8 Essential Rules For Living Your Best Life

Happiness for many of us looks like an unattainable goal. Everybody wants to get it. But if it was that simple, then all the people in the world would be happy.We made a list of tips, following which you can be a little happier. Hope we will help you!


Learn to give first, and then receive. Wealth is not only material values, it is also the inner fullness of the soul. In order to acquire material wealth, it is necessary to show generosity towards one’s neighbor, friend or acquaintance.

If there is a person who needs more money than you need, he needs help.The money spent for the benefit of another returns to you, and the amount of them increases in many times. A person must learn to give first to get more then.

This principle is guided by beginning businessmen who understand that in the beginning it is necessary to make the investments in business, and then, after some time, to make profit.

2.Be friendly

Do not judge or criticize yourself and others. In the life of each person there are several friends or girlfriends. What is friendship? Friendship arises against the background of the common interests of values, attachment to certain things and actions. It is very important to learn to be friends not only with others, but with yourself.

Internal harmony will help a person to streamline thoughts, to put in order feelings and desires. The main principle of friendship is the absence of condemnation and criticism of oneself and others.

Criticism is the enemy of friendly relations. We become an unpleasant and undesirable person in another person’s eyes when we criticize him. And it is no longer possible to talk about friendship. In friendly relations there should be no suspicions, disputes, radical criticism.

Friendship involves taking into account the individual characteristics and nature of the interlocutor, the understanding that each person has certain actions, and others are completely unacceptable.

Friendship is disinterestedness and understanding of the motives of the interlocutor. If a person understands the bases on which friendly relations are based, he will be able to pick up the keys to his happiness.

3.Be yourself

Do not worry about what others think about you. Do not constantly focus on how people relate to you, what they think about you and your actions. Your behavior and actions personify the main features of the character, show your personality. Behavior can be named completely stupid, when a person acts in accordance with the opinion expressed by the surrounding people but with his desires and goals.

To act on the orders of other people means to lose oneself as a person. You are a free and independent person, you can have your opinion. And let it be different from the opinions of others, but it reflects all the individual characteristics of your personality, your thoughts and goals.

4.Think positive

Every thought necessarily materializes. Positive and negative thoughts can materialize and turn into reality. If a person thinks about bad, then the negative will soon appear in his real life. If a person thinks about good and positive things, strive for happiness — in his life everything changes for the better.

You must not only think about the good to gain happiness, but also try to attract all good things into your life: surround yourself with positive people, create harmony in one’s home.

Happiness is next to you, you just need to reach out, take one step


Give love and do not change the beloved. It is necessary to observe the basic rule in love: to give it unselfishly, without demanding anything in return, and in no case to try to remake the beloved person “for oneself.”

One of the important theses of love is the saying that they love not for something, but just for being themselves. A loving person does not notice any shortcomings in the object of his love, and the question of changes in the nature and behavior of a partner simply does not arise.

If you start to notice that the partner does not act the way you want, then there are two ways out of this situation. It is necessary to understand and accept the actions of the object of love, or to part with it (in the event that the acceptance of its values ​​and aspirations is not possible for you).

Happiness between partners who refuse to understand each other, can not be. Happy love is built on trust and understanding between spouses.

6.Accept your body

Love and accept your body as it is.Many people can not find happiness because they are dissatisfied with their own appearance.Not everyone can have the perfect appearance, but this is not worth to engage in self-flagellation and get upset about it.

You can not get discouraged if your appearance becomes an obstacle to your happiness. It is better to care about how to fix the flaws, or how to hide them skillfully with clothing and accessories.

Do not deprive yourself of happiness only because your appearance is not “perfect”. The shortcomings of your body are compensated by other beautiful parts of your appearance and by positive qualities of character.

7.Be thankful

Be grateful for all the good that other people do for you, for everything that appears in your life. Many studies prove that gratitude has a most positive effect on a person’s life.Be grateful for every little thing that is in your life, and think about that there are many people in the world who are not so lucky as you are.

There was some experiment of the Emotion magazine: people who wrote to anyone one thankful letter a week (e.g., thanks for the help, for the work, for the gift), after some time such practice began to say that they feel happier and life somehow went smoothly.

Representatives of the control group of the experiment, who simply described the events of the past week on paper, did not feel such a tide of happiness (it is not the process of calligraphy itself). And the focus — a thank-you letter does not even have to be sent to the addressee, this does not affect the effect of the experiment.

8.Live the moment

Think less, love more and rejoice. The secret of happiness is simple — it is necessary to live with profit every minute, not to be depressed. Happiness can be hampered by bad thoughts. Do not focus on bad thoughts and desires, give more time to love and joy and not to overthink.

Happiness is always with a person. But not everyone can see it, because they are occupied with everyday cares, achievement of goals and other minor problems. And happiness, just passes by. You need to learn to see happiness in simple things, do not plunge headlong into the life whirlpool, for a moment stop and look around.

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