dissertation writing services are often subscribed to Grammarly to help improve their quality. This great tool for scholars and bloggers is available on subscription basis depending on the level of usability needed.


This tool developed by Swiss Academics is meant to help students organize their work easily and write a quality paper. Citavi helps a student to manage their sources and organizes them for easy integration into their work. It is a remarkable student companion for any research work and ultimately helps them deliver high-quality papers with fewer efforts. Analyzing, evaluating and importing the content into your paper is easier with Citavi since it has various features to support it. It can help collaborate team efforts for a group assignment which comes in handy for the students to work cohesively as a team. Its dictionaries help students to review their work and iron out grammatical mistakes. This tool can be utilized by bloggers to publish credible content authored in an academic style.


Mendeley is a great tool for scholars who need to create libraries relevant to their work. Mendeley also helps suggest relevant publications you can add to your library. Its usability features make it easy to use such that you just need to drag and drop materials and they are automatically added to your library. This library can also be accessed by multiple devices from Mendeley server if you upload the details of your library. Searching for information using Mendeley is easy since it can help the researcher to search locally or online depending on the scope specified. Mendeley also features plugins for MS Word and LibreOffice which make integration of content and information to your paper easier and faster. This helps to avoid plagiarism since it eliminates the need to run a parallel bibliographic management procedure whilst doing your paper.

At the end of the paper, Mendeley helps you add the bibliographical information of your paper easily and in any format as it supports hundreds preset styles. Additionally, Mendeley runs an academic social network that can come in handy to help you do your research by reaching out to other scholars in your field.


Zotero is a great bibliographic manager which helps researchers to organize their bibliography and insert them into their work seamlessly. It has plugins which run on the browser and MS word to integrate the information from the sites the user visits. The application runs in the background organizing and helping the user to cite any information and appending it at the end of the document easily. Zotero also allows collaboration between team members to share materials related to their objectives and include them in their work.


Ginger is developed to help people who English is their second language. It has predictive typing feature that helps students and bloggers type faster and with less grammatical mistakes. The tool also has spell checker feature to ensure the writer gets all the spellings right. It has been bundled with new texting features like emojis and gif which bloggers can find necessary for their informal writing. Ginger abridges the strict academic writing style with the modern informal style usually used by bloggers thus making it applicable to blogging and academic writing.


Prowritingaid is one of the best free tools for any writer which are currently available. It has many features that are relevant to all writing levels and different audiences. Online grammar and spelling checker, plagiarism checker, reducing overusing words, spelling, hyphenation, capitalization, finding repeated words and phrases among other cool features. These features can help eliminate vague, unimportant and simplify your writing to bring out the intended message clearly without clichés and redundancies.

Wrapping it up

Concisely, there are myriad of tools that can help researchers or bloggers to improve their writing. Some of these tools are proprietary or free but they can help iron out grammatical mistakes and generally improve the quality of the paper. Others help scholars to organize their bibliography and sources and integrate them easily into their work. Thus, if you are a blogger or an academician, there is a tool out there that can help you improve your writing style and package your information beautifully for your audience.

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