B2B Content Ideas To Devise Smashing Content Marketing Strategy!

Enticing audiences with smart words is an old but most useful marketing tactic. Even Bill Gates couldn’t deny the importance of words and reportedly said: ”Content is the king.” A piece of content that is specifically designed to create an urge among prospects and put them on a buying mode is not just a blog or set of words but is an artistic form of words. Giants like Amazon are utilizing the potential of SEO blogging to drive sales.

In this article we will discuss:

  • How to attract prospects towards your platform even if they are in buying mode or not
  • How to be on the radar of online influencers utilizing the potential of blogging

Why Is Writing Outside Of  Your Product/Service Area A Must?

I certainly won’t argue that you shouldn’t be posting content about your products and services on your blog. One certainly should do it. The job of SEO is to rank your content higher on SERPs against the user searched queries. Such content has the ability to create natural inbound links, a sense of trust and brand awareness. 

For example, a platform offering internet cable and phone services like Localcabledeals, shouldn’t always be writing about the “How to find internet service provider near me” or “Best ISPs in the USA” rather they can also entice the audience by educating them about “Best Wi-Fi routers under $100” or about “Best hosting services of 2020”. Doing so will not only add value towards the existing readership of the platform but will also enable it to reach out to the non-prospect audience which is not even looking for the internet in the first place. With the authenticity of your content, such an audience will feel motivated to probe your platform. 

The main goal of SEO is to reach out to the non-prospect audience and bring them to your platform. Writing outside of your core business products and service area enables the webmaster to influence the non-prospect audience. People tend to develop a sense of trust with such a platform due to the strong SEO blogging program. Such activities also happen to catch the eyes of online influencers which can prove to be a leg up for you in a competitive environment. 

What To Write In Order To Gain Influence In The B2B Market?

While planning on the editorial calendar and creating a writing agenda, consider the following things: 

  • What topics would a journalist in your niche target?
  • What search queries will users be searching on Google to find the information that you are going to provide on your platform

Better create a research report containing stats, figures, graphs, charts, bulleted lists or numbered lists. Google prefers a detailed report rather than that of a concise article. Try to be the best resource available on the web for the query. The following discussed are the proven blog ideas that are applicable to every niche. They are the success ingredients for B2B SEO blogging. 

My suggestion here is to start with constructive brainstorming sessions before putting any SEO tool into work. Dig down the Google suggestions and the related terms to find out what your audience is actually looking for. Do not begin with high volume keywords rather create content around the keywords with user intent. Such keywords allow you to reach the right potential audience.  

Write About Something Which Is Being Discussed Or Is Going To Be Discussed At Some Conference: 

Highlighting something which is going to be discussed on some major platform will gain you great traction. Like when the Venice Film festival, 2019 happened and the internet was filled with its news before and after it’s happening. The news of Joker getting 8 minutes standing ovation broke the internet and stimulated people to catch the premiere shows of The Joker. This is how effective marketing is done right most certainly. It was the instance of an event. 

Talking about some educational conferences. They mostly put their topics out before their sessions in advance. Make a list of the events and conferences in your industry. Find the previous, as well as the coming sessions, read them thoroughly with a watchful eye to spot the valued keywords and topics. 

Write About The Podcast Discussions: 

Podcasts are another great place to find interesting ideas for your blog. Find out the top podcasts in your industry and browse through their episodes to find interesting topics requiring a discussion. A regular podcast listener usually turns to Google to explore other dimensions of the discussed matter. Content pieces based on such podcasts are a great source of driving interested audiences towards your platform. Podcasts also contain guest speakers which allow them to put their ideas out in the world. But the good thing here upon which content marketer can capitalize is that for a podcast it takes around 2, 3 hearings to put forward an idea out there in the world, however, for a content marketer it’s just a long document divided into different segments. So if a marketer capitalizes on this opportunity and writes about that particular idea beforehand, the chance of success will rise dramatically. 

Write About The Stuff Which Your Industry Analysts Are Constantly Pushing: 

Keeping a tight check on your industry analysts will not only help you to come up with interesting topics to write on but will also keep you updated with the new techniques and functionalities knocking on the door of your industry. 

In order to create such content pieces, Google Trends can be of great help. A smart SEO professional would certainly utilize such hyped topics for long-form content. When a certain topic is in the innovation stage, writing about it becomes really important for bloggers. Because a major proportion of traffic on search engines would certainly be interested in it. However, when that particular topic reaches its inflated state, a smart strategic blogger will design such a content that fulfills the needs of the trough created by a certain topic. 

Should You Also Hit General Trends?

Well, general trends are also an integral part of blogging. Researchers are always looking for the content to find out the growth or decline in the trends over the years. So it provides all content marketers a great opportunity. They can create their original high-quality content by connecting the dots of previous year trends and can put forward a prediction of their own. This strategy is not only used to develop the most real and high-quality content but also allow you to voice your prediction to the masses. Doing so will earn you credibility over the internet. And in case your prediction gains the shape of reality in the future, you will rise above as an ace professional of your industry. 

Hopefully, these content ideas will give you a great head start for planning and researching your content.

By the end of the article, you must have become aware of different places from where you can find innovative ideas for your B2B content strategy. Devising a content strategy requires thorough research and a solid plan which not only targets a narrow audience but also entices the audience which isn’t looking to buy. Valuable content just does not feed awareness to the potential audience but also to the people who aren’t buyers but are interested in knowing. It naturally helps you to build a sense of trust with such non-buyers. Whenever they plan of buying you most certainly will be their first choice to go towards. 

Author Bio:

Saira A is a content strategist at Spectrum Voice and has keen interest in technology and sports. She absolutely enjoys educating people out of her experience. She is constantly writing to enable her readers to achieve their set goals in SEO, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, PPC, SMM and Affiliate Marketing.

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