3 Simple Methods to Recover Your Important Files

Have you ever had any problem to find your important files? You can’t find it in the place where it should be. It is gone. There are few things that can cause this problem.

One of them is you accidentally delete the files. Fortunately, your computer system won’t make it disappear when you accidentally deleted it. Therefore, you can recover it easily.

Simplest Way to Recover the Deleted Files

The first method is searching it in the Recycle Bin or Trash if you use MacOS. The deleted files usually can be found in that folder. Now, to get it back, there are several methods, such as:

  • You can right-click on the files that you want to get back and select the “Restore” option from the pop-up window.

You also can drag out of the Recycle Bin or Trash folder and drop it to the folder or location that you want.

Recover the Deleted Files Using Software

You can find software that has the capability in recovering the deleted files. This software will scan the drive and search the remains and automatic-backup of the files that usually was created by your OS. Once the software finds them, it will present it to you.

Then, you just need to choose the files that you want to recover. Hit the recover button on the software interface, and you get the files back.

Among many products you can find today, there are some that can be considered as the tool for best data recovery purpose. Here are our 3 recommended software for you.

  • Recuva
  • EaseUS
  • Disk Drill

You can use all of them or just choose one that you like. They are actually paid software. But, you also can find the free version to try its feature.

We can say that even their free version is quite powerful to bring back all the files that you want. So, they are indeed the best software you can find and use right now.

Recovering the Files without Software

How to recover deleted photos or files without third-party software? Some people have this question. They are afraid that the third-party software contains malicious code that can attack their system. Or, they just don’t want to use the extra software for this purpose. Actually, you can do that without software.

Recovering the deleted file without software won’t be too difficult if you have knowledge about programming and stuff. Without them, you will find it difficult and impossible to do. However, we will guide you to try this complicated method, for learning purpose.

The simplest way is using the Previous Version feature. You can find it on Volume menu in Windows. Windows always make a backup every time. With this feature, you can go back to the point where the back was made and restore all files that were existed at that point. Therefore, even you have permanently deleted the files or photos from Recycle Bin; you can get it using this method.

Here are steps to do data recovery process without using the Previous Version feature.

  • Locate the folder of your deleted file,
  • Right-click that folder and choose “Restore previous version” option,
  • And, you get back the files that you need

If can’t find the “Restore previous version” option, you need to do some tweaking on your Windows system. Here is how you do that:

  • Open Control Panel,
  • Turn on the “System Protection option.” You can do this by open the “System & Security” menu, and choose the “System” option then “System Protection.”
  • You will find the list of drives in your computer,
  • Choose the drives, where your deleted files were located before,
  • Choose the “restore system settings and previous version of files” option,
  • Click the “OK” option

Now, you can find the “Restore previous version” option, whenever you right-click the folder. And, you can restore your file with this method.


Basically, do not panic, if you can’t find your important files or when you accidentally deleted the file. There are solutions for that, like what we mentioned above. Use the data recovery software or other methods that you like, and you will get back the files.

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