2 Best Office Suits You Must Have This Year

If there is one thing almost all businesses have in common, it’s that they use some kind of office suite. A spreadsheet, slideshow, and text editor are the three key office essentials every person and business needs to thrive this year – 2022

In this article, we have put together a list of the best office suits that can help you better manage your life and your business.

What is an office suite?

Office suites are a mix of applications and software that are meant to simplify your workload in your office environment. A slideshow, a spreadsheet, and a word processor are one common element all office suits have in common. But over the years office suits have become a lot bigger and today have much more software in them.

For example, Microsoft Teams in office 2021 has gained enormous popularity as one of the best methods for teams to communicate with one another in a virtual environment. Schools have also come on board and are using this feature. 

The best office suits to have this year

Microsoft 365

Without a shadow of a doubt, Microsoft 365 takes the top position on our list, and guess what, no one is surprised. Microsoft 365 still delivers the most user-friendly and most powerful experience on the market. What makes it even more amazing is its affordability. Any size business can afford it.

This office suite in particular also has varied cloud-based services like Microsoft Teams and OneDrive.

Nothing can compare to it, as this office suite comes with Outlook, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel SharePoint, Exchange, Teams and Publisher, and Access for PC’s only. All these applications are excellent for your storage requirements

Microsoft is functional and easy to use, it’s also the most recognizable in the world, which makes it an ideal selection for any person who manages a team. 

Google Workspace

Google Workspace which was previously known as G Suite. It’s the most well-known office suite globally, especially if you are not looking to use it for business. 

In the United States alone it holds a 59.41% market share, which is amazing and surprising to most people. The reason behind its popularity is that it is cloud-based.

For this reason, you can access your workspace from any kind of device. It doesn’t matter where you are staying in the world. This office suite includes access to Meet, Sites, Sheets, Docs, Calendar, Business Gmail, Forms, Sites, Currents, Cloud Search, Apps Script, Currents, Chat, Drive, and additional security features. 

The main benefit this option provides is its collaboration potential. Having many users editing a specific document, slideshow or spreadsheet can speed up your work creation and will certainly benefit teams that work on a single project. 


So you may be thinking about whether or not every business needs a complete full office suite. The truth is, it depends on the nature and scope of the business you’re in.

For example, most restaurants or retail stores will need access to spreadsheets software like Excel to keep track of their inventory. But they may not require anything else within an office suite, particularly while starting.

In reality, a number of these industries could have specific software solutions that are more suitable to their needs. But, it’s important to consider that some of these products can become very pricey if bought individually. 

A majority of premium office services do want you to pay for the bundle, but if you create presentations, write reports for clients, and communicate with your team members, those extra features will come in handy anyway.

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