Best WordPress Themes for a Dating Site in 2019

I suggest to tune in to a romantic mood and talk about dating sites. More precisely WordPress themes for them. This platform is the most preferable option due to its simplicity, efficiency and short time spent on creating the site itself.

Most of the topics mentioned here use the BuddyPress plug-in, which has great opportunities for creating social platforms, managing user accounts, groups and organizing communication between them.

On the other hand, the dating site is different from social networks, where communication takes place, basically, between friends, while the main purpose of a dating site is just to meet people unfamiliar to each other. In addition, we are talking about such a delicate topic as personal relations, which, of course, makes certain requirements for such a site.

So, to create a popular dating site you need:

  • suitable and memorable domain name
  • good and reliable hosting (suddenly your site will immediately become mega popular)
  • one of the topics discussed below

The third point, of course, is not necessary, you can find another, no less remarkable topic or create your own. For example, check out this site where you can read facts that may be interesting to you. But, at least, you will have an example that will help with the modern trends in this business.

Sweet Date

Sweet Date is an exceptionally beautiful and rich WordPress theme, created especially for a dating site.

Adaptive interface, support for retina-displays, attractive and professional design – everything corresponds to the top-class theme. The layout is made in two versions – with a fixed width and “rubber”. But whatever you choose, you can easily make any changes in accordance with the concept of your site. A simple and fast registration mechanism (including using an account on Facebook) will not alienate the very impatient.

The theme is fully integrated with the BuddyPress and bbPress plugins, which will allow you to organize close communication of visitors and, perhaps, to find their soul mate sooner.

It is possible to create both open and closed communities with paid access, which will bring a good income from the site.

Cost: $ 59

Next, no less nice and popular theme – from the developer Premiumpress.

One of its advantages is a lifelong update and quality round-the-clock technical support.

A wonderful installer will allow you to install a theme in one click, even if this is the first topic you install. In addition, you can set a topic with the initial data, which will allow you to quickly understand where and what data should be entered.

There is a status indicator of the user (online or offline), a chat and the possibility of private correspondence. The topic also allows you to create communities both on a free and on a paid basis. For these purposes, the theme is equipped with an integrated client management system.

The authors claim compatibility with a variety of popular plug-ins such as bbPress, BudyPress, WooCommerce, ContactForm7 and others.

Price: $ 79


Perhaps the title of the topic does not shine with originality, but this does not apply to the possibilities of the topic itself. In fact, this is not just a topic, but an entire application with a rich set of functions, such as a customer management system, built-in chat (including private), virtual gifts and the ability to create groups on a fee basis.

A registered user can make and change any information about himself through the front-end, and the administrator has a wide range of options for setting up and managing through the admin panel.

A powerful search engine will allow you to find a partner based on your preference, using different search criteria.

And at the disposal of the developer and administrator of the site there are is a set of different widgets, a spectacular slider for the home page, the ability to authorize through the Facebook account and much more.

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