10 Ways to Generate Income with Backconnect Proxies

We all know proxies mainly provides anonymity to users and shield valuable browsing data and information from the prying eyes of government and ISPs.

Proxy Server is a midway between your device and a targeted destination on a server that you actually want to visit. Generally, a Proxy Server can be used to hide your IP address and geographic location in order to access restricted content or uncensored website.

Is that all proxy servers created for? No clue! Let’s find out..

What if I tell you, using Proxy Servers you can make money easily? Yes you heard it right, now you can make money using Backconnect or Residential Proxies. In this post we have listed legitimate Ways To Make Money From Backconnect Proxies. Before jumping on to the main part, let’s me throw some light on how Backconnect Proxies came into limelight.

What Are Backconnect Proxies?

Basically, Backconnect proxies are similar to other proxies and they generally buffers right b/w you and the web server. A Backconnect Proxy is a server that mainly uses a pool of residential proxies. The things that make Backconnect proxies different from other is, it regulates between them right after a short period of time and that provides more anonymity and much better security.

There are many advantages to owe a residential or backconnect proxies than offering identity protection. Most of the people use backconnect proxies or residential proxies to make a living.

Generating revenue using proxies really takes time, dedication and a lot of hard work. You may find other ways that can help you in generating money quickly but that one is like a short term profit game. Rather than doing so, just put efforts to maintain your software effectiveness while pairing with backconnect or residential proxies.

If you really want to make money in a right-minded way then it’s really important to research all the ways carefully as you will be responsible for what you use the proxies for. Don’t worry, we listed ethical and legit ways to earn money with Backconnect Proxies. Let’s get started here.

Legit Ways To Make Money From Backconnect Proxies In 2018 

  1. Build & Maintain A Public Server (Ads Revenue)

This one is the first way to earn money by going public with the proxy servers. Basically, unlocking your proxy to the public right for the use an Internet Browsers is usual for the residential proxy use.  Here, Glype is a web-based proxy that offers free along with Paid models. And here you can also use Glype in order to set up residential proxies right for general use and then after that, you can easily setup Ads on that server.

The more click-through on Ads, the more chances of generating revenue from that proxy servers. You can easily relate these methods with those websites that are ads enabled. But here in your case, you offer privacy, protection, and actions of public proxy servers. And if you are willing to use this method to generate revenue then you need pay license fee that will be based right on the projected number of users.

  1. Server Loading Test

Basically, the server load test is done in order to provide security to a website and forestall all types of malware attacks. If you own few proxies and have some coding abilities then you will become a tester right for a bunch of companies all over the world who will be willing to pay according to your work and abilities.

Mostly, the companies which are very big generally hire people to such tasks. But don’t worry there are too many other unprotected websites and companies that can help you in getting employed and generate revenue.

Definitely, you should never go for- DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), DDoS right outside of testing your own servers. As service attacks are regularly made in order to shut down many websites and these are also being used by hackers groups who like to protest.

These attacks are more frequent and common to government and corporate websites. Earning from form these types of acts is not fair enough and also illegal. If somehow you’re doing so, you may get caught by the perpetrator somehow by tracking and all other methods. So, don’t get involved in such ways to generate revenue.

  1. SERP Tracker (Search Engine Results Page Tracker)

SEO is in trend and always will be. As we know all familiar with tracking keywords and ranking on Google and other search engines there are many brands and website are competiting for getting in the top of the search results. Keyword Positioning scraping is the strategy to find out where we are actually standing.

Search Engine Optimization plays an important and full role in getting your content or website on the top of SERPs, so you can use this opportunity in order to generate revenue.

Residential Proxies can be easily used for such purpose but here the addressed is tied to you directly. There are many companies that want more data but don’t want to show their own IP address because that can lead to being reported and shut down. And somehow if you are a business owner then this method will definitely give you the option to the analysis and positioning on your own.

  1. Reverse Proxy & Encryption

Here a reverse proxy can be easily used as a shield of protection form the internet traffic, potential outside attacks, and user requests. Right with this strategy you can use a Proxy in order to create an SSL (Secure Socket Layer), level of encryption that can be affordable and faster for all parties as well.

As you can Chrome Browser shows whether a website is secure or not and that’s also a mark of certification and a metrics used by Google to tell it’s user whether they are surfing a secure or an insecure website.

So, if you really want to have that trust badge then you must an SSL Certificate and Https tag on your domain name. This way using proxy or proxieswebsite certified sites will definitely save business owners money as well as time too.  Here each of the websites will require a DNS name and address that’s a large request. But, if you do have multiple backconnect proxies going and large network then this task is not difficult to achieve.

  1. Reverse Proxy For Caching

In the similar way of utilizing a reverse proxy for SSL encryption, you can use a reverse proxy for caching process. This task will need to have strong technical expertise and clients who can pay well for your work.  In most of the cases, the clients will be the business owners having a website that generally contains a lot of elements that are huge and mainly takes some time to load.

