4 Tips For Writing Persuasive Marketing Content

Ultimately, marketing content exists to create sales. While it’s true that blogs can be informative, entertaining, exciting, funny, or even inspiring, the aim of any piece of content is to generate leads and, subsequently, sales. However, writing persuasive content isn’t always easy. In fact, some marketing content can come off as heavy-handed or even disingenuous for this very reason. Thankfully, these four tips will allow professional content writers to produce articles that will resonate with readers and convince them to engage with a business. Check them out here: 

Explain Why Your Piece Matters

Some decisions matter a great deal; others are more or less inconsequential. The first task that a copywriter must complete is to establish that what they have to say matters. Maybe consumers don’t think your product or service differs from similar products or services offered by competitors. In such a scenario, it’s crucial to lay down a marker early in your article and set your company apart. Let your readers know why they should read this article and how it will be beneficial to them. 

Stick To The Facts

In copywriting, as in life, honesty is the best policy. Not only can false claims online be debunked easily, but making vague, unsupportable statements won’t have much of an impact on your audience. Rather than peddling out banal phrases like “unmatched quality,” or “best value” go into detail about why your product or service is special. Backing up your claims with hard stats and data is one of the surest ways to earn consumer trust. 

Address Counterpoints

Occasionally, successful businesses may have to deal with competitors that try to undermine their message or brand strategy. As such, it’s reasonable for marketers to address issues that their detractors have raised. Don’t be afraid to offer a rebuttal to specious claims about your product, service, organization, or industry. In fact, failing to adequately quash rumors can have a negative effect on your reputation.  

What Next? 

It’s impossible to overstate that the goal of a blog is to catalyze some sort of consumer action. So there’s virtually no reason to write a compelling, persuasive blog if it fails to direct consumers to take further action. Always include some sort of call-to-action at the end of a blog to let your readers know what they can and should do next. Otherwise, all of your good efforts could go for naught!


Whether you’re trying to promote same day STD testing services or customized bowling balls, following the above tips will help you reach consumers and generate more leads. So make sure to keep this piece handy moving forward –– trust us, you’ll be glad you did!

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