6 Best Content/Article Writing AI Tools Every Blogger Should Know About

Content Writing AI Tools

Content is king for any blog, but it can be especially challenging for a niche publication that requires original, in-depth content to attract readers.

As a result, many niche publications have turned to content writing AI programs as an alternative to manually creating unique articles regularly.

These content writing AI tools can help you create consistently high-quality posts that target the right audience and keep them coming back for more.

We’ll take you through the most accessible and affordable tools that you can use right now.

What is a content writing AI?

A content writing AI is a software program that creates unique, in-depth articles regularly for niche publications.

These programs can help you come up with ideas on your own and create content for your blog or website.

What benefits do content writing AI programs offer? Content writing AI programs are incredibly helpful when it comes to producing consistent, high-quality content without needing to hire writers regularly.

Additionally, these tools can help you target the ideal audience for your blog or website. This means that you’re able to produce more relevant content that will be more likely to resonate with readers and attract them back for more.


The best content writing AI tool HubstaffWriter is one of the most accessible and affordable content writing AI tools on this list.

This tool creates unique blog posts, article headlines, and other types of content using a drag-and-drop interface.

You can use HubstaffWriter to create thoughtful articles for your niche publication, which will get more eyes on your site.

It’s also quick to learn how to use this tool with its simple interface and easy-to-follow instruction manual.

HubstaffWriter account and start creating original content for your publication.


Rankify is a tool similar to content writing AI programs. It’s a free service that allows you to create unique articles within minutes.

It targets your chosen demographic and keyword phrases, so you know what your audience will be interested in reading.

You can also use the tool for paid campaigns, which helps generate an ROI for your advertising budget.

When it comes to content writing AI tools, Rankify is one of the most accessible and affordable options today.

HubSpot Writer

The HubSpot Writer tool is one of the best content writing AI programs for bloggers. It uses a combination of sentences and pictures to create unique articles that are easy to read and understand.

The software also provides some useful features, like keyword suggestions, which can help you write more effective blog posts.

The entire process is completely automated, so you don’t need any technical knowledge to use the program.

You simply upload your existing text and HubSpot will do the rest!


Scimitar is one of the most affordable content writing AI tools that you can use to write unique, in-depth articles.

It’s not quite as advanced as services like Grammarly, but it’s a reliable tool that has several helpful features.

Scimitar has an easy-to-use interface and automatically corrects grammar and spelling mistakes for you.

It also provides suggestions about how to improve your article based on feedback from your readers.

Content Editor Pro

Content Editor Pro is a content writing AI software that helps you create engaging, original articles.

The software uses natural language processing to understand the subject matter of your article and write about it automatically.

In addition, CEP integrates with WordPress and lets you use your own blog as a source of content. The best part is that CEP can be downloaded in a 30-day trial period so that you can test it out before making a decision on whether it’s right for your publication.

The only downside to Content Editor Pro is that the article creation process involves inputting text through the software’s interface, which might be tedious for some people without a lot of experience writing content on blogs.


Curalogic is a content writing AI tool that helps you create unique, engaging articles. One of the benefits of using Curalogic is that it allows you to develop all of your content without having to find an article on a particular topic and then recreate it in your own words.

This means that you can tap into a larger database of authoritative, peer-reviewed articles and save time by editing and rewriting your posts.

Curalogic also provides you with an audience selector so that you can pick which type of reader you’d like to target – whether they be consumers, fellow experts, or influencers. With Curalogic’s keywords selector, you can easily target specific keywords for your blog posts and website pages.


Blogging can be a lot of work, especially if you have to write all the content yourself.

Thankfully, there are AI tools that can help you automate the process.

These tools will not only save you time and energy, but they will also make your writing more consistent and professional.

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