Step By Step Guideline Of Add A Mortgage Calculator In WordPress

Add a Mortgage Calculator in WordPress

Hello Friends, as usual I come with you a new topic regarding new people who do not aware of WordPress and do not know how to add plug-in and how to operate this. In this article I will provide you complete guidelines of Mortgage calculator plug-in.  some time ago one reader asked question to me how to add a mortgage calculator in their WordPress sites. 

A mortgage calculator is one of the best tools for real estate sites. This calculator allows customer to see mortgage of their property at the sites and help to make this property is in their affordable price or not.

In this article you will find the solution regarding how to add mortgage calculators on their WordPress sites.  You must read this article still end in this article I will provide step by step guidelines to how to install and customize mortgage calculators. 

Description of Mortgage Calculator? And Its Requirement

A mortgage calculator is one type of tools that will help users to get 

A mortgage calculator is a tool that provides users to get an evaluation for their mortgage amount, with interest rate and amortization time.

With a mortgage calculator, your website visitors can choose a cyclic payment or period, and the mortgage calculator application will calculate the value based on a subsidized interest rate.

If you are building a real website with IDX estate listings, then a mortgage calculator will assist you to get leads and improve user commitment on your website. 

So I will suggest to you let’s get an attending at how to quickly build a mortgage calculator in WordPress.

Step By Step Guideline To Creating A WordPress Mortgage Calculator 

Joining a mortgage calculator in WordPress managed to be pretty difficult. Unless you had to attach a piece of code to your site or install a third-party contract calculator service. 

Now, with Formidable Forms, you package simply create a mortgage calculator with a drag and drop interface. 

Formidable Forms is one of the best wordpress plugin developers on the WordPress market. Formidable Form create varies plugin in the market just like online quiz, web directory, ji=ob listing, varies calculator, for example, EMI calculator, sip calculator, etc.

The main part of this company is that you can adjust this plug-in in your site without writing a single code.  And also you can use their features like conditional logic, advanced calculation, file uploads option and many more. 

It begins with super helpful pre-made templates for larger than 20 types of forms. We pleasure in managing their mortgage abacus template as an origin point for this article point. 

Let’s get started. 

STEP 1 The first thing is this you must install formidable forms plug-in and then activate it. for that, you must see the article how to install it.

Before doing this you need to make a Business plan to use this mortgage calculator and its features. 

Upon activation, you require to click on the ‘Add your license key now’ option to begin your license specifications. 

This will bring you to the Global Settings page where you’ll demand to enter your Formidable Forms license key.

You can obtain the license key in your account area on the Formidable Forms website. 

Once performed, you will view the license activation completion message. Now you can naturally refresh your page to load the premium features. 

Later that, go to Formidable » Forms to add a new form. Where you will see a Contact Us form already added by default. Go forward and click on the ‘Add New’ button to generate a new mortgage calculator form. 

On the following page, you will see several pre-made templates that help you quickly get started. You require to establish the mortgage calculator template in the Premium Templates section. 

You will observe in this tool that there are pair mortgage calculator templates available: the first one is Simple Mortgage Calculator and another is Advanced Mortgage Calculator.

firstly we start with the Simple Mortgage Calculator. 

Put your mouse arrow over the template, and then it will describe you two buttons: Create Form and Preview. 

You require to click on the ‘Create Form’ button. This will produce a popup window where you require to add a name and description and then press on the ‘Create’ button. 

This plugin will now arrange the Formidable Forms editor interface with your chosen simple mortgage form calculator template. 

From here you can only point and agree to customize each form field as needed. 

For example, you can adjust the field label and default value for the Mortgage Amount field. 

However, you require to be concerned about the last field ‘Monthly Payment’ because it involves the calculation method as the default value. 

If you are not a calculation specialist, you require to leave it unchanged. 

After analyzing all your form fields, press on the Update button which is placed in the top right corner of the screen. then you can click on the Close icon to exit the form editor. 

Your simple mortgage calculator is instantly ready to work. The next level is to attach it to a page or post where you want to display the calculator. 

Simply generate a new page/post or open a current one to add the mortgage calculator. On your page editor, click on the ‘Add New Block’ icon, and then choose Formidable Forms Gutenberg block. 

After that, you can view the Formidable Forms block attached to your page editor. 

Next, you require to select the Simple Mortgage Calculator form in the dropdown selection, and WordPress will store the form automatically. 

After one, you can publish or update your page or post, and then preview it to recognize how the simple mortgage calculator works. 

For example, here is how it resembles our demo website.

How To Make An Advanced Mortgage Calculator In WordPress

The simple mortgage calculator given above is suitable for basic mortgage calculation. Still, if you need to calculate taxes, insurance payments, PMI, loan to value ratio, etc, then you will require an advanced mortgage calculator for true real estate website. 

With Formidable Forms, creating an advanced mortgage calculator is also a fast and sincere job. 

Initial, you require to visit the Formidable » Forms page and click on the Create New button to add a new form. 

Following that, take your mouse across the Advanced Mortgage Calculator template plus click on the Create Form button. 

Next, WordPress will prepare a popup window where you can easily enter a name and description of your form and then press on the ‘Create’ button. 

Now you can customize all form fields by snapping on it. 

When you agree to a field, the Field Options will look in the left column. From there, you can change the field label, default value, etc. 

You can examine and select the Advanced Options of Financial Analysis fields. Nevertheless, if you don’t understand the calculation formulas then its enough to leave them untouched. 

After the completion of the task then click on the update button which appears in the top right corner of the screen. and after a click on the close button means icon.

Your advanced mortgage calculator form is available; you can instantly add it to your WordPress posts, pages, sidebars, or property listing pages anywhere you want.

On your page editor, succeed on the ‘Add New Block’ icon and when select Formidable Forms block. 

Simply publish a post, page, or listing and add the Formidable Forms block to your content editor. 

From the block settings, select the Advanced Mortgage Calculator form that you performed earlier. After that, WordPress will automatically place the mortgage calculator on the page editor. 

Now you can distribute or update your page and preview it to understand how your mortgage calculator looks. Whereabouts is how the Formidable Forms advanced mortgage calculator looks on our demo sites.

As displayed in the screenshot beyond this paragraph, the Advanced Mortgage Calculator permits your users to access the home value, loan information including amount, interest rate, amortization schedule, annual taxes, insurance, and PMI. 

The plugin instructions then calculate the data and display regularly payments, terms, and other knowledge. 

Conclusion :

I hope that how to install a mortgage calculator plug-in you can understand this if you find any problem regarding this plug-in or any problem regarding customization then please contact us with the help of the comment box.

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