3 Major Benefits Of Online Events For Bloggers – Even If You’re Just Attending

3 Major Benefits Of Online Events For Bloggers — Even If You’re Just Attending
87% of major event organizers are running an online event in 2020,  according to one mid-April survey. With the popularity of online events rising, it’s important to realize that there are a number of benefits that bloggers can reap from both hosting and attending one. From  reaching a wider audience to boosting engagement, and even providing a prime place to network with others, here are some of the benefits you should be aware of.

#1. Reach a wider audience by hosting

Hosting an online event as a blogger is a great way to reach a wide and targeted audience, as it offers a global platform for people to join from all over the world. This is especially true when the event is promoted via social media platforms, as it can be shared to reach even more people. Additionally, this can make online events more accessible when compared to in-person ones, thus making it an extremely powerful and effective way for a blogger to gain exposure. And, due to how many people a single event can reach, online events can also work to build brand awareness. This is because hosting a quality event can give you credibility as a blogger and get your brand out there. A wide audience can bring even more benefits down the line, from bringing in a higher level of engagement to more people to network with.

#2. Boosting engagement

As a host, an online event can do wonders to boost engagement. Because it offers a platform for many people to join, an online event is the perfect place to gain engagement in many ways. For instance, it can allow you to build your email list, build new contacts, and  bring an interactive experience to those who attend though Q&A sessions, live presentations and polls. Additionally, an online event can also be a prime way  to get valuable feedback via surveys, and can give you results right away by letting you know the level of engagement during the event (such as how many people answered the poll, or how many people watched a live presentation).

#3. A place to get educated and network

If you’re simply attending an online event as a blogger, there are also several benefits you can partake in — especially when it comes to getting educated and networking. In fact, 80% of people  join for educational purposes, while the second highest reason for doing so is to network. An online event can be a great place to meet like-minded people and other bloggers from around the world, allowing you to collaborate on a number of different topics. Similarly, listening to seasoned bloggers speak can educate you on new trends within the industry, and can help to give you new ideas, spark inspiration, and provide solutions to problems you may have (such as ways to grow your blog, etc.).
Online events are proving to be more and more popular in today’s society, and can bring a number of benefits to those who choose to host or attend one. For bloggers, this can mean boosting engagement, maximizing your reach, and providing a place to network and educate.

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