The Best Plugins for WordPress in 2018

When you’re just getting started on a WordPress blog, you want to have the bear necessities in place. The home page should be easy to navigate, for one. Another is coming up with a good site and appealing backgrounds. Even if you have all of those in place, you’re still going to have a hard time bringing in visitors.

Don’t give up just yet, because WordPress has got you covered. Here is a list of the best plug-ins designed to help you achieve the most with your blog.

Top Plugins for WordPress
Top Plugins for WordPress

Google XML Sitemaps

Building sitemaps for your site makes it easier on search engines to categorize your pages. Google XML Sitemaps will automatically construct a sitemap upon activation. This plug-in can be using an XML interface to map out the posts on your blog or webpage. These points will be noticed by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more!

All in One Rich Snippets.

Another important facet of web content is also the most overlooked. When search engines bring up your page, all they give is the user is the URL and text snippet. Add more to that with’s Rich Snippets. Rich Snippets can add images, map locations, and star ratings to your search result.

W3 Total Cache

Speed means everything to web browsing. A user may navigate away from your page due to loading errors and come back only to find it acting up once more. W3 Total Cache takes your pages and converts them into easy to load HTML pages that can be saved to the user’s browser history. Total Cache also has the ability to compress objects like images and video. Having all of your content compressed into a loadable format will boost your conversion rates for sure.


You might check your visitor rates obsessively to see not only how many clicked, but also how many commented. Not every visitor is going to leave direct feedback, but you have to know what they expected from your site. MonsterInsights works in conjunction with Google Analytics to help you understand your audience. This can analyze whether people are looking up homes in Atlanta or any other city if you’re starting a real estate site. The plug-in collects only enough information on the users to give you status reports on demographics and areas of interest.


Online security will always remain obstacle for web content. VaultPress gives your page the same brand of security found for sale in computer stores. Conduct regular scans for malicious codes and vulnerabilities. Anti-spam tools keep your comment sections clean, especially when used with the Akismet app. The subscription version comes bundled with the Jetpack plug-in, so you can send content over the net and feel secure at the same time.


Online contact forms are already a standard feature, but they may not be the right kind. If you use your site to run a business, then WPForms is here to help. WPForms is a beginner friendly plug-in that uses a drag-and drop method of online form creation. Use it to generate order forms, payment forms, e-mail contacts, subscription forms, and many others in seconds.

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