Advantages Of Using a Ready-Made Template For The websites

In this article, you are going to learn about the future of website building – ready-made templates.

But first, let’s go back 25 years. If someone asked you how you would imagine the year of 2018, what would you say?

Maybe you could think of Marty McFly’s world, in the famous movie “Back to the Future”, where there would be flying skateboards and self-adjusting clothes. Or maybe you are one of those people who would believe that we would still be using cell phones for calling only.

But now everyone uses their phones to browse websites and use all sorts of different apps. Is your brand present on people’s phones through social media, websites or apps? It better, or else it will not be in business for long. The easiest to way to do this is to build a responsive website, so people can see it on their phones and enjoy the experience.

From smartphones to outer space travel, there are plenty of innovations out there. See Elon Musk’s examples: one of his companies is planning the first trip to Mars and it is getting closer and closer. There are already people who have bought a ticket! Would your-25-year-ago-self believe it? Cheers to technology!

Hardly anyone could have guessed the speed of technology and how many surprising things we would find out about every day.

Website Building Has Also Changed

Nowadays, you can even create a free website in less than one hour, using SITE123. We now have the possibility of realizing things that we once thought were impossible.

A few years ago, creating websites seemed to be one of the great challenges of the digital world. It was difficult; few people understood programming and all the languages it involved: html, PHP, JavaScript… Hey, do you even know what those things mean?

The good news is that if you want to create a website today,

you do not need to worry about any of that anymore.

You do not need to know any programming languages because there are great ready-made website templates that you can use to assemble your own site fast. Cheers to technology, once again!

On SITE123, for example, you create your entire website free of charge. It’s much simpler than it seems. And yes, it is very professional. No one will ever suspect that your site was not made by a web designer.

Want To See More?

Here are just some of the benefits of using ready-made templates:

Ease of use – As already discussed, the ease of use of a website builder is one of the advantages of SITE123. Without complicated instructions, all you need to use the platform is just registering. This saves a lot of time! You can start and finish a website within a few minutes, if you want.

Domain and hosting – To have a website running, you need a domain and a hosting plan, which is what guarantees your place in the web. One of the great advantages of SITE123 is that you can have the domain and hosting inside one service only. The platform usually offers plans where you can choose a custom domain and the hosting that is already part of the service. But if you want a 100% free service, it is also possible. With SITE123, you can have a free subdomain and can advertise it for everyone to access your site, at no cost.

Responsive site – We have talked about this above and it is very important to mention it again. You create your site from a computer and it is automatically converted to run perfectly on any device. Tablets, smartphones or desktops. Everyone knows how horrible it is to get on a site using a cell phone and it see it wrongly framed for the screen. You will never have this problem using SITE123.

Customizable – SITE123 offers many customization tools, different fonts, colors, formats and categories. The wonderful thing is that you will certainly find a template that suits your business and customize it according to your taste and purpose. There are many tools for that.

Choose your type of site – Blogs, e-commerce stores, and business websites are very different from one another. Some website builders, like SITE123, are already in charge of facilitating the construction of all sorts of sites. This is great when you want to create an online store, for example, where you need several tools that allow your customer to visualize your product and complete a purchase.

Media – This part is fun because you can put images, audios and videos on your site as easily as changing the profile photo on Instagram. All these resources, if used correctly, can enrich the customer experience on your website. In addition, if you need some extra photos to illustrate your website, SITE123 has an integrated database with hundreds of free stock photos that may be used without limitation.

SEO Tools – For those who do not know, SEO stands for search engine optimization. For example, let’s suppose you sell orthopedic mattresses. You probably have several competitors, right? When a prospect searches for “orthopedic mattresses” on Google, you want your site to be the first result so that the customer comes directly to you. And that’s exactly what SEO tools do: make your site stand out from the rest. Believe it or not, SITE123 already provides these tools inside the website builder. See more about it here.

Keep in mind that it is of no use having a wonderful website if no one can find it.

Maintenance at any time – Do you want to delete a post? Add a new product to your online store? Edit anything in your portfolio? You can do this very fast. Just log in, make the change you planned and publish. No need to worry about editing any code or layout.

Summing It Up

In short, you will save a lot of time using SITE123’s ready-made templates and will end up getting a quality result.

A programmer would, in a very favorable scenario, take at least a week to deliver the site of your dreams to you. Now you can finalize a site in a few minutes, alone, with very low costs (or for free) and make adjustments and maintenance as needed.

If you are still not convinced of the advantages of using a site creator, check SITE123’s free website templates yourself! I bet that even if you have had great previous experiences with programmers or web designers, you will enjoy the process by doing everything yourself.

Final Words

If we want to take part in creating the future, we must actively participate in the process. And there is no doubt that the internet is one of the greatest paths into the future. If up to this point you thought you were participating in the revolution just by being passive and absorbing the information on the internet, it’s time to change the picture.

Your business has a lot to gain from building a website and spreading out your ideas. Your product can help someone solve some problem. Your words can reach someone in a very positive way. Your professional profile may be exactly what a large company is looking for. You get the picture.

Do not waste time. Organize ideas and get your hands to work. Start now. Click here and create your website!

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