Which Type of Tools Should We Use for Creating an Instagram Post?

6 Best Tools for making an Instagram post

Social media has become much more than a platform to look at cat memes and food pictures. Instagram is a severe social network that influencers and businesses use to earn revenue.

In this post, you’ll learn about the best free Instagram post tool and how to utilize them to take your Instagram presence to the next level.

The Instagram post tool free download you’ll find on this page may help you with anything from scheduling to analytics reporting to hashtag research to organic follower growth and everything in between!

Let’s get going!

What is the purpose of Instagram marketing?

The fact that Instagram is mainly a visual medium gives it an edge over other social media networks. Instagram is the perfect location to showcase information for a business that benefits from the design of its product or service that creates an apparent final result.

Video, photography, and artwork may be used to create content for this social media site. Still, your marketing strategy will ultimately determine what kind of content to publish and how often you generate it.

According to the experts, creating a plan before entering into a new social media platform, regardless of how well it works for everyone else’s business, may help you remain focused on your goals and, most importantly, your target audience.

6 Best Tools for making an Instagram post

1. All Hashtag for Hashtag

When you post a photo or a video to social media, adding hashtags improves your chances of getting discovered. To do so, you must have a Public profile. Otherwise, even if you add hashtags in your descriptions, your posts will not appear on the Discovery page.

How to Make Use of Instagram Hashtags

The usage of hashtags is essential, especially for Instagram marketing. You’ll be more successful on Instagram if you know how to use hashtags correctly. Find out what the most popular hashtags are and how to use them in your social media posts and stories.

Only relevant hashtags should be utilized.

As previously said, always use hashtags relevant to your post to prevent having your Instagram posts reported. Even if your post does not result in a ban, you should not publish it. There is no rationale for this.

It is doubtful that people would interact with images on the Explore page that they are not interested in. Visit http://best-hashtags.com/hashtag/instagram/ to find appropriate hashtags for your Instagram post.

2. Canva for Design

Canva is a powerful yet simple to use template-based graphics production program. You have access to hundreds of thousands of templates, photos, and photographs as part of the free plan, all of which may be customized (that goes up to millions of assets with a Canva Pro subscription).

  • When you initially open Canva, you’ll be given access to hundreds of templates for anything from posters to Instagram posts and everything in between. Even though there is a lot to discover, there is a fantastic search feature built-in. You may find more specific options by typing “birthday Instagram stories” into the search bar at the top right of the page.
  • After you’ve chosen a template to work from, the drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to add your materials. Go to Uploads and then Upload Media on the left sidebar, upload any images or brand components, and drag and drop them straight into the editor to finish the process.
  • Canva, like Google Docs, enables you to share and collaborate on your designs with others. If you want someone else to look over your work, click the Share button in the toolbar and type an email address in the box.
  • When you’re done, click Download to store your post for later publication.

Canva pricing information:

Canva Pro, which offers unlimited storage, millions of assets, and other features, starts at $12.95/month for 250,000+ templates and 5GB storage.

3. InShot for VideoEdit

You’ll find InShot to be highly user-friendly after you’ve downloaded it, and you’ll be able to create stunning video footage by combining your photos and videos – all from your smartphone.

The Top 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of InShot

  1. The software is available in both a free and a paid edition. If you use the free version, you’ll get the InShot watermark that you can also remove by watching ads, but I’d recommend upgrading to the premium version. 
  2. Make sure of the ‘Canvas’ section and the timing to 9:16.
  3. Put in the time and effort to improve your abilities! It won’t be long until you’re a seasoned veteran after you find out where everything is!
  4. Are you uncertain how to upload your Instagram Reel? Go to your profile image in the lower right corner of Instagram, click the big + on the top left, and then hit Reel.
  5. If you don’t have music for your Instagram Reels, you may add music to your Inshot.

4. Combin Scheduler for Scheduling

Combin allows you to schedule your Instagram posts, Stories, and reposts ahead of time. Because Combin is an automated scheduler, you can do all of these chores for free.

What is the best method for scheduling a post?

The Scheduler app will ask you to login into your Instagram account. It does not store or share personal information with other parties, and it only utilizes your password to send an access token request to Instagram. Two-factor authentication is an option.

  • After you login into your account, the Scheduler will direct you to the posts scheduling page. The ‘Add New Article’ button sits at the bottom of the program window and clicking it will enable you to start creating your article.
  • Images are added to the post by dragging and dropping them or by selecting a photo from the gallery.
  • Fill up the caption entry box with text. Intervals, paragraph breaks, symbols, and emojis will remain unchanged in the article’s final published form.
  • You may add a location tag in your article if you want. Enter the name of the place you wish to visit in the Location entry box.
  • Select the day and time for the posting. Scheduler remains in line with your operating system’s timezone.
  • Click the “Post Now” button to send a message. Your post will get published at the time you choose.

5. Linktree for LinkinBio

It is still in operation today. Linktree was one of the earliest link tools to solve Instagram users wishing to publish many links.

You may lead your followers to a simple landing page that can customize to fit your chosen theme or even your own corporate identity by utilizing a single link.

Visitors may choose from various links as soon as they arrive, including a newly released podcast episode, a blog post, a campaign landing page, and others. Although there is no limit to the number of links that may be posted, we recommend that you do not add more than a few at a time, depending on the number of posts you have going on.


A free plan is accessible, which I recommend everyone use while deciding which link in the profile tool would be the most useful. It comes with everything you need to get started fast.

The premium plan, which costs $6 per month, has many customizability and insight options. 

6. Grammarly for Writing Captions

Grammarly, a language editing software, is a simple application that operates similarly to Google Docs. Log in to your Grammarly account using a web browser.

You may easily create a new document and paste your work into it using the grammar editor and the menu on the left side of the dashboard, after which you can double-check your work for mistakes.

So, what is the purpose of Grammarly?

Grammarly is a free online grammar checker that also assesses aspects like style, tone, and the ability to speak effectively.

The Grammarly check, for example, will identify formal grammatical problems such as excessive passive voice, lousy phrasing, wordy phrases, and several other flaws. It supports a variety of platforms and offers real-time feedback to help you improve your writing abilities.

Bringing it all to a close

When it comes to promoting your business on Instagram, it may be challenging, but you will most likely get great results with a strong strategy and the right tools.

If you include these 06 free Instagram post tools into your strategy, you will not only see a rise in your Instagram followers, but you will also save time.

I hope this list has been helpful to you as you plan your strategy for the following year.

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