8 Things You Didn’t Know About Instagram

Today we are going to explain some little ideas you can apply to Instagram right now.

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1. Use Instagram As A Photo Editor (Without Publishing Anything).

You may like Instagram filters and editing options, but you are not ready to post a photo to your account right now or ever. To use Instagram as a photo editor without publishing anything, you need to publish the photo in Flight mode.

First of all, make sure that in the Settings you have turned on ” Save original photos”. Then turn on flight mode. Then follow the same steps as when posting photos to Instagram in normal mode. An error message will appear, but you can find your edited photos in the photo gallery of your phone.

If you do decide to publish but you’re not receiving many feedback from your current followers, you can purchase real Instagram followers to get the ball rolling. You will become popular very fast!

2. Hide The Photographs In Which You Were Tagged.

When someone tags you in a photo or video to Instagram, it is automatically added to your profile in the “Photos in which you appear”.

To see the publications in which you have been tagged, go to your profile and click on the little man icon under your biography.

To hide publications where you have been tagged by other users, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and select “Hide photo”. This will not remove the posts from Instagram but will remove them from your profile so that others will not have access to them.

3. Approve The Photos In Which You Are Tagged Before They Appear On Your Profile.

As mentioned in the previous tip, when someone tags a photo or video with you on Instagram, it is usually added automatically. But you can change the settings to manually select which photos with you will appear in your profile.

Follow the steps above, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and the “photo with you” select “Add manually”.

You will receive notifications when someone tags you in a photo, and you can choose “Show on my profile” or “Hide photo”.

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4. View Publications From A Specific Location.

You can view photos and videos from a specific place or near you. This is a particularly convenient thing when traveling when you want to find a new restaurant or get acquainted with the city.

How To View Publications From A Specific Place:

You can either search for a specific place or click on geotags on existing photos.

Click the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen to bring you to the search page. When you click on the search above, 4 bookmarks will appear. Select “Places” and click the name of the place, then search. You will be shown all the popular and last places tagged in this location.

To view publications with a specific geotag, click on the photo with the geotag and click on the geotag. You will see the most popular and latest publications in this place.

How to view publications from your current location:

Follow the same instructions to get to “Places”, click search and select “Places nearby”.

Select the geotag that you want to view from the selected ones. For example, “Museum of Science, Boston” and see popular and recent posts with this tag.

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5. How To Attract Traffic To Another Site.

One of the biggest problems encountered when advertising on Instagram is the fact that a clickable link to a site is allowed only in the single line “Site” in your profile.

If you insert a link in the caption below the image, it will appear as plain text. This means that users will need to copy the link, open a browser and paste it there.

One way to attract visitors to your profile with a link is to use a photo caption, which encourages people to visit your profile for a link. Please update this link to indicate the latest blog posts, YouTube videos, products or offers. For example, “Click on the link in our profile to find out the recipe.”

Setting up advertising on Instagram

6. How To Hide Ads That Do Not Interest You.

Instagram is trying to show you ads that will be of interest to you. You will see ads based on who you follow and what you liked on Instagram or other sites and applications that you visit.

If you see ads that don’t interest you, you can remake the algorithm of what you like or dislike.

To hide advertisements on Instagram, click on the three dots to the right of the sponsored publication and click “Show fewer publications like this”.

You will be asked why you do not want to see this ad.

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7. How To Send Photos Personally To Someone From Friends.

Publishing photos to all followers is not the only way to share on Instagram. You can also send the publication to one or more users or send a photo that you or someone else posted.

To personally send a photo, upload a photo and edit it the same way you edit a new publication. When you get to the Share page, click on the top where “New Post” will automatically appear, where you can choose who you want to send the photo to.

You can send the photo in person by opening your publication or someone else’s publication and clicking on the paper airplane icon under the publication, then select the recipient.

8. Delete Comments

Did you know that you can not only delete comments from Instagram but also delete comments from other accounts that are left on your posts?

Click on the text cloud below the post where you commented. Find the comment you want to delete. Click on the trash can button at the top.

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