10 Best Webinar Softwares for 2018

Best Webinar Softwares for 2018

If you are one of those people who regularly do webinar than you would love this post, as we have collected 10 best webinar softwares just for you. If the term ”webinar” doesn’t ring your bell than can just go with web+seminar.

What is webinar?

Everyone have attended seminars and conference, but when you held a seminar on the internet, its called webinar. There is certain webinar software you need and we will discuss it in the post.

Basically its similar to the seminar, where one person is operating the seminar and interacting with their audience via the internet. You can send and receive information in real time over the internet. It can connect people beyond the continents and everyone all around the world by just a few clicks.

What is the benefit of Webinar?

Just imagine if you want to attend a seminar but just because of the distance, you would miss the opportunity, the webinar is the place you can do everything.

  • Connect people real time and held conference and seminar
  • Attend home or any place, you don’t need to be physically present at the webinar
  • For the person who is holding the webinar, it gives them major relief as they can save money on the venue and all the arrangements.
  • You can do almost everything and more with a webinar that you can do with the seminar. It can generate lead and give you the opportunity to work with people around the world.
  • You just need to be present and the software for the webinar, that’s it no other tool required if you just trying as a beginner, later you can get better quality microphones and etc., but it’s basically free.
  • It could be more interactive than a real seminar, you can share screen, video or draw on whiteboard live on the webinar and your audience can see it with ease.

Why use webinar software?

You need a platform to do your webinar and that is why you need a great webinar software, to begin with. They are not only enhancing your capability but also help you reach out the larger audience.

You can generate lead and sell your online course or you can reach out to your target audience to make a point. It will help you create a webinar and operate it through it flawlessly, as you are the one man army. You need to look for every single detail and that’s when the software helps you.

It’s easy to use, great sound quality. If you want to create a successful webinar than you need a software and here is the list of best webinar software of 2018.

  1. GoToWebinar

People who are familiar with webinar must have heard of it. it was introduced by GoToMeeting and after that, it becomes a go-to tool for every webinar creator. They have one of the best feature-rich software and you can use it for just one to one meeting or to a large audience.

It can offer audience registration tool and reporting, you can do HD recording and polls too. They have reported and analytic on your webinar and make it easy for you understand so you can plan your next webinar accordingly. You can even share PowerPoint presentation too.

You can visit their website to know more about it. the basic plan starts at 89$ per month.

  1. Webinar Joe

You can easily set up your webinar and run it without any worries. You can create high-quality webinar with just a few clicks and up to 500 can join in. one of the best marketing features they have added was “BUY” button directly into it, so you can create a pop up buy now button when your audience interest is highest.

This software will help you convert more out of the webinar by creating your own follow up management. They have a countdown timer to let your attendees know when the webinar will be started. With Auto-responder integration and in-depth reporting, you can get more leads and easily. Check out their website to know more about it.

  1. Zoom

Its one of the best affordable and yet powerful and simple to use software for the webinar. One of the best features of zoom would be, streaming flawlessly over a mobile device. As we know, everyone is using mobile more than ever, that is why good to use something which delivers the same quality over mobile.

You can share your mobile screen as well, which is useful. You can split the screen in too while you show something on the screen. Basic plan starts at $14.99 per month, which rather cheap than any other webinar software. You can check out their website to learn more about it.

  1. ClickMeeting

This software is all in one tool for your webinar. It’s not only taking care all of your work, even before the webinar starts and even after the webinar ends. You can design webinar room and invite people to attend, you can share presentation, whiteboard, and polls too.

You can check attendee statistics, webinar duration and how long attendees stayed. It gives you an inclusive report on every detail of your webinar. You can send a thank you page from where they can rate your webinar. Check out their all feature on their website.

  1. Adobe Connect

When a company like Adobe is behind this webinar software than you would know that it would be the best. Its high quality, high-end webinar tool which is known for its perfection. It has Dynamic multimedia and video conferencing feature which makes it stand apart from others.

It has complete mobile collaboration and high-quality audio and video output. It has Webinar engagement monitoring tools which can increase your ROI. More than that, it’s an Adobe product just for the webinar and that is why it needs to be on the list because of its credibility and performance. You can check out the product on the website to know more about it.

  1. YouTube live

This one is free and this one is available everywhere. But one of the best thing about it, anyone can join it and they don’t need any other software or else. With YouTube, you don’t have much of interaction with your audience but you check out the comments to know what they are saying.

YouTube is the largest video watching platform in the world and that means you will have larger exposure. More than that, its free, so if you are learning you can use it first to get a gist of it. later you can use the software once you become pro in webinar.

  1. Webinars on Air

Google hangout was the one where people try to learn how to give a webinar, but not so much interaction. Webinars on Air brings you the powerful interesting tool with google hangout. It uses google hangout but it has all the other feature of a great webinar software.

You can sell your product, charge for the webinar and generate a lead through this software. Also, it can automatically save your webinar directly to the YouTube. You can track your attendees and live chat with them. Check out their website for more feature.

  1. iLink

this is also one of the great webinar tools which simplifies everything. You can create an automated registration form for your webinar with it. you can host up to 1000 people with it and it still works seamlessly effective.

It has one interface for webinar setup, invites, registration, & follow-up emails. you can share you even on Facebook and let your audience attend your webinar easily. You can check out iLink website to learn more about it.

  1. LiveStorm

Its one of the new webinar software for 2018 experience. This is an all-rounder tool for marketing which allows them to create sales and registration page directly from the software rather than depending on outside help.

you can integrate it with other streaming services like YouTube Live and Twitch and they have amazing analytic which can keep you up to date every minute of your attendance. The plan starts at 99$ per month and you can learn more about it on their website.

  1. Facebook live

If we talk about connecting and making something different, we have to talk about facebook live. It’s an amazing platform which you can use as a webinar if you are just starting. When you try to learn, you need something for free to try and this is a free tool to use.

Facebook has millions of user and even everyone has thousands of friends on facebook. You can learn how to speak and take webinar and with the interactive live chat, you can answer their question and more.


Here is the list of 10 best webinar software for 2018, which one you have used? Do let us know your thoughts in comments.

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