The 5 best Facebook messenger bots to try immediately

Do you all know what chatbots are and how useful they can be?  Ok, chatbots are a virtual assistant who answers to users questions who are using chatbots and they do not require a person to interact. It is being used in many numbers of messenger platforms like Facebook and Skype. There are many Facebook messenger chatbots available.

In this competitive world where people have to struggle to achieve success and there is no time for them to interact with people on websites so there is a platform for businesses where they can use chatbots for their websites to interact with customers. They don’t have to sit and answer the questions of users instead they can use a bot which will respond quickly to users answers.  There are thousands of chatbots on Facebook messenger. The popularity of these chatbots increased due to millions of people promoting their business through it.

It is very convenient and easy to use and the most important fact is that it responds to user queries instantly. Bots help customers in knowing about one’s business and their products and services. Some e-commerce platforms integrate Facebook messenger functionality to run their business. Bots let the user tasks done using natural language English like Cortana on Windows 10.

Here are some Facebook messenger bots that need to be tried immediately.


Spring Messenger Bot

It is one of the Facebook messenger bot that one should definitely try. It is basically like your shopping advisor that asks you a series of questions and then once a user has made a choice for which items he has to purchase then it is redirected to Spring website to complete the transaction. It is your personal shopping assistant. It starts by asking you a list of questions about which kind of product you want to purchase and then defining price range and giving recommendations. This is one of the eCommerce bots that one should use if he is in the mood for purchasing an item.

Health Tap

Health tap messenger bot

It is a mobile app that is related to the healthcare industry and it lets users connect with one of the best doctors and specialists in the world. It lets user asks their queries or questions related to their health and gets referrals and advice from their doctors. For using this one have to first install Health tap chatbot and start asking their queries and after that clicking on ‘See answer’ one can see their answers from a number of doctors. One can also see the detailed answer using this bot. If the answer is not according to your questions then you can get it answered by a doctor.

1-800 Flowers


It is one of the best eCommerce bots that are available now. It works simply and anyone can use it easily. For this, you have to click Get started in your messenger pane and there will be two options for you such as “Order flowers” and “Talk to support”. Through this one can easily purchase products. With this, you can browse and order flowers easily through Facebook messenger. The customers can talk to live agent for any support if they want to. You just have to enter the address and ordering process starts and the user has to enter some details like categories, delivery dates, and recipient’s name within messenger.

Survey bot

Survey chat bot

This chatbot allows you to send your customers a list of surveys after they have performed the purchasing and registration task. For this, you have to send the survey link to your customer at any point in time. One can create surveys and get results from their respondents. You can also create campaigns to send your customer the survey. But the surveys that one makes should be short and simple and its benefit is that through customer responses one can easily know where they should improve.

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CNN daily news

CNN news facebook chat messenger

If one wants to stay abreast of the happenings around the world every time then one can do it using this CNN chatbot on Facebook messenger. If you want to display news according to a specific country then you just need to ping the bot. It helps you in getting the news in a personalized pattern. It is one of the companies that have launched its chatbot. It makes people able to chat with the companies and publishers as they talk with their friends. If one subscribes to this channel on messenger then they can get daily news details within the app itself. It allows users to message topics like politics and all so this is also one of the chatbots that one should need to try instantly.

Some of the other Facebook messenger bots are

Meme generator bot

MemeGenerator bot

So this is a kind of bot that can make conversations with your friends much easier and you have to just ping the bot and you will get memes, just customize them and instantly reply to your friend’s messages. It is easy to use.

niki AI chatbot


This is also one of the popular Facebook messenger bot that one should try. With this one can do any number of tasks like doing recharge and booking tickets.

For example, you want to book the bus from Noida to Jaipur then you can instantly do it using this bot.

Snap travel

Snaptravel bot

If you are tired of searching for hotels in a particular city then you can find a solution for it by using Snap travel. You have to provide the dates and then Snap chat will message you details regarding booking a hotel.

So one can see that the impact of technology is so much that one can do anything from their home. For buying something they just need to use eCommerce chatbot and then it is done. So one can see that how useful are these chatbots. There are millions of Facebook messenger chatbots that one can use. It is very helpful for the business also as one can interact through this chatbots even when one is not there. It also has made a significant impact on e-commerce. So there are different kinds of bots according to user needs. These were some different kinds of Facebook messenger bots and their capabilities.

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