But here Reverse Proxies will let you fasten those slow loading website by the means of caching. For example when a viewer visits a page more than once then their loading time will not be that long as you have enables the caching. This method will definitely let you add a good revenue but here having a technical and strong coding background is much needed.

  1. Scraping Software

You may have seen other scraping software like Scrapebox, GSA SER, SEnuke and LongTailPro they are quite successful in their fields. Keywords scraping is not that much difficult as you can use a huge host of tools and also lets you decide right between SERP and Social Media. Basically, running a social media campaign on Instagram or Twitter is great sometimes.

Here scraping software can act as a salient tool that can be used for income, right when all of the methods that are listed above comes together. But this way isn’t quite recommended way to make money right with your direct proxy.

That’s not the end you can simply use Backconnect Proxies right with the application will easily let your website or the business the vital increase in the sea of the other business, sellers and also consumers. Overall, using this method you can use this to add the good amount of revenue.

  1. Ticket Browsing (Ticketing)

Many people out there are using proxies in order to purchase a large number of events or concerts tickets. Here users can buy hundreds of tickets at a time and then they can resell them at a higher price than the original one and earn a huge amount of profit.

But from my point of view, this one is not the right way to make money. Let it go, high end providers basically obtain proxies right for this sole purpose and mainly for the sales for the tickets. Sites like Ticketmaster, use this technique and they generally update a list of banned IP addresses and then they create more expensive situation and earn more.

Don’t use this method, instead of doing that you can browse tickets and scrape data that can be especially useful for research, analytics, and web apps. Just be creative and don’t use the same way, again and again, use you your brain for the long-term profit don’t go for the short-term. But this will require advanced configurations in order to avoid the footprint detection while browsing the ticketing sites.

  1. Restricted Release Sneaker or ATC

Most parts of the population go for the limited edition of shoes and they went crazy for any of the upcoming sales. So here the utilization of the shoe bot is one of the regular apparatus that you can utilize easily. In this case, several proxies can get you banned even when you are staring down the light right at the end of the check out tunnel that generally indicates two things that you have lost your spot line and in this case, you will need a new IP.

This one is really one of the main challenges when it comes to running a successful ATC aka add-to-cart service. It really frustrates us when you have added something to your cart and then somehow you get banned. In this case, you need to check whether your proxy is blocked or not and that’s one of the important ways to start.

Generally, websites view the high volume activity and random locations right as the red flags. Right when a request comes from a irrelevant location, multiple requests from the same browser results in subsequent shutdown.

In this case, you may feel there’s a wall that is holding you back and then you can various uncensored techniques to bypass that and make oney. That can result in your proxy banning and it may also ruin your reputation badly.

  1. YouTube View Or Automation

Generally selling views on YouTube is one of the popular ways to use proxies and but somehow it’s not being encouraged by YouTube and Google. Here you can simply use proxies in order to automate views simply sending the video URL that will program it to simply watch the video right to the end.

And then the proxy will definitely reload right with a different IP address and then watch it again as many time as it programmed. For sure this will increase a video’s audience but this way isn’t up to mark. No doubt, you will make money from these will be a risk of being detected.

YouTube video promotion community is tight-knit. Right, when you ask for a successful YouTube video promoter details of their method they will be going to turn you away. YouTube always updates their automation detecting algorithms. Most of the YouTube video promoter are the developers of the automation software they are actually using. 

  1. Online Networking Automation

For running successful social media campaigns, it really goes beyond just clicking the “like” for reaching the audience. It really takes efforts and patience in order to leverage the audience and demonstrate many levels of engagements.

When you’re trying o grow the brands you use methods like frequent posting, using multiple accounts and search engine harvesting. Basically, the search engine harvesting locates the URLs that generally contain similar content found right during your search. And then you can simply chart on these data right with “comment poster” features, that will definitely automate your comments on the blogs. This will really increase your audience engagements, page rankings right with the backlinks and many more things.

Sites like Facebook generally dislikes a lost of activity coming right from a single sole of IP address. And here Follow Liker allows you to simply monitor and customize all the elements of your Pinterest, Twitter or any other social media account and here the money can be generated in two ways:

If you somehow own your brand, just go and purchase more than one proxy and then allocate those purchase right as the business expenses. Just utilize multiple proxies right for a handful of brands at a time, while you are running social media services for other.

Final Verdict

In order to make anything successful, we need to put a lot of efforts and dedicate time to make it happen. Same here in the case of proxies, generating revenue form backconnect and residential proxies is not everyone’s cup of tea. As it can be challenging, expensive but it’s not impossible you can make it if you can work smartly.

But wait, here with our legitimate you can generate a good source of income using backconnect and residential proxies. It all depends on how you generate traffic, and how you are investing your time in getting things together to work.

We would love to hear from your side if we have missed some methods that can be used to generate income using proxies then kindly share it with us in the comment section. If you liked the post, the show your love by sharing this post on all trending social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

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