7 Best Free Instagram Feed WordPress Plugin of 2021

7 Best Free Instagram Feed WordPress Plugin of 2021

Instagram is growing faster. With over a billion users it’s a social stranglehold on a variety of businesses. Companies in a variety of industries use Instagram. These include fashion, music, food, and fitness, and many more. Instagram helps them to display vivid, brilliant photos, allowing for a connection beyond Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram’s simplicity is one of the reasons it’s such a great tool for businesses. Without being connected to a computer, you can take pictures with your phone, apply stunning filters, and share it online.

This style is speedier than many other social media platforms. It also produces an image that is both professional and creative. It’s a waste not to leverage the content from your Instagram account on your website.

Basically, it seems more painful if your firm already has one. Fortunately, some of the finest Instagram feed WordPress plugins are nearly as simple to use as the Instagram platform.

What’s the big deal about putting your Instagram photos on an Instagram feed WordPress plugin site?

  • Instagram photographs are frequently significantly more interesting and bright than ordinary website photos, giving your business a boost of energy.
  • You can then manage all of your Instagram posts from a single location. Many business owners visit their websites regularly. You may respond to comments and set your photographs without leaving your website with several of the WordPress Instagram plugins.
  • Moreover, This provides you an excuse to use Instagram to promote user-generated content. You can request photographs of your product in use near photographs of your product in use around the world. These are then posted on your website for potential clients to see.

Best 7 Instagram feed wordpress plugin for website

The plugin you choose from a long list of options is largely determined by your needs and budget.

There are many free options for basic Instagram photoduplication on your WordPress site, as well as a variety of premium plugins that let you customize the imported content in a variety of ways. You can get features starting with color adjustments and ending with selective image importing or combining fees.

1. Spotlight

  • Spotlight has a free easy-to-use setup process. Because of its interactive live preview customizer, it allows you to create a feed without ever leaving your dashboard.
  • This plugin should appeal to anyone searching for a quick and straightforward way to link their WordPress website with Instagram. Its three-step setup process allows you to link Spotlight to your Instagram accounts.

2. WD Instagram Feed

  • WD Instagram Feed is a free Instagram feed WordPress plugin that is both easy and attractive. Even though it’s a free plugin, the download numbers in the plugin repository appear to be encouraging for new users. It’s a simple plugin that allows you to attractively display Instagram feeds on your WordPress website.
  • A feature of the feed plugin is the ability to combine feeds from various Instagram accounts. So, if you’re part of a chain or want to mix your personal and professional feeds, you can do so.

3. WPZOOM Social Feed Widget

  • WPZOOM Social Feed Widget is a free plugin. It allows you to easily adapt your brand from social media to your website. Up to 12 of your favorite Instagram photographs can be shown in posts, pages, sidebar, or bottom using this plugin.
  • There are options of one-, two-, or three-column layout for showcasing Instagram photographs on your site. You can use the widget in full-width mode to display Instagram content over your entire website in a horizontal banner. You can use the WPZOOM Social Feed Widget plugin in full-width mode. By this, you can create a header or footer area dedicated to showing photographs from your Instagram feed.

4. Feed Them Social

  • Henceforth, Feed Them Social is a gorgeous, configurable layout to bring your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube information to your website. Depending on how prominently you’d like the photographs to show, you can use this plugin to add your Instagram feed to a sidebar, post, or page.
  • You may display content from a variety of feeds and accounts using the free Feed Theme Social plugin or have the premium version for more features. Your feeds’ material can then be displayed in your articles, pages, and other content, as well as on your site’s sidebar areas. The content is completely mobile responsive, as you’d expect, for optimal device compatibility.

5. Instagram Feed

  • Instagram Feed is a popular Instagram WordPress plugin with a lot of customization options. You may choose to view your Instagram feed as a grid or slider. With this, each photo of yours is shown as a traditional Instagram post or tile. You may also include call-to-action buttons in these blogs. By this, you can encourage visitors to take action while browsing, such as purchasing the highlighted product in the post.
  • The plugin costs $24 and includes six months of customer support. For an additional cost, you can extend that assistance. This is a top-rated Instagram plugin and has a lot of positive feedback. First and foremost, the feed is elegant and consistent with what you’d find on Instagram. That means all of the metadata from your posts is preserved, and the stylization of your photos is properly preserved.

6. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

  • Moreover, You can quickly display any posts from a non-private account on single or multiple feeds with this plugin. This ultra-responsive plugin looks fantastic on any device.
  • You get a lot of control over how the photographs are presented on your site. You can alter the photo’s width and height, as well as the number of photographs displayed at any given time. If your visitors want to see more content from your featured feeds, they can use the optional ‘load more’ button. Your Instagram content will look beautiful on any device because this plugin is mobile responsive.

7. Instagram Journal

  • Instagram Journal is a premium plugin. This will allow you to display images not only from your account but also photos you’ve liked.
  • Basically, It offers a lot of features that will assist you in creating the best Instagram integration for your WordPress website. Choose to view information. Information from any of your accounts and photographs you’ve liked are just a few of the options for filtering photos. If you’re looking for a means to add Instagram photographs from several sources to your WordPress website, you have this.

What can you conclude as the final note for Instagram Feed WordPress Plugins?

Furthermore, Giving your Instagram followers high-quality photographs is a start. Leveraging that following to improve your website makes your social approach much more powerful. When you start looking into a plugin, you’ll quickly discover that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of alternatives. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite WordPress Instagram plugins. That way, you can narrow down your search and choose the one that best fits your business.

If you’re looking for the greatest Instagram gallery WordPress plugin, you’ve come to the right place. A vast majority of people are visual learners. So it’s no surprise that exclusively image-based Instagram has become one of the most popular social networking platforms.

A Google search for WordPress Instagram plugins would be confusing due to the broad number of options. So, hopefully, this list has helped you figure out which plugins are best for you or your business.

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