5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Visual Marketing With Digital Signage In 2019

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2019 is going to be an exciting year for the visual marketing industry notorious for competitiveness. Advertising landscape is rapidly changing, sprinting a mile a minute and it’s truly hard to stand-out and differentiate your brand, to maintain trust and retain the existing clientele base while simultaneously growing interested and wheeling new faces in. In the ever-changing marketing world, it’s a rather daunting task, though one of the most important ones. The solution? Visualization!

Digital signage is the high-tech state of the art visual solutions, with endless creative possibilities and exquisite analytical functions. Selecting the right digital signage provider requires a good deal of planning and thought at every stage. Look for the digital signage software company that has shown to be exponentially growing; those are the ones to watch. One of the great examples of exhibiting tech intelligence is Kitcast TV, the only company out there can turn your AppleTV into a plug-and-play digital signage device. Here’s a list of  5 ways to boost your visual marketing with digital signage in 2019:

Use Digital Signage Software To Earn Back Trust

In 2019 brands should be cautious of traditional advertisement, the budget distribution needs to shift and here’s why. People now are not trusting ads and are refusing to accept them as reputable content. Look for the solutions that’ll give customers emotional connection, screens are a perfect way to advertise through people your customers know and are influenced by. Digital signage software brings thoughtfulness to visual marketing. Personalized trustworthy content is what will bring back the trust to your visual marketing.

User-generated Content Has Taken Over, Use It

There are more than 3 billion active social media users around the world. Look for the very best software to properly manage your content and display social media posts in your digital signage and out-of-home screens. There are platforms that offer customers a chance to create unique actual-time streams of social media content.  When comparing content presented by a brand and user-generated content, the letter is preferred and described as more authentic. Make sure your brand gives customers a platform to share their experiences.

Video Content Will Stay #1 In 2019

Video marketing will stay one of the most compelling ways to engage your audience. Recent reports from Hubspot and SmallBizTrends state that roughly half of the searches are for product or service videos not for brands or stores.  Companies with video content on board have more than 40% more web traffic from customer searches as well as the unbelievable 160% boost in search engine traffic. Genius, right?

Find A Way To Use The Micro-Moments 

Generally speaking, the total consumer decision-making journey is ultimately on-the-spot decisions made across all devices, they are connected to. Google’s content marketing team has reported that the average micro-moment happens to the average consumer 150 times a day. Ultimately, those planning to succeed in 2019, should be paying extra attention here. People a) make split-second decisions and b) appreciate technology-driven interactions. Micro-moments work because they provide clientele with the right information just when they need it. Digital signage software is an effective way to significantly optimize and improve the overall experience and ultimately secure customers loyalty through micro-moments.

Creativity Is The Key To Successful Marketing

In 2018, we’ve seen the most amazing ways brands use digital signage as DS software is an Inspiration Mecca for creative obsessives. Digital signage is interactive, it is user-friendly, it is the embodiment of everything high-tech, it is new, exciting, trendy, popular. Building your visual marketing strategy with a creative digital signage campaign will help you achieve any marketing goal.  

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